otp: just once more i want to see him playing with a smile

RIP To My Youth

and you could call this the funeral

My first Jughead imagine, this is part one, if you guys enjoy it I’ll keep it going. 

Pairing: Jughead x Reader 

Description: Jug and the reader have been best friends since they were kids, but lately, things have changed, Riverdale has changed, Jug has changed and Y/N thinks maybe it’s time she changed too. 

Warnings: ANGST ANGST SO MUCH ANGST YO (maybe a couple o swears)

Word count: 2088

Part 2https://thatsadbreakfastclub.tumblr.com/post/158505761114/rip-to-my-youth-pt-2

It was getting to the point where I was having internal battles with myself every night. ‘Y/N he’s working on the novel and the newspaper, of course, it’s going to be harder for him to spend time with you’ versus ‘he’s moved on, he’s closer with Betty now, he and Archie are closer too, you’ve lost him, you’re irrelevant’. These were the thoughts that had been consuming my brain for the past couple of weeks. Jug was my best friend, right? Maybe I should text him? Maybe not. I started playing with my pale grey cap, my nervous tick of sorts. Jug could always tell when I was nervous because I would fiddle with the cap “Y/N” he’d say “spill it, you can’t hide anything from me, I can read you like an open book”. Thinking about this little memory was bittersweet. How can someone who’s practically by your side every day suddenly just have no real interest in talking to you? Ever since the murder of Jason Blossom, it really feels like everything in Riverdale has changed.

I glanced at my clock perched on my bedside table, 7:45 pm sigh. Maybe doing some homework will take my mind off all this bullshit, who’s idea was it to put me in advanced algebra anyway? Oh, that’s right my father, who I really wish was here right now and not away on some business trip. Tonight would have to be a lonely one. That’s when I remembered I had Jug’s math textbook, there it was sitting on my desk. I flipped it open and sure enough on the bottom left-hand corner was a small ‘property of Jughead Jones’. Perfect I could use this as an excuse to text him. 

Hey Jug, I forgot I had your math textbook? Want me to come drop it over? The two-hour wait to get a reply just built up more and more anger inside of me Hey Y/N, I’m working on an article with Betty right now, could you drop it off to me in the newsroom in free period tomorrow? This was it, this was fucking it, oh I would take his textbook to him tomorrow and I would also confront him about this whole thing, that’s what I’d do straight up ask him why I was suddenly dead weight, I’ve had his guys back for so many years and now I’m just nothing, I won’t have it. Will do I sent back, cool calm and collected and then I was going to give him a piece of my mind tomorrow.

Getting ready for school was never a difficult task for me, I pretty much did the same thing everyday. My Y/H/C was tied into a ponytail with the front strands falling onto my face framing it. I put on my classic ripped boyfriend jeans and a black t-shirt, accompanied by my army jacket. To finish off my classic look I added my signature grey cap and put on my favourite dark grey lipstick. I wasn’t the girliest of girls, that was for sure, but everyone seemed to identify me by my style and in this I found comfort. After giving myself the once over in the mirror I grabbed Jug’s textbook from my desk, shoving it into my bag and I set off for school.

The day dragged on and on, I had a tonne of classes with Kevin and Ronnie today so it was nice to hang out with them for a change. This was of course until Kevin pulled the “I haven’t seen you and Jughead together in a while, what happened you two are usually joined at the hip?” line “You guys are my otp, I hope there’s no trouble in paradise” Veronica added. “Ronnie we’re not dating, why does everyone always think that and honestly, I don’t know, I guess he’s been too busy with this whole novel and newspaper thing to remember me as well” I replied giving my best interpretation of a fake smile. Veronica and Kevin gave me sympathetic looks. 

As the bell rang, signaling our release I was packing my things together when Veronica grabbed my arm. “Y/N you need to tell Jug how you feel, I don’t know if you’ve even admitted it to yourself yet but it’s pretty obvious you’re in love with him, I can see how much not seeing him is hurting you and I think it’s best if you face this head on” I was so taken aback by this, I mean for years I’ve always had people ask if Jug and I were dating but no one had been this blatant with me. Was she right?, No he’s my best friend, I couldn’t be in love with him no way. I let out an awkward laugh “I don’t love Jughead, we’re just friends” It came out so defensive that Veronica raised both her eyebrows and folded her arms “the fact that you’re being so defensive about this just further proves my point” She said in a sing-song voice. “I gotta go Ronnie” I replied standing up from my seat and walking out the classroom “I only say this cause’ I care” she yelled after me.  

Making my way towards the newsroom, I’d never felt so nervous in my life, like get a grip girlie it was just your friend, surely this whole not speaking to me thing was just, not even a big deal and I was hyping it all up. I was still going to have a go at him though because he was angry when Archie ditched him and now he’s okay with doing it to me? Not on my watch.

I had the math book in my hand as I was walking up to the door of the newsroom, I had my best ‘pissed off face’ going on I was ready.

I had my hand almost on the doorknob when I took a quick glance through the doors glass window. That was when my stomach fell, my jaw dropped and my heart involuntarily shattered. It was just a glimpse that’s all I could allow myself to watch, but inside that dusty old newsroom was one Jughead Jones kissing Elizabeth Cooper. The feelings hit me like a truck, and then everything went numb.

I didn’t know what to do so without giving any sign I was there I dropped the math book and ran, I ran out of the school I ran past pops and all the way home. By this time the tears were free falling, I couldn’t stop it and I didn’t care. Once I was in the safety of being inside my house with the door locked I gave in to my emotions and just slid down to the floor.

Wow, I felt so stupid and so naive, why didn’t I see this coming, it all made perfect sense now. I guess this was me also coming to terms with the fact that as usual Ronnie was right, I was painfully in love with Jug and now I was too late to ever do anything about it.

The more I sat there and thought about it the more I came to realise that this was my fault. I held Jug up to this crazy high standard and just assumed it would always be him and me at the end of the day. I had sacrificed so much to hang out with him, to keep my “image”, I avoided making too many other friends, I avoided parties, extracurricular activities you name it I wasn’t a part of it. Now it was all going to change, it had to change. Maybe this was the wake-up call I needed. I had to work on myself, be better, be stronger. Most of all this needed to happen because this meant I could quite literally not be around Jughead anymore, I think seeing or talking to him would make me cry, something the new me will NOT be doing.

I picked myself up off the floor and headed to the bathroom to wash my face. “Get a grip Y/N, ” I told myself staring into the mirror. It’s like as soon as I come to terms with the feelings I think I may have had for years, I have to immediately try to get rid of them. I think this was a coping mechanism for me, and I think the reason I’ve never let myself admit that I had feelings for him before was because I fear rejection so much so very much, and I had to do what I knew would keep him around and that was to continue to be his friend. Well, little girl it’s time to grow up.

And what’s the best way to look more mature and confident, change your style. From what I’ve witnessed from the media, what you wear can have a profound impact on how people view you. This is what I had to do first, get rid of the “old me” look. This meant bye grey cap, bye dark lipstick ( I mean what was I even trying to do with that? Look like a corpse?) (oh wow corpse jokes really funny, maybe a bit too real in light of recent circumstances.) And also a very big goodbye to my jeans and army jacket, that would have to go too.

Looking through my closet it was apparent I didn’t have much to work with, I would definitely have to go shopping this weekend, I’ll bring Ronnie and Kevin along, they know fashion and are probably more than willing to help me out. AH HUH eureka! The dress I’ve been looking for! About two months ago I bought this really nice burgundy skater dress that I was planning to wear on a summer trip away, but when that got cancelled I never really had an excuse to wear it, until now. It showed a lot of leg, which I was surprisingly pretty comfortable with. The thought of people seeing me in this tomorrow made me feel a mixture of excitement and nausea.

The next thing that would change was the hair; no more would it be hidden by a cap and just randomly pulled back behind my face. I would wear it down and give it a curl. I think that would give me a nice elegant edge. God, I really don’t think anyone’s even going to recognise me tomorrow, kinda funny really. The next thing I had to do was go on to the school website and look for an extracurricular I would be willing to do. Hopefully, this would be a good way to make new friends and keep me busy.

I went and grabbed my laptop from my desk, as I did this I heard my phone vibrate, which meant I had a message. The name that made the screen light up made my heart skip a few beats, it was from Jug Hey, I just found my math book outside the newsroom? Why did you leave it there and not come inside? SIGH, reading that was like a knife to my chest, I immediately deleted the message, this may be immature but I needed time, I can’t bring myself to talk to him and if he can do it to me I can sure as hell do it to him. 

Shaking those thoughts away I was brought back to the task at hand. Logging onto the schools web page I found the list of extracurricular activities going on at Riverdale high. Chess club? Pass. Girl’s soccer? Hard pass.  Mathletes? No way in hell. Come on there has to be something here. After fifteen minutes of looking to no avail I scrolled past the extracurricular activities. Eventually I saw an ad posted by the she-devil herself Cheryl Blossom, apparently, one of the river vixens had broken her ankle and a new vixen was needed immediately, auditions were tomorrow after school. Hmm, could I do this? Maybe I could? The old me would never dream of being a cheerleader but the new me, maybe she could. You know what, fuck it. It was decided, I caught myself slightly smiling as I clicked ‘attend’ on the event. It felt like a breath of fresh air, tomorrow I would walk into school confident and new. I was going to cure my own broken heart. I just hoped a run in with Jughead wouldn’t make it all come crashing down.

modern!johnny cade headcannons
(there’s so mucb jally and lgbt!johnny it’s not even funny omg)

- johnny would probably listen to bands like imagine dragons, artic monkeys, some of twenty one pilot’s older music, and the hardrock dally likes

- he also managed to talk ponyboy into reading to him, which wasn’t hard because pony loves to read to him anyway

- this boy always has a pair of earbuds on him even if he isn’t listening to them

- it helps him whenever he has to block out his parents

- which is a lot

- but he’s careful not to listen to his music too loud. he doesn’t want to go deaf and especially not before he’s 20

- mostly because ponyboy and darry always nag him about it

- and johnny’s never really understood why it wasn’t socially acceptable for men to wear makeup or wear dresses or skirts?? he just doesn’t get it

- johnny also keeps a hair tie on his wrist for when he gets too anxious and needs something to fiddle with

- two-bit once had to take it away from him because he was scared johnny’d cut off his circulation to his hand

- and his hands are always shaking

- so johnny’s always fidgeting with something to try and hide it

- but it doesn’t matter who you are

- his hands are shaking


- and, okay, one night he’s with dally and they’re driving. they weren’t talking. they were letting dally’s radio fill the silence.

- johnny was cool with it

- and dally was Focused™ on driving

- and johnny’s just watching dally drive and dally runs his hand through his hair and, internally, johnny just kinda goes,“oh. oh shit.”

- mkay he realizes that he may have a small crush on dallas winston

- which he hadn’t really considered before

- and he quickly decides that it shouldn’t matter who you love if it doesn’t harm you or the other person in a negative way

- so johnny realizes that he could fall in love with anyone

- at first, it kinda scares him but he ends up researching all night about this

- turns out, he’s pansexual

- the first person he comes out to is ponyboy, who actually knew what the term meant (probably because this boy never gets off tumblr smh)

- pony accepts

- he comes out to two-bit next. then soda, steve, and darry. he had to explain what it meant, but they accepted.

- he comes out to dally last. not because he didn’t want him to know, but because johnny was scared he’d ask who made him realize that. johnny wasn’t ready to tell him that.

- so one night they’re driving again and the sun is setting and dally looks like he’s made out of gold

- johnny loves it

- dally ofc doesn’t notice or let on to johnny staring

- johnny looks back to the road in front of them

- “i’m pansexual.”

- “you’re what?”

- “i could fall in love with anyone, dal.”

- “even a guy?”

- “even a guy.”

- johnny can feel dally staring at him

- he’s terrified to look up at dally but he does

- dally’s face is totally blank

- “whatever makes you happy, kid.”

- johnny can’t figure out how dally feels about it

- a small part of johnny is scared that dally’s angry

- but dally offers him a cigarette and johnny knows he’s at least not angry

- they don’t talk. just smoke in peace. the radio fills the silence

- which allows johnny’s mind to wander

- his parents would disown him

- so he never comes out to them

- he cries when lgbt+ get equal marriage rights. first, it’s out of elation because he is so happy. but then he goes home and hears his parents bashing the lgbt+ community

- he doesn’t even get through the door when he hears them

- and he goes back to the curtises

- he’s a mess

- he’s trying really hard not to cry but he can’t

- he can’t do it

- he was apart of that community and they were people, too

- ponyboy gets him to calm down after an hour

- he stays with the curtises for a week after that night

- johnny was a lot quieter after that, if that was even possible

- it worried dallas the most, though

- “c'mon, johnny, man, you haven’t said five words all day!”

- “i’m fine, dal.”

