otp: just stay here with me

Just stay here with me | Nate

Serena was so over and done with everything completely. She just had to get the hell out of New York and leave to another country. There was no point in staying. Why would she? She completely screwed over her friendship with her best friend, Blair. The one person she could always go to for anything, the one person she trusted. And she blew that by sleeping with her boyfriend. She knew it was wrong and she shouldn’t have but she couldn’t help it. Serena loved Nate. Heck she even told him during sex. Then when he said it back apart of her felt like the happiest person alive, like nothing in the world could ever be wrong again. But when she heard that he only had sex with her because he wanted to get back at Blair. Then that’s what destroyed her. Most people would say she was running away from her problems but she isn’t. She just wants to leave everything and everyone from her past behind and start a new life. Somewhere where people don’t know who she is or what she’s done. Packing her bags, she heard the taxi honk infront of her house and wasted no time but got into it. When she arrived at the airport, she went inside and waited by the gate for her number to be called. So she could leave and get on the plane. This was it. She was really leaving.

if I loved Bucky Barnes any more I’d be Steve Rogers


nate&serena - alphabet

A is for always (;


nate and serena appreciation week | day one - the moment you started to ship them

1x14, Bad News Blair.

I have to rant about why I started to ship Nate and Serena in this episode, in such a random scene. It was the first episode after the writers’ strike. I started watching Gossip Girl in 1x07 and I shipped (trust me) Dan and Serena. Not fiercely, but I did. I only watched the first seven episodes during the writers’ strike and I fell in love with their backstory. I hate abandoning ships so, even though I knew I liked Nate and Serena better, I held on to my DS shipping for a while.

HOWEVER, when 1x14 aired (after ages) I had already rewatched all the Nate and Serena scenes and when this happened it was BAM. OTP. One True Pair. They finally can talk to each other as friends again. They finally can be around each other but they still know each other SO WELL and she knows all his weak spots (aka her cute faces) and it just flows so naturally. You can sense they have known and loved each other their whole LIVES.

She’s also so glad that one of her UES friends finally aknowledges that Dan is good for her. You can see it means the world to her. And also Nate’s face. And also those Christmas lights and everything about this scene. I can’t. My OTP is flawless and this started everything.