otp: just one cup


#you can’t tell me erin wasn’t upset over her and jay’s break up #do you see her face? #do you see the way she holds onto him? #he cups her cheek and she reaches up to hold onto him #closes her eyes and savors the touch for just a little bit longer #she knows they have to end it #she knows they love their jobs and she can’t let hank down #but she wants to feel the touch of his skin against hers for one more minute #just one more minute #and even when he drops his hand from her cheek to his shoulder she still holds on #she still clutches his wrist #because she doesn’t want to let him go #and it’s killing her to do so

Petruo Week  //  Day 2 – Secret

There’s an old voice in my head,
that’s holding me back
Well tell her that I miss our little talks

Something simple because I’m running on deadlines here.
I refuse to draw details at 3am.