- it went on like that for a month, driving dally insane

- so, when dally runs out of ideas, he turns to the oldest curtis brother for help

- dally and darry have always been close,, okay

- and darry honestly saw this coming. he was just waiting for dallas to figure this out himself

- so darry isn’t surprised when dallas comes to him and all he’s talking about is johnny

- darry can tell dally’s been drinking by the way he slurrs his words and how he can hardly stand up

- “dar, what’s wrong with johnny? why won’t he talk to me?”

- darry, being the genius he is, starts to play a little mind game with dallas

- “why does it matter, dal?”

- “‘cause he’s my friend, dar.“

- “you’re friends with sodapop and you don’t care if you go a few days without talking to him.”

- “well johnny’s different, man!”

- “why’s johnny different? why do you care if you don’t talk for a few days?”

- “‘cause i want him happy! and ‘cause he doesn’t act like i’m an asshole!”

- “why does it matter what johnny thinks of you?“

- “i don’t know, man! he just..he makes me want to be less of an ass.”

- “so johnny makes you better?”

- darry watched as a drunk, crooked smile found its way across the younger boy‘s face. it made darry smile, too.

- “yeah, man. i love the little dude.”

- “yeah, just like a brother to you, right?” darry knew this wasn’t how dallas loved johnny, but he needed dally to say it himself.

- darry knew he gotten through to dallas when his eyebrows scrunched up.

- “no, man. i love him the way i loved sylvia. i wanna—” dallas then went on to describe all of the very raunchy ways he wanted to see johnny cade, and it made darry want to rip his ear drums out (he did not need those visuals of his friends), but he had gotten through to dallas.

- “dal—” darry cut dallas off mid-sentence,“why don’t you go find johnny and tell him yourself?”

- dallas’ drunk smile faltered.“no, man. what if he doesn’t feel the same, man?”

- “you’ll never know unless you try.”

- “dammit, darry. he’d be in the lot, right?”

- “yeah.”

- and like that, dally was gone. darry quickly sent johnny a text to give him a heads up about what was about to happen and to be in the lot.

i felt like this was a good place to stop. should i write more outsiders headcannons??
The Idea of Us (Daveed x Reader)

Prompt List||Request Something||Masterlist


Thank you so so so much to @linmanuclmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @icanneverbesatisfied and @pixel-pisces for editing this and reassuring me that it wasn’t total crap.

Requested: yes!

“May I request 41 or 38 with Daveed Diggs?”


38) *runs into the room screaming and jumps onto someone’s back* PIGGYBACK RIDE!!

41) Okay, what the hell is an OTP, and why are we theirs?

Summary: “You know I’ve always liked the idea of us being together.” The three times people thought you were dating, and the one time you did something about it.

Warnings: swearing? (i don’t remember), drinking, insane amount of fic cliches

Words: 5603 (wow, okay)

Originally posted by mirandasdaughter

“Yo, yo, yo!!! Get ready to have your lives become infinitely better due to my presence.” Daveed smiles when he hears your familiar voice echo throughout his New York City apartment.

“Y/N!! Get your pretty ass up here. We’re in the studio,” he yells down the hall before turning back to Rafa. “So, is that going in the bridge, or did you want to add it onto the first chorus? Because I’m confused on how that would work.” You walk into the small studio Daveed built into his home. You stop in the doorway and look on with admiration, seeing their passion for the subject they are discussing so clearly etched on their faces.

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Commercials [Jason Todd x Reader]

Prompt from @otpprompts (not a request I just love this): “Imagine that your OTP is watching TV and Wendy’s commercial for their ghost pepper fries comes on. When the TV goes “it’s perfect if you’re hot for spice,” Person A turns to Person B and asks them “you know who I’m hot for?” and tackles them onto the couch.”

A/n: Just fluff because I wanted fluff. (Person A - Jason, Person B - Reader)


Your hair was wet as you sat on the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table. You and Jason had just gotten back from patrol about an hour ago, and he let you take a shower first because he’s a sweetheart.

Which led to you watching TV in your living room, your favorite show having been on cable. You were comfortable in one of Jason’s t-shirts, waiting for him to come out of the shower so you both could go to bed.

Flipping through channels, but seeming to find nothing but commercials. Unaware of Jason walking into the living room. “Hey babe, whatcha watchin?” he asked while drying his hair. He being dressed for bed, only in his favorite pair of sweatpants.

You always found it kind of funny because he always only wore pants when he slept and you usually only wore one of his shirts.

“Just commercials, I can’t find anything to watch” shrugging while clicking the channel button on the remote. Frustratingly jamming the button before dropping the remote and just deciding to suffer through commercials.

He came behind the couch and wrapped his arms around you. Kissing your hair he mumbled, “Are you hungry?” You shrugged, “A little, what did you have in mind?”

“Sandwiches?” shifting to nuzzle into your neck. You giggled at his antics, “Do you want me to get them? You sound tired” moving your head so you could whisper to him. He shook his head, the wet ends of his hair prickling against your skin. “No, you’re comfortable I’ve got it” retracting from your neck and pecking your lips before heading into the kitchen.

Once he was gone you decided to peel yourself from the couch, pulling the basket of movies out from under your coffee table. Flipping through the cases, seeing the titles of all your and Jason’s favorite movies. Chuckling at some of the older titles such as ‘Shrek’ and ‘Jaws.’ Two very different movies.

“Hey what lunch meat do you want?” Jason yelled from the kitchen. “Surprise me! Jaws or Shrek?” You heard him laugh at the choices, “Jaws!” he cheered enthusiastically.

You pulled out the case while listening to the commercials playing in the background. Bored, you continued to mindlessly flip through the movies in your collection.

Jason walked into the living room to see you lost in the collection, noticing an opportunity reveal itself. He set the plates in his hands on the window sill that separates the kitchen from the living room.

Quietly, he snuck up behind you before grabbing your shoulders yelling “SHARK!” Your heart about stopped, he laughed before jogging around the couch to look at you. “Jesus Jason! You fucking scared the shit out of me!” clutching your chest. However you couldn’t stay mad at the genuine smile on his face. “Sorry doll, I just couldn’t help it.”

“Yeah, well you’re lucky I love you” Shaking your head at him. He grinned wider before turning his attention to the TV, going to change the settings to play a movie. Though he paused when seeing the Wendy’s commercial for their new ghost pepper fries, something he had been dying to try (pun intended).

The narrator’s deep voice explained the fries in the most savory manner possible. Jason chuckled when the commercial said, “It’s perfect if you’re hot for spice.” Turning he see you still looking through the movies. Half listening to the TV.

Grinning mischievously he teased, “You know who I’m hot for?” leaving just enough time for you to register the words before he tackled you onto the couch as you let out a small squeal of surprise. Pinning you underneath his weight. You laughed while looking up into his deep blue eyes, “Oh I wonder who that could possibly be~” over dramatizing your words.

“How about I show you?” he smirked before connecting his lips to yours into a soft yet passionate kiss. Pulling away just to lightly rub his nose against yours before placing another kiss on your lips, both of you smiling into it the whole time. After sometime being lost in the other he pulled away, whispering “[F/n].”

“Hmm?” You hummed, not even opening your eyes. “Do you still want your sandwich?” he chuckled. You smiled and shook your head before pulling his lips back to yours, mumbling “In a minute” before closing the space completely once more. Jason happily obliging the continuance. Leaving you both wondering how you were lucky enough to have the other. But also, how on Earth could a Wendy’s commercial bring this on?

"That's Not Fair."

Prompt (from Anon): Heey, so first of all I wanna say that I absolutely love the Accident, seriously it’s so amazing and cute, thank you for blessing us with that fic <3 aaand, since you’re up to anything riverdale rn, I thought I’d share this imagine idea I saw a few days ago “your OTP passionately making out, person A starts scratching down person B’s back, which drives them nuts, whining into the kiss that that’s not fair"idk what you think about this but omg I can see a lot of fluff and ahfksmzbka pretty please 

 A/N: first all of thank you so much I’m just happy people are enjoying my work :3 and of course this sounds like such a good fic so here we go! I know there’s a lot of build up to get there but I kinda wanna do a part two? Like/reblog if you want part 2! 

 Fandom: Riverdale Characters: Archie Andrews

Pairing: Archie x Reader (anon didn’t specify so I’m running with this)

Warnings: steamy make out session 

Originally posted by archiesandrews

(gif not mine)


 Right after school, your classmate (whom you must add have had a crush on since sixth grade) Archie Andrews met you as you closed your locker. "Well if it isn’t the Riverdale football star himself,” you greeted him with a casual smile. “What brings you here?" 

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// Sebastian Stan - Tease //

Relationship: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Request: Ok so I got this idea from @platonic-otp: Person A and Person B play Never Have I Ever with shots on a boring, Saturday night in. After they run out of shots, they decide to continue playing with clothes–taking one piece of clothing off every time one of them has done something the other hasn’t. Person A says “Never have I ever given someone a lap dance” and watch with lust-filled eyes as Person B takes off their last piece of clothing save their underwear. Person B then turns on seductive music (Partition, One Dance, etc.) and situate themselves in Person A’s lap as they get ready to give them a show.

Follow them their prompts are good as fuck

And encouragement from my fave @dylpicklesprays (even though she’s mad at my ending)

Warnings: Sexy as fuck Sebastian Stan, smut, mentions of one night stand, cussing, SMUT

Rating: NSFW, 18

Word count: 2967

Originally posted by minmiin1d

With the release of Civil War, the cast finally got to showcase the work that they had worked so tirelessly on for months, long days followed by even longer nights, and now finally coming to a conclusion. The film had premiered weeks and weeks ago and now for the first time in a while, Sebastian had a lot of free time. Time that he didn’t know what to do with.

The two of you had been friends for as long as you could remember, you remember meeting him back in New York in a coffee shop of all places. Both aspiring actors, talking for hours on end before inevitably hooking up. A one night stand. You had left before he had woken up and even if he was awake it was obvious what you were. A hook up. Blowing off some steam, and you were fine with that. You would never even see the guy again, well, at least that’s what your thought until you walked into your interview for a new marvel film, and there he was.

You glanced around the waiting room for a seat, a mixed population of faces. ‘There must be other characters auditioning today too’ you had thought before your eyes landed on an empty seat and without a word you sat.

“Y/N?” The voice next to you spoke. Where had you heard that before- oh my god. The guy from last night. What was his name again?

“Holy shit, hi!” You had greeted him, avoiding having to say his name.

“You left awfully quick this mornin’.” He had laughed.

“Had an audition to get to, just like you did, plus you and I both know you would have done the same… dude” Oh god, why did you call him dude?

He had raised an eyebrow. “Dude?” before it sunk in, “You forgot my fucking name didn’t you?” The tone of his voice had seemed serious until laughter poured out. He held out his hand for you to shake.

“My names Sebastian Stan.”

From then on you were friends, sure, you found him painfully attractive and there may have been a small-not-so-small crush once you both got the part and had to see each other pretty much every day, but after a few weeks it was fine. You were friends, and that night was never spoke about, no matter how often it toyed on both of your minds. Sebastian had changed since that night. His hair was now much longer, often pushed back, lines now etched into his skin that at one point hadn’t been there adding a sense of maturity to him - but in no way was this unattractive, if anything it made him somewhat more attractive. His shoulders now more broad and muscles toned, clear definition. He was older, not that boy you had met that night, Sebastian Stan was a man.

But you were friends now, and as much as you wanted something with him, often finding him tangled in your thoughts as you pleasured yourself after a long day, you knew nothing would happen, so you tried to forget the idea, and failed. There was something about Sebastian that you couldn’t quite ignore. You were drawn to him like a moth to a flame, the closer you got the more dangerous it would be yet you couldn’t help yourself. But, as you constantly had to tell yourself over and over again, you were just friends.

During filming you had even agreed to stay with him for a while, he had a spare room and in exchange you gave him a ride. Fuck, no not like that. A ride to work. Carpool. But now, with a ridiculous amount of time on your hands and, with nothing else to do on a Saturday night in, shots became a good idea.

“Ok, never have I ever…” He thought hard for a moment as you watched Sebastian intently, a small, innocent smile at his lips as the alcohol making his eyes glassy and reducing him to a giggling fit every once in awhile “called someone the wrong name while hooking up?”. Honestly, the questions had started out innocent enough, but the more you drank, the worse the questions got. You shook your head and he scoffed. “Take the shot, Y/N.”

“I never-”

“You called me Carter that night.” He reminded you.

“Oh shit, yeah I did.” He giggled to himself, as you brought the shot of whiskey to your lips before letting it run down his throat, leaving a burning sensation behind. You squinted and shook your head before looking back at Sebastian with a smile. “But in my defense, you were hot as Carter Baizen on Gossip Girl.” Not were, are.

“Can’t argue with logic.” He laughed picking up the bottle to refill the shot glass.

“Hey, Seb,  I have a question about that actually.” Your voice trailed off. Oh fuck, why were you bringing this up now? Oh yeah, tequila. No- you couldn’t ask him now, maybe he hadn’t heard. You glance to see his blue eyes piercing your own. Ok, no he definitely heard, a small smile tugging at the side of his lip.

“Shoot, Doll.” Doll. That nickname made you physically weak.

“It doesn’t,” Fuck, well now was as good a time as any right. No, no it was not! Alcohol is never a good addition to something like this. Fuck it. Blurt it out.

“Do you regret that night?”

There was a silence in the air as Sebastian watched you, brows furrowed. “No. Not at all.” He replied. “Do you? Cause, I get it, I wasn’t very… experienced back then?”

“No, I don’t. I mean it was great, you were great… I did at first. I was worried it would be awkward but, it wasn’t- isn’t.”

“I figured we’d get together at some point you know.”


“Yeah,” Sebastian simply shrugged as if that was common knowledge, words accidentally slurring together. “I had the biggest crush on you, ya’ know, Doll.” Had.

You almost choked on the sip of beer. Did he just…? “Oh really?”

He nodded, grabbing another one of the green bottles at his side and picking up the bottle opener, his large hands making it seem so small and frail. His hands. “C’mon you must have known.” He laughed, emphasizing on the word in disbelief. “Anthony even noticed, I made it so painfully obvious.” He brought the bottle to his lips and took a big swing, not taking his eyes off of you.

“Not obvious enough apparently.” You shrugged.

“Bullshit. I literally flirted with you any chance I got. Always finding ways to talk to you, or touch you…” His hand resting on your thigh casually. “But, I realized you didn’t feel the same and stopped, or at least tried to. I ain’t ever had very strong will power doll.” He laughed again, sipping his drink once more.

“Oh please. I was so into you!” You blurted, laughing awkwardly. “Why else would I agree to come over just to watch Star Wars with you on a Friday night?” 

“Well shit, you should’ve said something, babygirl.”

“I just did, didn’t I?” He watched you intently, you saw his eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips. Running his tongue across his own and taking his bottom lip between his teeth. His hand was still on your lower thigh. He scooted closer to you and you held your breath. He leaned in, his lips meeting yours. Ok, you and Sebastian were no strangers to a quick make out or two when you were drunk. Usually it was messy and sloppy, feeling rushed. But this was different, it was gentle, as if he feared you might break at his touch. When he kissed you, all other thoughts fell away, the room became silent and it was just the two of you, in the moment you were sharing, every inch in your body was alive. His hands would usually have gravitated to his favourite part of you, your ass. This time his hand rested just under your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek the other at his side, supporting him. The gaze you engaged in before asked a question that the kiss answered; “do you still feel the same?”

The kiss was over before it had barely started, so short yet so perfect. His hand lingered on your cheek which was now flushed and surprisingly, so were his.

Sebastian cleared his throat. “So, uhh, shots?”

You nodded, and with that Sebastian picked up the transparent bottle. “Ok never have I ever-” You stopped when you see Sebastian pouting. “What’s up, Seb?”

“We’re out.” He gestured to the bottle of tequila in his hands,

“I’m pretty sure we have some more in the kitchen that I can go get? Or we can just use the beer.”

A mischievous grin formed on his pink lips. “I have a much better idea if you’re up for it?”

In your slightly-past-tipsy state you shrugged. “What is it?”

“Instead of shots, you take something off. You’ll get it as we go on.” He explained, simple enough. He nodded for you to continue your question.

“Oh, uhh, Never have I ever… had phone sex?” Sebastian shrugged, gripping the thin fabric of his t-shirt and pulling it over his head. Oh, so it was that kind of game now? Not that you objected. Sure you had seen Sebastian without a shirt countless times but, whether it was the liqueur or the topic of conversation, this time you couldn’t drag your eyes away.

“No where near the real thing, but it’s interesting.”

You shrug, no point arguing on a topic you barely knew. “Okay,” you thought for a second, “Never have I sexted a colleague.”

“Now when you say that, as a joke or genuine? No, nevermind, I’ve done both.” Sebastian laughed, then telling a story of how he sent Chris links to a ton of fanfiction that had been written about the two of them and classing that as sexting because, ‘some of them were pretty damn spicy’.

The game continued, you inevitably losing, wait, were you losing? No clue, all you know was that you were left completely exposed to him, the only pieces of clothing left being your underwear with Sebastian close behind in sweatpants and his boxers. At least, you assume he was wearing boxers.

His eyes burned into you, scanning every inch of your body over and over again. “Never have I ever given someone a lap dance?”

“I guess there’s a first time for everything.” You mimicked his shrug.

Sebastian’s eyes widened, he clearly hadn’t expected this. “S-seriously?”

“With appropriate music, of course.”

“Of course.” He repeated, rising from the floor to sit on the single chair behind him. He handed you his phone with spotify open. You played the first thing that came to mind, and it was a damn good choice.

See me up in the club with fifty of the girls

Posted in the back with my things on my grill

Sebastian opened his mouth to speak, about to make a joke about how Beyonce’s Partition was your choice, closing it immediately when he looked at you, bent over giving him a perfect view of your ass as you placed his phone on the floor. You knew his eyes were on you, as if you could feel his gaze so you lingered, teasingly before straightening up and looking at him. “See something you like, Stan?”

“Not the first time I’ve seen it.” He answered, a smug smirk on his face. “I check you out any chance I can.” He teased.

You walked towards him, his hand outstretched, welcoming you to his lap but instead his fingertips merely grazed your thigh. You stand behind him, leaning down as your arms stretched down bare his chest and torso, breath tickling his ear. “No hands, Seb.”

“No hands,” He repeated.

You leave a few kisses on his neck before walking around to face him, straddling him as the music continued. You started out slow, grinding your hips lazily against Sebastian, though you were aching to just let him fuck you. You laced your fingers in his hair, tugging his head to the side, smiling as you heard Sebastian groan. “One thing I always remember about you Seb,” You started, you hips still moving slowly but with enough to drive him crazy. “You have a spot, right here that drives you crazy when I touch it.” Your lips briefly press onto his soft skin, right above his collarbone, earning another moan from Sebastian.

You sped up your movement up, grinding against his thigh. Your hands raked back down his chest stopping just above the waistband of his sweats, a prominent bulge now there. You smiled to yourself, knowing he was loving every second. Your focus now shifted, you wrapped your hands around his neck, his face was merely centimetres from your cleavage, a sight he would never be bored of. He placed a small kiss on your left breast, his lips attaching to the same spot again, this time rougher and sure to leave a mark. His larger hands made their way to the clasp of your bra.

“Ah ah, Seb.” You warned, “No touching remember?”

“Lips don’t count?” He tried and you shook your head. You stopped moving and he groaned. “C’mon baby girl, don’t stop.”

You smiled, loving the impact you had on him. In one swift movement you unclasped your bra, tossing it to the side. Sebastian growled, “How can you expect me not to touch them, they’re perfect.” Without saying anything, you pulled the band on your underwear a little higher and grinded against him again, your breasts now free and in his face. “You’re such a tease, Kitten.” He growled. Kitten? That’s new.

You begin to move your hips in slow circles against his concealed cock, the friction sending small waves of pleasure throughout your body, making you want more. You move faster, tiny moans tumbling from your mouth. Sebastian’s head fell back, his lip so tightly in between his teeth you feared he may make it bleed as he restrained himself from touching you, a concept which was all he could think about.

“Baby, c’mon… let me have a feel… give me a taste.” He begged.

The more you moved, the better it felt, heat growing in your core. You moved faster, sloppier and couldn’t help but bury your face in Sebastian’s neck, his smell flooding your senses, engulfing you. Sebastian whimpered under you, bucking his hips up against you,  and you couldn’t help it as your hands moved down his back, bringing him as close to you as possible.

“I’m gonna cum in my pants if you keep that up.” He breathed into your chest. “C’mon doll, let me touch you. Let me make you feel good. Let me treat you right. Baby, please. Let me fuck you better than anyone else could dream of doing.” His hands move to your hips, a firm grip that was sure to leave a bruise in the morning and this time you don’t stop him. Every fibre in your body wanted this. Wanted his touch, Wanted to him to fuck you.

“Sebastian, please. Do it.” You practically panted, begging him.

“Tell me what you want kitten, I want to hear you say it.”

“I-I want you to fuck me.” You pleaded and that was all he needed to hear. He gripped your thighs and stood, your body wrapped around him, leading you to him bedroom. His switched on the light and kicked the door shut behind him, practically throwing you onto his bed in front of you.

“We won’t be needing these now, will we Doll?” His fingers hooked around the band of your underwear and ripped them from you.  He stood in front of you, his eyes taking in every inch of your body.

“Sebastian, come on.” You whined.

He pulled the remainder of his clothes off slowly, you threw your head back once his erection sprung free. You definitely didn’t forget about that. His size still ceasing to amaze you.

Sebastian hovered over you, pushing your thighs apart.

“Now it’s my turn to tease, Doll.”

Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Look, AkaKuro’s standing next to each other! ❤❤❤❤

The order of everything I’d written here might be in random, because I was mentally screaming all the way through the entire movie. Mentally, because I couldn’t just shout “FUCK THAT’S MY OTP!!! AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER??” with anime heart eyes every time AkaKuro appeared on screen. I’m in the cinemas with equally brooding fanboys and fangirls so nope.

This is full of spoilers and shitposting. Proceed at your own risk. XD

  • Kagami’s backstory. Who would’ve thought that such a bright ray of sunshine was once a tol angsty child. Well, everyone probably went through that phase so-
  • One thing I realized while I was watching the entire Strky vs Jabberwock match was how much I love Kasamatsu, Miyaji, Imayoshi, Okamura, and Higuchi (I don’t even know this guy but I love him unconditionally okay?). So, yeah, basically, everyone in Team Strky.
  • I was waiting for Kasamatsu to slap Nash in the face after the guy spit on his hand, but– *3*
  • The GoM greeting each other in the gym is the most precious thing ever
  • AKASHI ❤ I’m biased so–
  • Kuroko following Kagetora in Roppongi to confront the Jabberwock. 
  • Everyone taken aback by Kuroko’s disappearance lol
  • Kuroko’s boyfriends protecting him after Nash kicked him. DAMN I GOT SHIVERS AT AKASHI’S EXPRESSION HERE.
  • Akashi: Stop
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: I understand. Knowing you, you probably want to settle this in a basketball match.
  • I literally just mentally scream my head off every time AkaKuro is next to each other
  • EIGO
  • The match’s setting was different from the one in the manga. And the other characters watched them live which was also different.
  • (Btw, there were two guys sitting few seats to my right in the cinema who were doing a live commentary of every fucking scene the entire time. I was torn between getting annoyed and fanboying with them because what they were whispering to each other was what I was thinking at that exact moment.)
  • Everyone being OP AS FUCK
  • Midorima’s remote control
  • Fucking Silver
  • Murasakibara and Silver’s match up
  • Silver is an ass
  • Pouting Murasakibara *sound of angels’ choir in the background*
  • Everyone giving way to each other so the team could win. #PRECIOUS
  • Kuroko: *joins the game*
  • Jabberwock: LMAO So weak-looking
  • Jabberwock [5 seconds after Kuroko played]: WHAT THE FUCK??????
  • DID I MENTION THE TEAM PLAYS??? The AoKaga?? Midorima and Kagami highfiving each other? Murasakibara and Kagami double-teaming Silver? And ofc who could forget AoKi double-teaming Silver
  • Kise’s Perfect Copy + Aomine’s Zone = beautiful AoKi babies
  • I swear even Momoi could feel the AOKI in the air. She was too overwhelmed that it brought tears to her eyes. lol
  • Kise and Silver’s one-on-one
  • “Kise is the strongest player on the court.” Dude… I already knew that, like, 5 years ago.
  • Nash’s passes WTAF
  • Murasakibara getting hurt again. STOP HURTING MY TREE SON I SAY
  • Takao getting jealous of Akashi and Midorima’s teamplay. Don’t worry Shin-chan’s all yours already. :3
  • Kise failing to make the shot because he’s too damn exhausted already. Somebody take his place aaaaaahhhhhhh :’((((((((((
  • “Leave the rest to me, Ryouta.”
  • WHY DIDN’T THEY INCLUDE THIS: “Akashi-kun is Akashi-kun. There is no difference.” THIS IS, LIKE, THE ULTIMATE AKAKURO MOMENT. I’M SO SAD ;-;
  • “Right now, Akashi’s the most reliable person on the court.” He’s also the most reliable in be– //slapped
  • Mayuyu supporting his kouhai from the sidelines. HOW CUTE
  • Also, can we talk about Mibuchi’s new hairstyle?
  • Midorima’s three pointers. Also OP as fuck
  • “My shots will not miss.” His shots through Takao’s heart will also never miss. ;)
  • Midorima trying to make Kagami feel better. Holy shit the world’s ending soon
  • Nash’s ability was translated in the movie as “Barrier Eye.” But I actually heard “Belial Eye” every time it was mentioned. But it was called “Demon Eye” in the manga. So which is it? @-@
  • “Goodbye.”
  • NAked Akashi
  • Oreshi and Bokushi fanservice DAMNNNNNNN I NEED MORE. I love the way they parted in the movie, with all the hands holding and the changing of perspectives and just… everything.
  • Akashi was about to give up
  • Then Kuroko appears in his line of sight
  • Then everyone gets an instant power up
  • GoM + Seirin bonding moment™
  • Kagami’s leaving for America.
  • God just remembering it makes me tear up
  • When Kagami ran back to Kuroko, I thought he changed his mind and would say: “It’s more fun playing with you and the rest of the team.” But they just said goodbye to each other and Kagami was thanking Kuroko for everything and all these onion ninjas just started popping out of nowhere and I was dying inside. :’((((((((((
  • Holy fucks I think I didn’t watch the complete final scene? Now I’m sadder. I mean, I saw some spoiler about the GoM talking about the future or smth?? I DIDN’T SEE THAT. ;-;

Apparently, my lil bro backed out from watching this with me, and I ended up watching it with my dad. Though, in all actuality, he just slept and woke up about quarterway through the movie. And I think he enjoyed the rest of the movie, because he didn’t sleep after that, and that was SOMETHING because he always just sleeps whenever he comes with me and my siblings to the cinemas. 😂😂😂😂 Anyway, I’ll add the others once I remember them.


Saphael Fanfic Rec 2.0

A Saphael Fest.

More writing goodies from amazing writers.

As always, if you know any of the authors and tag them, that would be very much appreciated

A Daisy instead of a glass shoe by @soft-saphael

Tumblr prompt: runaway prince!simon and commoner!rapahel

Two weeks from his coronation and three from his wedding to Princess Isabelle of Idris, the Prince of New York found himself on a park bench in Brooklyn. His face buried in the palms of his hand as his phone continued to ring.
Deep breaths. Deep breathes. Deep- the phone is laying in pieces on the concrete walkway in shattered fragments.

“You’re a little far from the palace” A slightly accented voice said, from out of the corner of his eyes Simon saw black leather.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh I’m sorry your highness, I apologize for not bowing” The boy snorted.

“Please, just leave me alone” Simon huffed tiredly.

A First Date (Kind of. Almost.) by SnogboxesAndChips

Simon is always looking for excuses to be near Raphael. When he finally finds a suitable excuse, he walks in on Raphael doing something that Simon would have never thought Raphael would do. He was cooking.

And every road you take (will always lead you home) by @woodenhallslikecaskets

For Raphael’s 55th birthday Magnus gifts him a portal that leads to 1956.

Brooklyn, NY 1956: he meets a beautiful boy by the name of Simon Lewis. They’ve never met before but Raphael feels like he could love him. They could fall in love.

Break of the light by @makehomesofhumans

Simon’s eyes sparked to life as he was being dangled over the edge of a building. He sighed, because that was just his luck.

But who would love a monster, anyway? By @spendeonswithyou

As he learns later, loving Simon hurts. It’s making his dead heart want to beat again, destroying the remaining bits and pieces of his soul.

Or the Soulmate AU in which you can feel your soulmate’s pain.

Customer Satisfaction by kuro1neko2kun

‘You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

Darling, you’re all I need by @anjawritingsx

Simon and Raphael are happy together, that is until Simon forgets their 8th year anniversary.
Raphael is left heartbroken and Magnus and Alec try to pick up the pieces.

Does that mean you’ve a really bad crush on me too? By milleniumlint

Simon wants Raphael to understand he has feelings for him but he’s not so obvious like he thinks he is.

Dreaming of You (endlessly) by Nubian_Reese

Corazón—His heart. He loves Simon so much it hurts. His beauty, his optimism, it’s a sea of good and Raphael does nothing but dive right in. And he is not ashamed, because Simon is a gift. God’s gift, and sometimes Raphael can’t believe what they have together is real, but when Simon leans down and kisses him, hands running through each other’s hair skimming down backs, and gripping hips, Raphael lives in every sense and knows that this is real.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

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anonymous asked:

Okay but what about a McKirk AU where one of them saves the other from an embarrassing situation even though they absolutely don't know each other?

  • Being a bartender is not so bad. The pay is decent, the company usually okay, too. Being a bartender in wedding venues? Not always as great. But the good thing about it is that mostly bridesmaids are easy, groomsmen are horny, general visitors are drunk, and Jim being attracted to mostly anything with a pulse; that works out pretty well. Plus, everyone dresses up nicely. Except maybe Leonard, who looks already drunk when he arrives at the wedding reception.
  • “You familiar with the bride or groom?” Jim asks, pushing a glass of strong whiskey in his direction; something Leonard gratefully accepts. “Yeah, you could say that. That’s my ex-wife and my ex-best friend,” Leonard replies, and Jim frowns. “Yikes. Why are you here?” “I’m the better man,” Leonard replies, “that, and my daughter asked me to be here.” “Ah,” Jim says, briefly hesitating to refill Leonard’s glass, but he does so anyway. “I’m sorry about that, man. Weddings are usually pretty great.” “Oh, it’s fantastic,” Leonard says, “I don’t have to wake up next to her anymore, nor do I have to care for a guy who’s pretended to be my friend for the last 20 years.” Yikes. This guy’s a downer. A shame, too, because Jim can sense such a caring person underneath all of that. Especially when Joanna rushes towards him. It’s like that whole, shitty situation is briefly forgotten - as is his whiskey, and instead he focuses on his girl for a while. Comments on her pretty red dress and the flowers in her hair, and promises they go out together again soon. 
  • They’re gone for a while and Jim doesn’t think much about it. But Leonard is most definitely drunk, a little annoyed, and clearly hurt, too, when he returns. “Do you want some water?” Jim asks him, but Leonard shakes his head. “No, something stronger.“ Jim is about to politely object to that, but another guy walks in and pats Leonard on the shoulder. “How about that ceremony, huh?” “Yes, congratulations,” Leonard says, “you’re sleeping with a witch for the rest of your life. But considering you did so behind my back while we were still married tells me you’re going to be very happy together.” “At least I didn’t drown myself in work because I don’t know how to be a husband or a father-” “You’re not a father,” Leonard interrupts. “What do you have going for you right now, huh? Poor job performance, no wife, a kid only every other weekend. What do you have that makes you so great? Nothing.” “Me,” Jim replies, so out of the blue both Leonard and his ex best friend (or whatever) look confused. “He’s got me,” Jim says, “Leonard and I. We’ve been together for a while.” Leonard looks even more confused now, especially when Jim leans in over the bar to press a quick kiss to the other’s lips, “and I don’t appreciate you talking to him like that. You use that tone on your wife, too? For your sake, I hope not.“ 
  • “Why’d you do that?” Leonard asks Jim once they’re alone again, and Jim shrugs. He shrugs, because honestly, he has no idea why he just said that. “I don’t like people talking down on other people like that. Plus, I figured, for the sake of tonight, what does a little lie matter? Not like you’re seeing a lot of these people on a regular basis. Let them think you date this handsome man,” he adds, gesturing at himself. Leonard laughs at that, and when he does, Jim knows it’s his personal mission to keep this man smiling. Because honestly, he looks so much more handsome like that. “Fine,” Leonard says, “I could date a bartender.” “A handsome bartender,” Jim corrects him, and Leonard smiles lightly. “Very handsome.”
  • There are other bartenders present, luckily, so Jim takes some time to just sit with Leonard and talk. Initially just for silly dating lies, but Jim finds that the two of them have a lot in common. They laugh at the same kind of jokes, drink the same drinks, and apparently go out in the same districts. “How come I’ve never seen you before?” Leonard asks, “seems like I would’ve remembered seeing you.” “Because of my strapping good looks?” “You know you get less attractive every time you say stuff like that,” Leonard replies with a grin, and Jim smiles. He reaches out, hand on Leonard’s arm. “Hey, but, maybe you would’ve noticed me if you weren’t so focused on your shitty choice of friends. Don’t let this charade keep you down, yeah? You know which couples stay the happiest? The ones with small, genuine receptions. Where it’s about uniting families instead of showing off the debt you’ll be paying off for the rest of your marriage - weddings are expensive,” Jim says. “You learn all that from being a bartender?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “I actually organize events. Like weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries, etc. Bartending is something I enjoy doing because I meet interesting people.” “Handsome people,” Leonard comments, and Jim laughs. “Very.”
  • Jim uses up his break time to join Leonard on the dance floor, where they mostly dance closely together and continue to talk, joke, and laugh at the stupidest things. Leonard does get a few questions from family members. How long have you been together? “Three months,” Leonard replies smoothly, and Jim just rolls with it. “I was instantly smitten,” Jim says, “though he’s a bit grumpy from time to time, isn’t he?” “More like all the time.” “I can hear all of this, I’m right here,” Leonard replies to both Jim and the family member they’re talking to.
  • Jim dances with Joanna for a while, too. They don’t lie about their relationship to her. Instead, Jim says he’s a friend who’s only just discovering how great her daddy is. Because that’s the truth. There’s so much more to Leonard than that drunken miserable pile who walked in earlier. And when Jim returns to the bar, Leonard joins so they can talk more. Joanna sits at the bar next to them, quietly drawing or playing her game boy while sipping on an alcohol-free mocktail Jim has made for her. It’s just different kinds of fruit juices and sodas, but she loves it. Loves especially the tiny umbrella and pieces of fruit in it.
  • Surprisingly, Leonard stays almost to the very end of the night. Hes gone for a few minutes when Joanna leaves with her uncle and aunt, but he’s back for another drink and Jim’s company - something Jim’s happy to give him. “Hey,” Leonard says, when the others start cleaning up and it’s definitely time to leave, “I had a great time. I just wanted to thank you.” “Oh, that’s no problem,” Jim shrugs it off casually. “I’m serious. I know this was all pretend, but if you ever want to recreate some of those dates you told my family about-” Jim laughs at that, walking around the bar to face Leonard properly. “How about instead of those stories, we make a few of our own?” Jim suggests, reaching out for Leonard’s phone to put his own number in it. “When are you free?” Leonard asks. “This week?” “Or tonight,” Leonard says, “I noticed you haven’t eaten, and I know a great burger joint-” “Burgers,” Jim says, “I’m sold.” He smiles when Leonard leans in for another kiss. It definitely feels more genuine each time it happens. Which, probably, has been happening more than necessary this night. “Burgers and handsome company,” Leonard corrects him, and Jim laughs, again. “Very.”
all life is strange ship prompts

Most of these prompts I’ve basically discarded or they’ve already been written, but I have many prompt ideas so here’s small little ideas for you guys (Sorry, I’m Pricefield trash so there’s a ton of those, but please send me your story so I can read them if you do use one of these ideas please because I like reading new life is strange fanfics):

- “We experimented over wine-tasting sessions as kids, but now we’re adults meeting each other for the first time in five years and oh my god is that sexual tension between us?”
- “I’m terrified of men because of something that happened in the past, and Rachel and Chloe are trying to make me feel comfortable with Warren but I’m slowly realizing that it’s not Warren that my eyes have been focused on.”
- “Warren keeps asking me to the drive-in so I asked my best friend Chloe for advice, so now we’re fake dating but I think I’m really getting used to this idea.”
- “This punk girl keeps on coming to the homeless shelter at the same time each week purchasing a shit ton of water bottles, canned chili, and loaves of bread with money that comes from God-knows-where but holy shit, she’s actually royalty whose parents are trying to keep her name under wraps.”
- “I recited one of my poems at a poetry slam about my childhood best friend, turns out she was there listening to my every word and now I’m humiliated.”
- “I dared Max to kiss me, but her nose started bleeding and I can tell she’s rewinded more than once and she just told me not to pull back because apparently, that’s what’s going to happen.”
- “Max and I are at her Seattle home, and I just discovered a treehouse her Dad built for her. I’m sorry, Ryan, I’m using this opportunity alone with your daughter to try and seduce her.”

- “One of the pieces you played on the violin is something I recognized, and you anonymously (even though I know it was you) slid a tape under the door of that piece on Valentines day.”
- “It started raining on our tea date, so we ran inside the cafe with our clothes dripping wet but wow, Kate, you’re so cute with your hair pulled out of the bun.”
- “Max has been taking photos for the children’s book I’m writing and one of the photos she took was of the sunset with a sweet quote on it and I think I’m blushing.”
- “We decided to skip class, and we went to the park with Alice in the middle of the day and wow, Max’s smile is so beautiful. Am I really thinking this?”
- “After Max saved me off that rooftop, all I’ve been thinking about is how much she’s supported me over the past month and a half she’s known me and according to google, I have a crush on Max.”

- “I’ve been talking to this girl online and turns out, she’s just like me and I’m starting to dig her. Turns out when I meet her, she’s one of the girls I personally resent.”
- “I ended up saving your ass from getting eaten by a crocodile while we’re camping but I still hate you. Okay, so maybe that’s not the case. What’s it to you?”
- “Even though you’re trouble, you still invited me to your celebration banquet after getting one of your photos in your parents gallery and we seem to get along just fine when we genuinely talk to each other. Wait, are you flirting with me now?”
- “We accidentally hooked up in the middle of a party involving a shit ton of alcohol and now I’m trying to figure out how to approach you about it. Turns out, you were pretty sober during the party and you weren’t exactly rejecting my advances.”
- “You were holding my arms while I rewinded to try and erase the argument we just had, but turns out my rewind power doesn’t work on you, and now you’re freaking out asking me what the fuck is going on but at least we’re on good terms now, right? I’m now this God-like person to you, and now you’re scared yet intrigued by me.”

- “So maybe the drive-in didn’t help us progress in our relationship, but we definitely managed to hook up after an experiment gone wrong.”
- “We’re graduating out of Blackwell Academy, and I didn’t expect to blush furiously and freeze onstage when you blew a kiss in my direction.”
- “I’m tutoring you in chemistry since you’re not doing too great in it, turns out there’s only one type of chemistry you’re interested in.”
- “I fell asleep in your dorm room during a movie marathon of Harry Potter, and I woke up to you staring at me affectionately and I’m 95% sure I’m drooling.”
- “You convinced me to head to Comic Con with you, but you’re the only one cosplaying while I’m taking a ton of pictures of your nerdy self. I think this side of you is kind of cute.”

- “I ended up blackmailing Victoria after she pulled some shit on my best friend Max, so now she’s willing to do anything I say. And I mean anything.”
- “It’s prom night, and since Nathan hates prom, I’m stuck with the single group of people which includes Chloe in a tux and wow is it getting hot in here?”
- “Stop bothering me by coming up to my dorm room and knocking on it. Oh wait, you’re actually dropping off flowers this time?”
- “Nathan, I know this is gonna sound weird but I think the blue haired girl I keep on seeing around Blackwell putting up those Rachel Amber posters is really hot. How do I approach her?”
- “Chloe keeps on pranking me, turns out she doesn’t know how to express her feelings towards me.”

- “At the lighthouse, I was thinking about ending my life when you came up behind me and started a conversation with me about something stupid, but you fucking saved my life.”
- “We nearly got busted for smoking pot in the parking lot of a restaurant, but it’s okay because we were making out the majority of the time so that’s partly why I didn’t notice.”
- “After getting really high together, both of us almost got hit by a car when we realized it was parked and now we’re making out against said car.”
- “We’re at a party together playing truth or dare and someone just dared me to kiss you but wow, that’s not going to be the first time I’m going to kiss you.”
- “Both of us end up in Los Angeles, and I’m not sure what is going on but I think you’ve been more touchy-feely this trip than throughout our entire friendship.”

Caulscott (Max/Nathan):

- “I’m starting to get obsessed with this version of you because you’re changing from snoopy nerd into this untouchable badass within this entire week.”
- “After you overheard of my situation with Mr. Jefferson on accident, you secretly called the police and arrested him and I’ve never felt so relieved and happy in my life.”
- “You visited me in the hospital and gave me a hug, and instead my heart is going out to you because you really do seem to care even though I give you so much shit in school.”
- “Max has been reluctantly taking care of me while I’ve been sick since Victoria can’t do it because she’s been out of town visiting family, but she’s been so sweet to me so I don’t mind the arrangement.”
- “I recognized Nathan at the aquarium spending the majority of the time with the whales, and there was this big cheesy smile on his face that immediately grabbed my attention. Now that I’m noticing it, this is my first time seeing Nathan smile…and it’s nice.”

- “Victoria keeps telling me to find a girlfriend, but is she not getting the fact that I want to date her instead? Sheesh.”
- “Both of us don’t ever bring up about how we discussed marrying each other in middle school until we both got really high together and ended up talking about that.”
- “My Dad mistakes Victoria for my girlfriend, and when she vehemently denies, for some reason, I feel upset over it and correct her surprising Victoria and myself.”
- “We’re playing Laser Tag together one night but you kissed me out of nowhere in the middle of the game, and what the fuck is our relationship now? Are we best friends? Lovers?”
- “When she asked what my type was, I accidentally made it obvious that she was my type and now she’s giving me a funny look but it doesn’t seem to be a bad look either.”

Grahamscott (Nathan/Warren):
- “You were in the locker room getting dressed, and WOW I just noticed your six pack. Why am I thinking so much over this?”
- “You’ve changed from nerdy boy to hardass, and for some reason, that’s my type? I think I’m starting to get curious about you now.”
- “We ran into each other in a gay bar, and I’ve never seen both of us look so ashamed and embarrassed in my life.”
- “I ended up in the hospital due to a really bad car accident, and you were the first person I woke up to. Apparently you slept by my bedside and didn’t leave my side once.”
- “I’ve been talking to him on grindr, but he doesn’t know that I have a crush on him. Yet.”

Hellalujah (Kate/Chloe):
- “You came up to me on campus and invited me to your Church group. Instead of being interested in that, now I’m interested in you.”
- “Alice seemed to have gotten out again and it’s raining, but the only person whose around to help is me. You’ve been coming over everyday after school after discovering I’m sick because of that to make me soup and cheer me up whoops did I mention I’m starting to have feelings for you?”
- “You’re the type of person I want to be: Free to make any decision I want, and finally I’m given that opportunity when you and I decide to smoke weed together in private and now I’m feeling pretty good about everything and you.”
- “I’m in cultural anthropology and we’re in a heated discussion about opposites attracting, yet you’re telling me they don’t but I’m going to prove to you they do.”

- “Chloe tried to make Max breakfast since it’s her birthday and Chloe totally fucked up and burnt all the food so now we’re eating burnt toast but it’s whatever, we love Chloe anyway.”
- “I just walked in on Chloe and Rachel hooking up which got awkward really fast, and I told them to continue and I guess I joined in.”
- “We’re roadtripping but Chloe gets lost and we end up staying the night in a cabin since we’re nearby a campsite when I confess that I’ve never been kissed and both girls end up fighting over kissing me.”
- “We’re at a Halsey concert and they’re playing our song whenever both of us realize how Max is more than ready for the mosh pit.”


- “We decided to go food shopping, and Chloe keeps on throwing junk food into the basket but Kate keeps on putting the junk food back in when Max isn’t looking.”
- “Both me and Max come out to Kate about our relationship when she admits that she’s always been a little bicurious herself. A joke about that quickly turns serious.”
- “I just took down Kate’s viral video by going into Victoria’s youtube account, and turns out after watching it, Kate kissed a wasted Chloe. But Kate ends up being so relieved she kisses me too? So now she’s held responsible for both of us.”
- “Max brought us to the zoo and she’s torn between me wanting to see the insect exhibit and Kate wanting to stay where she is because Kate really dislikes insects so Max decides to compensate for the entire party by coming up with an idea all of us will enjoy.”


- “As a kid, I used to hate beans but whatever these beans are, they’ve gotten me addicted to beans and now my nickname is Frank-N-Beans.”

not a problem, just a challenge

rating: t

a/n: written for @rebelcaptainprompts: temptation! the title is from a musical because i’m very predictable (kudos to you if you know which one!!) . i hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!


Jyn looks…well, uncomfortable is the first word that comes to mind when Cassian watches her pull the door to his hotel room open in her fitted evening gown. Beyond that, she looks great. Amazing. Incredible, even. The emerald green satin complements her eyes — currently narrowed in annoyance — and hugs the curve of her waist, normally hidden by her bulky Alliance-issue shirt and jacket. Cassian resits the urge to fit a hand at the small of her back as she wobbles past him to the table full of weapons they’re meant to conceal for tonight’s mission.

Tonight, they’re guests at a reception for a senator on Coruscant, just back from a stint on the outer rim, doing “charity work”. Draven suspects charity might have more to do with the Empire than the senate’s letting on. So, Cassian’s playing a Festian dignitary escorting a visiting colleague on a tour of the core worlds.

“I can’t walk in these kriffing things,” Jyn says, bracing herself on the back of a chair. “And my dress is too tight to hide a handkerchief, let alone my blaster.” She grabs at her gun and frowns, holding it to her waist. “See?”

“That’s not where your blaster goes” Cassian replies smoothly.


Cassian’s done his share of spy work with a multitude of partners and informants. He’s done this before, cloaking ability and danger with the trimmings of wealth, but Jyn probably hasn’. He points to the holster beside her blaster. “That’s where it goes.”

“How’s that?”

“It’s a thigh holster. Like a garter.” Soon as the words come out, Cassian’s wishing he’d picked any other analogy. The image of Jyn in garters short circuits every nerve in his body — mission? What mission? For a minute, there’s no Empire. No Alliance. Just Jyn, all pale thighs and dark lace.

But then she’s cursing and everything comes back.

Cassian shakes his head. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t get this thing on,” she grumbles, shooting daggers at the blaster in her hand. “It won’t stay.”

“Do you need help?” he asks, hoping that she’ll say no.

Jyn nods, brows raised as if to say well, duh. A sound escapes the back of Cassian’s throat of its own volition and she offers a helpful, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. Just…lift the hem of your dress and let me.”

She hums, grasping the bottom of her dress and lifting it nearly to her waist. Lucky for him, she’s wearing a sort of body suit for extra protection — Cassian’s got a matching one under his tuxedo — that just skims her thighs. Still, it’s more of Jyn than he’s used to seeing.

He kneels beside her and takes a deep breath. 

Taking her blaster, Cassian slides it into the holster, trying his hardest to ignore the warmth of Jyn’s bare skin at his fingertips. It clicks into place like nothing and a thought runs through his head: why couldn’t she get this herself?

He’s about to ask when there’s a sharp tug at his tie and he’s suddenly nose to nose with Jyn.

“What — ?”

“You think I don’t know how a kriffing holster works?” Jyn breathes. She’s so close he can feel the words on his own lips. “I’m not an idiot.” When Cassian tilts his head down, he sees she’s smiling, hand still fisted around his tie. “Maybe,” she adds, angling her head to the side so their lips almost touch, “I’m better at this espionage thing than you thought.”

Jyn closes the space between them and Cassian lets out a useless groan. When she pulls away, he shakes his head, eyes falling closed. “If you wanted to kiss me, you could’ve just asked.”

“And what fun would that be?” Jyn finally lets his tie go and smooths down her gown where it’s bunched around her waist. 

Cassian stands, a smile working its way across his face. He turns to check one last thing on the datapad, but Jyn clears her throat in that indignant way he’s grown so accustomed to. “I still can’t walk in these things,” she says, holding an arm out. 

He laughs, taking her hand. She teeters on her heels a little and, this time, Cassian does steady her with a hand at her back. Jyn hums something in approval. 

“You’re right,” Cassian says, helping her towards the door. They need to be downstairs…well, three minutes ago, actually. Then again, when are elites ever on time?

“About?” she asks, concentrating on not stepping on the hem of her dress.

“Being a good spy.” He unlocks the door and holds it open, letting Jyn grab his arm once they’re both in the hallway. “You certainly keep me on my toes.” 

When she flashes him a grin, Cassian wants to kiss it off of her. Later, maybe. Hopefully. Definitely. That is, if he can get through the whole night without an inspection of her holster. Just to be sure it’s still secure. 

(They wind up in a coat closet two hours later, having safely extracted information from their mark. Jyn shimmies out of her dress and starts to undo the clasps keeping her blaster safe. 

“Keep it on,” Cassian whispers, a mischievous glint in his eye. “After all, it was a lot of work to get fastened in the first place.”)

How to Deal with Park Chanyeol

Summary: In which Kyungsoo makes a list of all the different methods he tries to deal with Park Chanyeol.

Note: So, I love exosexo, right. (She’s my literal favorite, one of the reasons I plucked the courage to make this blog) and she uploaded a “How to Deal with Park Chanyeol Trailer” yesterday and I felt inspired to write something based of it. I hope you will all enjoy!

Credit:  exosexo
Video: How to Deal with Park Chanyeol Trailer

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images/videos used. 

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Originally posted by drugnamedexo

1. Ignore him

Kyungsoo closed his eyes tightly shut as his head rests in the crook of his own arm that lay against the table. With each call of his name, his teeth sunk deeper into his lower lip, he had to stop himself with the metallic taste of his own blood flooded into his tongue. It was days like this that he literally considered killing Park Chanyeol.

“I’m going to stop bugging until you respond to me~”

Kyungsoo could practically hear the smirk Chanyeol was wearing from the words he spoke. It was so unbelievable he could just punch him… though he promised Junmyeon he wouldn’t fight, and that’d he’d try with everything in him to just get along with-

“Kyungsoo- ah~”  

“What?” Kyungsoo jumped up, his voice uncontrollably snappy as his fist banged against the table in annoyance. His large, fiery eyes landed on Chanyeol’s smug face as he said, “Hi.”

Then, Chanyeol stood up and left, laughing as he went.

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by ignoring him

2. Kill him

If Kyungsoo wanted to murder Chanyeol, he could probably do it. An accidental slip of a knife to the heart while he’s cooking, or incidentally leaning on something that could fall and crush Chanyeol to pieces - no, actually that would never work, his ego was too big for anything to crush it.

Kyungsoo watched Chanyeol in the corner of his eye, observing the way Chanyeol was smirking to a reflection of himself in the mirror as he ran his long fingers through his freshly cut brown hair. In a certain light, he almost looked attractive, that was until Kyungsoo realised he was slowly starting to lose his mind. Chanyeol’s always talking about how handsome he is, maybe Kyungsoo has heard it so many times he’s starting to believe it.

The thought made him want to kill the idiot even more.

Though even though it was idealistic, it wasn’t practical - and spending God knows how many years in prison was not worth it for the sake of Chanyeol.

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by killing him.

3. Tell him to “fuck off”

A photo shoot should be easy. Compared to dance routines and performing live, it should maintain a low stress level for any normal idol group. But of course, EXO isn’t a normal idol group, especially when it includes Park Chanyeol.

Every time the idiot insists on opening his stupid mouth, the words that escape are either bigging up himself or stomping someone else down and Kyungsoo is sick of it.

He’d distanced himself from the others, seeking a moment of peace and quiet outside the studio to let himself take a second to breath, that was until Chanyeol’s voice tore his final nerve.

“What are you doing out here, it’s cold -”

“Chanyeol, fuck off!”

Kyungsoo looked back at the other male, who had a big, kicked- puppy expression on his face. The expression passed as soon as it appeared though, and his smirk was soon riding back on his lips.

“Fuck off? Right now? Are you sure, there’s a lot of people around, Soo, I wouldn’t want us to get caught. Nice to know you think of me like that though -  and that you’re into doing it in public, I’ll consider that in mind for future reference.”

Kyungsoo wished he’d have used his last option by killing him.

Because you cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by telling him to fuck off.

4. Kick him

The fourth attempt of dealing with Park Chanyeol is kicking him. Though even that was also proven completely ineffective.

“Didn’t the photo shoot pictures come out great? I knew I looked amazing, Kyungsoo- ah even said he wanted to fu-”

Kyungsoo struck his foot under the table and slammed his foot into Chanyeol’s leg.

“Ah~ you want to play a romantic game of footsie under the table now? You’re so cute~ See, I have an admirer everyone.”

As Kyungsoo seethed in anger, he realised that:

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by kicking him.

5. Ask Baekhyun for help

Kyungsoo thought it would be a good idea to take his frustrations to his trusted friend Baekhyun. The two sat in Baekhyun’s room, the two of them venting about how irrational and annoying their band mate was.

“He said, ‘be grateful I gave you the cup’” Baekhyun ended his story about the time Chanyeol had told him to get himself a nonexistent cup of tea.

“I will kill him for free!” Kyungsoo raged in response, throwing a pillow from the sofa beside him onto the floor, some sadistic thought in his mind imagining it was Chanyeol’s head.

“Worst comes to worse you could break his heart, since you’re apparently so infatuated with him. You know, he talks about you a lot these days.” Baekhyun mentioned, as if he was slowly trying to break something to Kyungsoo.

“Yah! Be thankful he’s not talking about himself for once.” Kyungsoo spat as Baekhyun smirked - somehow it was worse than Chanyeol’s, or maybe it was the words that went with it;

“Maybe he’s starting to like you as much as he likes himself, Soo.”

And that’s how Baekhyun became number 2 on Kyungsoo’s hit list.

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by asking Byun Baekhyun for help.

6. Never ask Baekhyun for help

Kyungsoo decided to repeat this fact twice on his list, because seeing the smirks Baekhyun now gives him from across the room painfully reminds him that he needs to get better friends.

You can DEFINATELY not deal with Park Chanyeol by asking Byun Baekhyun for help.

7. Stay with him

It wasn’t until this pivotal moment that Kyungsoo eradicated the idea of killing Chanyeol. It seemed that despite his self-loving exterior, there is a human and emotions in him somewhere, something Kyungsoo found out while it was just the two of them in the dorm when everyone else went out.

“Kyungsoo, I thought you and the others all went out.”

Chanyeol looked startled, like a deer in headlights, and it was the first time that Kyungsoo had seen him in such a tearful state. Kyungsoo never did find out what Chanyeol was upset about, but he did learn that to shit with Chanyeol’s head in the crook of his neck as he seeks support in someone with such a vulnerable state is more satisfying than it should be.

You can start to deal with Park Chanyeol by staying with him.

8. Talk to him

After that day Kyungsoo had found Chanyeol crying, it seemed as though Chanyeol was more of a person than Kyungsoo had ever imagined than a demon from hell who purely existed to torture him on a daily basis.

Even though the other members teased them, befriending Chanyeol seemed much easier than Kyungsoo had ever found it. By talking - even about the most insignificant things at 3am, you find that Chanyeol isn’t always cocky, it’s always obnoxious - in fact, he may even be a little insecure, under the thick layers of false senses of confidence.

“Do you want some help cooking Kyungsoo?” Chanyeol asked from the counter he just sat himself down on.

“No, stay out the way, you’re practically a walking hazard.” Kyungsoo reminded him as he moved the pan onto the hob.

“Alright, I’ll just admire you from afar, then.”

You can deal with Park Chanyeol slightly more by talking to him.

9. Understand him

Kyungsoo found himself lay on his back in Chanyeol’s bed beside him, both of them looking up at the ceiling at they talked. They’d been like this for hours, palm to palm and talking as if there was no limit on time. Talking to Chanyeol means you can understand him, and understanding him leads to so much more.

“Do you think I’m a pain in the ass too?” Chanyeol asked, smiling, as if he already knew the answer Kyungsoo would give him.

“Yes, more than anyone else I’ve ever met.”

“Oh Kyungsoo-ah, you won’t know pain in the ass until I give it to you.”

Kyungsoo turned his head to see Chanyeol grinning at the ceiling, his cheeks flushing red like a teenager confessing their crush. Chanyeol flicked his head to look at Kyungsoo too.

They stayed looking at each other for a long moment, and it wasn’t until Kyungsoo’s lips were sealed with Chanyeol’s that he realised;

You can deal with Park Chanyeol by understanding him.

10. Love him

Despite knowing smirks and teasing comments, it’s the perfect life dealing with Park Chanyeol. Kyungsoo is happier than ever before as he writes his final stage for dealing with Park Chanyeol, putting his list to a final close.

You can happily deal with Park Chanyeol by loving him.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'd like to request a thing for the RFA+V and Saeran. Can you make a reaction of them visiting Mc's & Jaehee's cafe and MC makes a down right dirty flirt to Jaehee that can only be looked at as raving romantic feelings. Jaehee just brushes it off and isn't even phased by it and thinks MC is just being friendly. (PS I love your blog I just scrolled through all of it it's wonderful)

This is a great request! I didn’t think I would enjoy Jaehee’s route but I found it surprisingly fun and pretty emotional. I also had a great time writing this request but I have no idea how to flirt so I looked a lot of pick-up lines up and made them little NSFW just so you know! I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • This poor boy walks into yours and Jaehee’s cafe right before it closes
  • You’re trying, yet again, to get Jaehee to notice your feelings for her
  • Yoosung orders his usual hot drink and sips it as he watches you and Jaehee talk
  • “You know Jaehee I’m getting hungry, why don’t I eat you up?”
  • Yoosung spits his drink out and becomes bright red because omg did he hear you right?
  • But Jaehee just smiles and tells you that you can just grab any pastry you want and it’d be her treat since the two of you are best friends she’s got you covered
  • Yoosung is still recovering from shock and once you leave, he whispers
  • “Jaehee, I think MC meant she wanted to eat… your um… female part…”
  • She’s S H O O K
  • Once you come back, Jaehee grabs your hand telling you that you need to go with her to her bedroom now and asks Yoosung to close up the cafe
  • Yoosung stands there, still blushing and takes a broom and starts sweeping as he starts to hear moans


  • You invited Zen over to the cafe to try and give you some new pick-up lines to try on Jaehee
  • Zen highkey really wants you two to be together so he’s happy to help
  • He watches as you and Jaehee say goodbye to the last customer for the night
  • Jaehee sighs and complains about her feet being tired
  • You and Zen nodded to each other, turning to face her you said
  • “Well if you’re tired Jaehee, you could always sit on my face.”
  • She just giggles and says that she’ll just sit down on a chair
  • Zen can’t believe Jaehee and once you walk away feeling defeated, he goes over to Jaehee
  • He tells her that you have romantic feelings for her and that you were just flirting hardcore with her
  • Jaehee finally gets it and excuses herself from Zen to go talk to you
  • She whispers something to you and your eyes go wide as she leads you her car
  • You give Zen a thumbs up and he smiles back, feeling happy that you two are finally together, even if he is a little bit jealous


  • Jumin usually didn’t like going to yours and Jaehee’s cafe but he made an exception once you insisted that he come by
  • Once there, you took Jumin’s order and swiftly got his drink
  • He sits there and asks if you and Jaehee advanced your relationship any further
  • You sigh and say no that she still just saw you as a friend
  • Jumin tells you to give up since Jaehee has always been stubborn so you two would probably never date
  • You huff and walk straight over to Jaehee and making sure Jumin can hear, you tell her
  • “I bet you taste sweeter than sugar Jaehee, mind if I check?”
  • Jumin’s mouth is hung open, completely shocked at what you just said
  • But Jaehee just says that she probably doesn’t taste like anything and calls you silly for saying something like that
  • Jumin stands up and walks over to her telling her that you love her
  • Jaehee thinks that he joking at first but your blush from embarassment proves otherwise
  • She quickly says goodbye to Jumin as Jaehee leads you to the back of the kitchen
  • Jumim smirks, silently praising himself for finally doing something nice for Jaehee


  • You had told Seven that today was going to be the day that you would confess your feelings for Jaehee and you wanted him there for support
  • Seven shipped you and Jaehee hardcore so he excitedly agreed
  • When he got there, Seven noticed how nervous you looked and asked what was wrong
  • You told him that you didn’t know exactly how to confess your feelings to Jaehee so you were getting anxious
  • Seven pulled you aside and told you what to tell her, your face went red from what he said but you agreed
  • You walked over to Jaehee and grabbed her arms asking
  • “Jaehee, I seemed to have lost my panties, do you mind if I borrow yours?”
  • She blinks a couple of times in confusion and asks you how in the world could you lose your panties?
  • Seven wants to scream to Jaehee that you like her but he plays it cool and tells Jaehee to think about what you said
  • It takes her a minute but once Jaehee realizes what you meant, she is BRIGHT red
  • You smile as you tells you that she’ll drive you home and quickly takes you to her car
  • Before the two of you leave, Seven unzips his hoodie, showing his shirt that says ‘MC and Jaehee are My OTP’ as he keeps shouting


  • V’s basically the dad of the RFA so he knows all about your feelings for Jaehee
  • You invite him to come to yours and Jaehee’s cafe to get some advice from him
  • You set V’s drink down and sit down yourself across from him and sigh telling him how you want to confess to Jaehee your feelings but you just don’t know how
  • V smiles gently and tells you to just let her know how you really feel about her then surely your feelings will get to her
  • With V’s advice, you stand up and excitedly walk over to Jaehee, grabbing her shoulders, you say
  • “Jaehee, I want to touch you all over and you to touch me. Let’s stay together forever.”
  • V almost spills his drink when he hears what you say like what?
  • He watches anxiously as you both await Jaehee’s response but of course she just tells you that she bumps into you all of the time and touches you then
  • Your shoulders slump and you sigh feeling defeated but V comes up behind you and simply tells Jaehee that you love her, you just didn’t know how to express your feelings
  • Jaehee smiles and intertwines her hand with yours and says that she’s more than willing to try a relationship with you  
  • V smiles, feeling genuinely happy for the two of you


  • Saeran loves visiting yours and Jaehee’s cafe since neither one of you ever judge him about his past
  • Plus the two of you make killer drinks so it’s a win-win situation for him
  • One day when he visits, Saeran notices you look a little down and keep staring at Jaehee
  • When you give him his drink, he asks what’s wrong
  • You tell him that you want to be more than friends with Jaehee but you don’t think she likes you in that way
  • Saeran tells you to go over to her and wait since he has a plan
  • You’re willing to try anything at this point so you do as he told you, walking straight over to Jaehee
  • Before you can do anything, Saeran gives you a push and your lips crash onto Jaehee’s lips
  • Saeran smirks at his work as the two of you become blushing messes
  • You finally have the courage and tell Jaehee that you love her
  • Jaehee is taken aback at first but smiles and tells you that she’s secretly felt the same way for a while now
  • The two of you thank Saeran and walk up to her bedroom
  • Saeran grabs a bunch of pastries from the display case and figures that he’s earned them seeing as the RFA finally had an official couple now
PJO Fic Recs #1


Married by @bananannabeth

cute fluffly piece that is downright adorable

I Only Want What I Can’t Have by cosmicenergy

How Percy had managed to find himself hiding in one of the most highly guarded museums in the dead of night was beyond him. Aside from the looming possibility that they were ultimately going to fail, he had a surprising amount confidence that things might actually turn out fine.

Untitled by @lilypxtter

it’s a soulmates!au and its so beautiful 

Manhattan by pipermclean

“You can have Manhattan, the one we used to share…The one where we were laughing, drunk on just being there…” Annabeth gets a job offer in Athens, but Percy wants her to stay with him, in Manhattan. But, sadly, people don’t always get what they want.

Neverland by @halfbloodholidays

Three months before his sixteenth birthday, Percy Jackson reads the prophecy that foretells his death. Scared and with nowhere to go, he drags best friend Grover on a road trip across the states looking for solace. As they get lost in America, Percy discovers himself again in friendship, a quietly building love (for the world and a girl), and a journey he’ll never forget.

Just Pack Up the Stars by @maydayparade8123

Annabeth works at a Sprint store in Orlando. She usually assists the careless, young adults who drop their phones at Disney. Percy is no exception.

To Build A Home by @bananannabeth

He rubbed slow circles on her back and murmured sweet nothings into her hair. “I’m sorry,” he kept saying, over and over. “I’m so sorry.”
“Why are you apologizing to me?” she croaked. “You’re the one who’s -”
“Dying,” he finished for her. “I’m dying, and that’s why I’m sorry.” 

a speck of light can reignite the sun (and swallow darkness whole) by cosmicenergy

At seventeen, Percy never assumed that his life would be consumed of anything other than swimming and late night study sessions locked in his room. However, his entire view changes once the world seems to turn against the human race and disease, famine, and chaos engulf the country. But Percy’s not one to give up so easily, and apparently neither is the blonde girl he teams up with. So when the opportunity survive announces itself to Percy and Annabeth, they don’t hesitate to take it.

You’re My Number One by cosmicenergy

He greeted her with a smile, one that spread across his face and reached all the way up into his eyes. And she had to admit, begrudgingly, that he was pretty cute.


The story in which Annabeth and Percy fall in love in a senior year history class.

two am by fruitwhirl 

After a snowstorm makes her flight run late, Annabeth, without a way home, is stuck at an airport at two am.

Vivid by @emilyvidosa

Percy is two when he first learns what a ‘color’ is, and although a whole lot more time passes before he sees one, he gets there eventually, and it’s just as amazing as he’d always hoped.


New Perspective by roses504

Piper McLean is the princess, and soon to be ruler, of the country Lehpid. But when King Jupiter from the country Snathe calls war on her father over an eleven year long rivalry, Piper takes it upon herself to solve it.

Okay so this is the coolest royalty au ever and you should all go take the time to thank ijeoma for writing this beautiful story

Untitled by thestoriesoftheseven / @son-of-rome

Amazing punk!piper & nerd!jason au


Untitled by kingburu

fake boyfriends!!!!


The Sandwich Thief by boombashkas

Someone at work has started stealing Jason’s lunch every day.

And leaving stupid letters behind in its place.


With the Lights Off by nikkiRA

From: Jason
(9:33) Haven’t heard from you in a while. Is everything ok?

To: Jason
(9:36) Demeter is here and I have to pretend to be straight, the power has gone out, and Hazel has just suggested we play Disney Monopoly, which we have for some reason. So what do you think?

Will goes to meet Nico’s father, and it doesn’t exactly turn out the way they had planned.

5 Times Will Hated Winter + 1 Time He Didn’t by @omfg-otp

Will hated winter. Okay, 'hated’ might be over exaggerating it a bit; maybe ‘was mildly inconvenienced by’ would be better suited. Will was mildly inconvenienced by winter, and it was starting to annoy him.


No Angels, No Demons by crystallines

Ethan could have set fire to the world. But he finds himself again, and, despite a canyon of silence stretching between them, he finds his way back to Luke, too.

drop dead amazing coffee shop au

Thirteen Hours by crystallines

“When we win, when all the fires die down, I want you standing by us. I want to share our glory with you.”


Kiss a Boy in Tokyo Town by antistar_e (kaikamahine)

You know what they say, Percy Jackson. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of hell.


Us by pipermclean

He bit down harder on his lip, trying not to think about how rosy Leo’s cheeks were, or how his hair glowed like a halo in the light of the lamp, and how just the sight of Leo lying on his bed was enough to make him shiver.

Jason was wrecked, honestly. Apparently, he’s not as straight as he thought he was.

Awake by pipermclean

Even though Leo’s tired and Piper just won’t let him go to sleep, he’s never been more awake as to how he really feels.

Give and Take by Caughtbythelight

She gives her touch some pressure against him, and there are the two questions again. NSFW


I Want to Say I Love You by pipermclean

Before myths and monsters and blond boys that swept pretty girls off of their feet, it was just 'us’.

First by Caughtbythelight

“So…what happens when we do kiss girls?” Jason says after a minute, not meeting Leo’s gaze, “What if they’re all…skilled and stuff, and they think we suck?” or Jason and Leo figuring things out.

Meet Me Beneath the Christmas Tree by pipermclean

It’s Christmas day, and Leo is spending it exactly opposite of where he pictured himself to be - serving food to grumps in an old folk’s home. This year, things seem pretty bleak, but he still finds joy in a few things - namely his friend Piper and his not-so-subtle crush and coworker, Jason Grace. Oh, and the fact that Drew Tanaka had to kiss an old guy under some mistletoe.

Shtpost #2


EXO is currently taking over my life. 

(i hear distant groans of agreement don’t lie i know we all are being dominated by a particular south korean family that sing and dance and do crazy stuff)

I wake up and the first thing I instinctively do is literally open my phone (no lie) and go on Instagram and search up chanbaek crap (hands up if you follow chanbaek_sister or chanbaek_idclub ayyyyy) because I am that fking deprived of EXO and also because international fan sTrugGLEs. 

Oh, i also heard rion (the ‘fan’ of suho who is always making him feel uncomfortable and exos disgsuted bc she did unspeakable things while obsessing over junmyeon) attended the manila concert.. yikes (i dont want this post to be negative so let’s just stop here and wish for. suho’s well-being) and then something else like an anti (i’m not going to spread names) bringing plush penguin toys to the concert and stuffing rocks inside them with the intention of throwing them at exo??? like, you’re just become absolutely petty and rude and dumb and i kind of want to laugh at these ‘fans’ bc they’re so… immature and sad (but hey, to everyone reading this, bts and exo and in fact, all kpop groups, are close-knit friends. they know what it’s like to have to practice for crap all day and they respect each other. i just want everyone to be positive and love because that’s how. we can end these disputes. i hate having to see ‘armys are just petty 13 y/o babies hating on exo’ or ‘exols are so loud and annoying don’t they get tired of screaming’ crap all the time on my feed. it wasn’t like this before. and we were a family once, we can be a family again. it’s not that hard. 



Who wouldn’t like these two beautiful beans?

Chanyeol loves Baekhyun so much that Baekhyun loves him back I-

And did anyone else notice that for their special stage Baekhyun and Chanyeol had MATCHING BRACELETS????!!!!?!?! I had to rewatch the stage because of a chanbaek fanvid (yes, that’s how I found most of my moments despite being a 2015-current fan) and I literally had to pause,

sit back,

look again,

lean closer,

and just:

me: bish what?

like, hello?

*asian voice* what, the hell?

okay please please please tell me they went on a little secret “boyfriends-that-do-a-lot-of-romantic-stuff-but-it-isn’t-platonic-or-anything” nights’ out and got each other bracelets like the ones in scarlet heart ryeo shkhsdkufhjh i love how they’re so intimate and lovely with each other *insert guttural noises*

another thing i realized is whenever baekhyun smiles or does something, chanyeol always seems to feel it and just copy his (boyfriend’s) best friend bandmate’s actions i stg they’re sOULMATES~~~

also, i’ve noticed that baekhyun’s movements are always so soft and gentle but if you notice, during concerts he’d always go the extra mile and have the perfect facial expression, hand gestures, everything, so that he’d look smooth af (probs why some call him daddy…(please don’t)) so when he’s standing beside this giant of a dork, aka the endorser of masks, baek always seems to small and cy always needs to protect him (although they probably hit each other and play lol all weekend)

i mean, just look:

you have their ridiculously weird side…

you also have their romantic yet fluffy side


but then you get this “???” aka “error 404?”

pcy…your hands. hands. hands to yourself, please. ( although i’m lowkey wishing that they had more skinship ;-;)

pcy where are your HANDS!! keep the awards pg-13 please!

(but baekhyun smirked so i actually have no idea what they are anymore hahahaha)

yeah so that was my rant because i just realized how. much i. love . exo . and chanyeol and baekhyun and exo in general like SEHUN, the baby that has a lot of respect, XIUMIN, the kind-hearted hyung who loves everyone and just wants to make everyone get comfortable, SUHO, the leader who never gives up and always laughs because he loves his members so much, KAI, the hardworking second maknae with the most contagious laugh ever (personal opinion), CHEN, the lowkey most observant vocal range god that everyone loves, LAY, the one who is selfless, innocent, and willing to try new things, D.O., our precious squishy bean who has the smoothest voice and the chillest attitude. EXO is such an important part of my life that I almost wish that I had never met them (it’s a good thing to think, almost like when the water is so cold it numbs you and you think it feels hot) 

So, kudos to all the exo fans who supported exo and stayed together no matter what happened because it’s only thanks to. you that i can be so blessed like this. love ya~

To Last Forever.

(A/N: not requested.)
~ Y/N = Your name.
~ C/N = [Your] Crush’s name.
~ E/C = Eye color.
~ H/C = Hair color.
~ … = Time skip.

You cannot wait to walk home today. You exit the doors of your large school, and are immediately enveloped in the sun’s welcoming rays. Spring had just begun. The blossoming buds on the trees are perfectly accompanied by the chatter or birds and the faintest breeze.

You usually walk home alone, but the springtime is different. The mild winds and warm weather always lure people out of their homes. Countless people go on walks and enjoy the outdoors during the span of time you’re outside after school, making you feel a little less isolated on your solo walk home.

You look up to behold the bluest sky you had seen in months. A scattered cloud here and there tied the whole scene together. It was perfect, and nothing could make it better. Well, except…


You stop in your tracks.

“Y/N! Wait up!”

There is no way. Did you forget something? Did someone follow you to return your bag? A textbook? Did you drop something?

You turn around.

Your heart flutters. You see C/N, slowing down his pace and coming to a not-so-graceful stop in front of you. He attempts to catch his breath and explain his sudden sprint, but realizes his untidy appearance has you a bit startled.

His H/C hair was ruffled from his quick dash over to you, and the scattered winds didn’t help this impression. His clumsy halt allows a nervous laugh to escape him, and you shyly smile at the sound of it. He looked down, hiding his sudden bit of embarrassed laughter.

“Sorry, I…” he began, but was interrupted by his own shy laughter yet again. You start to laugh a little too. There was no way that he hadn’t caught his breath by now. Why can’t he speak?

He finally looked up. “Sorry to stop you. I was heading your direction, and saw you in the distance. I was about a minute or so of a walk behind you, but you looked lonely and I thought I could come walk with you,” he laughed, “if that’s alright with you.“

His E/C eyes radiated warmth in the sunlight, in a way that captivated you. You almost couldn’t look away. “It’s no problem at all. I’d love to have someone to walk with,” you smiled. God, his laugh was cute.

You and C/N start walking back in your original direction.

Walking in sync, you talk about school, upcoming tests, your personal lives, your mutual friends, and anything else the two of you could think of. You’d shared one or two classes with C/N, and you two became good friends through your shared friend group. Was it always this easy to talk to him?

“The chemistry test was difficult no doubt, but the hardest part was just focusing on the test in such an immature classroom,” you giggled.

You didn’t usually complain to others about your problems, but C/N has been fully attentive to your words ever since you two started talking. You felt like he was truly listening.

“How so?” he asked.

Your words went on and on, no longer organized in a way that he could keep up with. You talked about the pen-clickers and the foot-tappers and everyone who made the class distracting. C/N began to shyly smile. A soft pink blush danced across his face as you went on about these childish pet peeves of yours. You noticed your ramble had caused this, and had to look down in embarrassment.

“Oh no, I rambled a bit, I’m sorry,” you laughed, nervously.

“Not a problem at all,” he smiled. His harmonious laugh helped drown out your worries.

You smile. “…and don’t get me started on the couple in the back who skipped the class period to go make out. To think, they’ve only been dating for a week!”

“Are you serious?”

“I wish I wasn’t!”

You both laugh. In that instance, his beautiful smile warmed you far more than the sun ever could.

C/N’s bright smile dims for a second. His eyes search the ground, and soften.

“Y/N, how… do you feel about that topic?”

You pause, not fully understanding the question.

“You mean… chemistry…?” you ask, jokingly.

“No, not chemistry class. But I chemistry’s a fun way to put it…” he laughs.

“Are you talking about making out?” You laugh, “If you’re only walking with me to make out, I swear…”

“No…” his eyebrows furrow. You can tell he’s asking a genuine question now, so you set aside your joking tone.

“Then wha-”

“Relationships!” he cuts you off.

His sudden outburst startled you. Aware of the unnecessary scene he had made, he hushed his voice.

“Rushed relationships…” C/N chuckled, “how do you feel about them?”

As lighthearted and childlike as it was, the silly little topic of love caught you off guard.

Before you can respond, he begins to speak.

“I hate people who rush into relationships. They can be so easily bribed by initial attraction, and end up ruining such a beautiful opportunity with another person,” he says. His voice gradually becomes more passionate with every thought he voices. Your shared steps on the uneven sidewalk get bigger, then smaller, then bigger, stop completely, then continue. He walks with his eyes glued to the sidewalk, carefully wording every thought of his. He only looks up to see if you’re still there, listening to him. His brows furrow, his mind looks like each fraction of opinion he speaks is either right or wrong to you, and he’s afraid of being wrong.

You stop for a second. He looks at you. His E/C eyes don’t bring warmth this time. He’s observing you, reading you. You want him to feel comfortable talking to you about this. No matter how many times you chimed his thoughts, he wanted more. You saw color, emotion in his eyes, like he wanted something from you then and there. He looked like he was holding back something else he wanted to say.

“C/N?” you ask.

He looks at you for only a few more seconds, smiles, then shakes his head.

“I’m sorry,” C/N smiled, gazing down, “I wanted to say something else, but I don’t want to rush.”

You feel yourself begin to blush a little. You never knew he could speak so passionately about something, as he had just done. Luckily, he starts walking again, not noticing your tinted cheeks. You shyly follow two steps behind.

You eventually stop at a park.

“I’m sorry, this is where I’ll be leaving. I have practice in an hour,” he says.

The world stops for a second. You’re sad the conversation has to end here. You can tell he’s sad too. His bright, sunshine eyes clouded over, losing the warmth they radiated only seconds ago. You could see his eyes searching, longing for something else, unsatisfied with how you two had to part.

“C/N… can I ask you something before we go?” you say, not only to break the silence, but because you’re desperate to hear his voice and his laugh one last time in this perfect moment.

“Yes?” he smiles, looking up and meeting your gaze once again.

You look down and laugh at the though of your silly question. “What do people rush in relationships that make them so bad?”

He smiles, and an overwhelming laugh that sings sweeter that the springtime birds fills the air like music to your ears.

“Well Y/N, you see…” he says, hesitating for a moment, carefully planning out his next words.

Suddenly, you feel a warm hand against yours. You jump a little, and look up to see C/N’s hand warmly interlocked with yours.

“They go straight into hand holding. More importantly, any kind of physical interaction. It’s unnecessary! Wouldn’t you agree?“

His face grows a bit red, realizing that he may have scared you, but your uncontrollable laugh makes his sudden blush even worse. You eventually control your sudden outburst.

“Right!” you chime. “Just like…”

You take his hand, which was still entwined with yours, and wrap his arm around you.

“…when lovers our age start cuddling in the movies? On the first date?”

He’s nervous now, you can tell. But so are you. You can tell the word “lovers” flustered him a little, but that just makes this little game even more fun.

“True, true,” he laughs, “but what about…”

He quickly pulls you over to a large tree next to the sidewalk. He now holds both of your hands and pins you against the tree.

“…those couples that kiss, anywhere, and-”

“-everywhere,” you both say.

He’s now inches away from your face. You’re both looking into each other’s eyes, daring one another to actually make the move in the heat of the moment. Though it’s the most tempting thing you’ve ever faced, it was also the cheesiest, and you both know it. You both stumble over your own feet and break out into an uncontrollable laugh.

Still holding hands, you both trip over a large root sticking out of the ground from the tree. The fall wasn’t painful at all, and the two of you start to laugh even harder.

The grass is soft. A beautiful green. The park’s lawn had not been mowed yet, so it felt like mother nature’s softest blanket had graced itself upon the moment and wrapped the two of you in pure joy.

As you tried to control your laughter, you realized you couldn’t hear his voice anymore. You turned your head to find his eyes exploring yours. He was looking at you again. In a way he hadn’t before.

The silence was pure. It was nice, not like before. The two of you just laying there under the shade of the tree. It was magic.

You lie there in silence, the two of you looking up and the bright blue sky and the warm green leaves. You listened to people playing in the park, and to nature’s beautiful evening lullaby. You listened to the peaceful world around you, until C/N finally spoke.

“Relationships are nice. Real ones, not rushed ones. Maybe some people can feel initial attraction to someone, a chemical rush whenever they hold hands with their partner, whenever they exchange a kiss, a hug, a smile, anything,” he spoke, “but if you rush these interactions, not waiting for time to build their meaning and their value, it’s not real. People hold hands without holding meaning, people hug without embracing, people kiss without doing it like it’s the last time they’ll ever see their lover again.”

He isn’t flustered when he says the word “lover” there. You almost giggle, but you know it isn’t right. His words are soft, and the spring breeze plays with his H/C hair. His smile is warm.

“People love without loving… and to love, is to want something to last forever.”

His words hit you hard. You looked over at him, finding him staring up at the lone blossomed flower on the tree branch above you. He’s thinking, pondering.

He turns his body to face you. You to face him in response. You didn’t expect you two to be so close, but you are. C/N looks into your E/C eyes.

“You know, this like the cliche movie thing where the two characters get really close and stare into one another’s eyes…”

You laugh, pushing yourself away from the ground to stand up again.

“Hey, Y/N, maybe I should catch up and walk with you more often,” he says, sitting upright after laying in the warm grass for so long.

You turn around and smile at him.

“I would love that.”

He gives a shy smile and starts walking into the park. You turn back onto your path, beaming. The birds serenade your path back to your humble home, the breeze carries all of your bad thoughts away, and you recall every last detail of your encounter.

Your mind raced with questions. Your heart wanted to run back and seal your paradisiac evening with the one thing you didn’t dare do, but craved as you were entranced on the sidewalk in the silence, as you were pinned to the tree, as the two of you layed in the warm sunshine together,

but you silenced those thoughts,

because you weren’t going to rush such a beautiful thing. You wanted it to last forever, so you treasured that time you just had, and excitedly waited for the next.

And so did C/N.

Hello!♡ this is my very first imagine! I hope you enjoyed it! It was so much fun to write, and if you like my writing, feel free to send me a request or an idea, and hopefully I can make it into a beautiful story! I do advice and other things related to crushes (or not related to crushes) as well, so check out my lovely little blog, and have a lovely little day!♡

Touken Fan fic: A breath away

Title: A breath away

Pairing: Touken

Guys this is the after effect of chap 121, it’s totally Ishida’s fault

* * * *

He stared into her eyes then, trying to understand the words she had strung together. Was it a joke? No.
She looked serious, her eyes were trained on his, her gaze was fixed on his and her hand was right there on the table top. He could have reached it easily and held it.

“I…” He tried to find words but they failed him. Why did she asked him this? Why not something else? Why not talk about the weather, or the coffee or the new or anything stupid. Why this? An insane laughter was bubbbling up inside him, it was just like her. Just so cruel.

“Is that what is important to you?” He found himself saying. Those weren’t his intended words. For a second, he feared she would get mad at him. But she never yelled or shouted or rushed out of the room. Instead, she faced away from him, masking her expression.

“No…but, what is important to you?” She asked instead, once again trapping him in the words. He started to grow impateint, feeling irritated by the way this stupid conversation was going. He touched his chin - on reflex, and slowly began to walk towards her, until he stood right in front of her, with only a few inches seperating them.

The first thing that came to his mind was - she smelled nice.

The second thing he registered were thoses sapphire blue eyes. Those damn eyes of her.

He touched her chin with one hand, astonished by his own action and braced the other hand on her thigh, seeing her eyes widening.

“Who is important to me? That’s the question you want to ask.” She froze, but didn’t say anything. He let himself talk for once, wanting to let things out. Things that had started to bubble inside him the moment he had walked in this cafe a hundred or more days ago, the moment he had seen her walking towards him, with her eyes singing a million melodies and other countless moments when his heart beat had increased just by the thought of her name.

“You are a selfish person.” She whispered to him and he smiled down at her bitterly,

“You always think that you know me better than myself.”

“Maybe I do.”

“You don’t…” he whispered and instictively his gaze trailed down her lips. He squeezed her thigh and angled his face close to hers. She let him do it, until the only thing between them was a distance of a single breeath. Of unspoken words and memories.

Just as his lips brushed hers, he paused and the night came back to him with a jolt, shaking his insides. He felt as if he had been rendered paralyzed by time, she was right there. A single moment and he would have kissed her.

Just like that time…

The night came to him a haze at first, then in a form of vivid scenes. Her smile, his fingers touching her slightly curled hair, his hands playing with hers, her fingers on his shirt, his beneath hers. Memories of skin and touch and things unsaid.

He broke away from her as if shook my a current and stumbled, nearly losing his balance. He stared up at her in shock,

“I know you,” she told him, with a shadowed gaze, “I’ve always known you.”

Kiss me Marcus


“I need you to teach me how to kiss”

Marcus nearly chokes on his food and throws Abby an incredulous look, while she casually settles down on the seat next to him.  Clearing his throat, he hopes that he either didn’t hear her right or that she was joking, but as Marcus lifts his head and notices the determined gleam in her eyes and stubborn set of her jaw, he realises that yes his best friend did just say that.

Aka Marcus and Abby grew up together on the Ark and have been best friends since he was 8 and she was 6. Now 18 and 16 respectively, Marcus’ reluctant to help her out, because he might feel something more for his best friend than just friendship

“I need you to teach me how to kiss”

Marcus nearly chokes on his food and throws Abby an incredulous look, while she casually settles down on the seat next to him. He quickly picks up his mug of water, nearly draining the entire thing. Clearing his throat, he hopes that he either didn’t hear her right or that she was joking, but as Marcus lifts his head and notices the determined gleam in her eyes and the stubborn set of her jaw, he realises that yes his best friend did just say that.

“You want me to do what?”, he splutters with eyes wide in surprise.

“Teach me how to kiss”, Abby shrugs while tossing her braid over her shoulder as she calmly gazes at him. As if asking your best friend to kiss you was the most natural thing in the world.

“Why-”, he begins, still looking confused and not understanding where this is coming from.

“Diana and Callie were talking about boys and stuff. When they asked me, I admitted that I’ve never been kissed because I’ve been busy studying and they just started laughing at me. Diana called me a prude and I will not be ridiculed, especially not by Diana I’ll kiss anything with a pulse Sydney”, she states matter-of-factly and  Marcus can’t help but smile at her blunt and straightforward reply because Abby’s honesty was one the things he liked about her.

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Nothing to Lose

JILY CHALLENGE | @roseweahsley​ vs @expectoepatronums
 🌠 Muggle AU: ‘Uh-oh I’m dating my boss’ child and had no idea until I took them as my date  to a work function’

Jack: “Where to, Miss?”
Rose: “To the stars.”


Prongs, for the last time, hurry up!“ Sirius stands a pace in front of the doorway to the Mahoutokoro Museum on Hogsmeade Street. (No one ever just calls it ‘Mahoutokoro Museum’. It commands respect. Strange, that.) 

James is lagging by about 10 metres. A few more seconds and Sirius thinks he might have to cross his arms and start tapping his foot for dramatic effect, and James knows how hard Sirius is to stop once he gets going.

"At this rate they’ll have given the position away before you even get there, and I’m not doing any more sucking up on your behalf,” Sirius calls impatiently.

“Mate, I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this, but you look so much like a puppy when you frown,” James quips as he approaches Sirius, ducking the half-hearted swipe that follows. “It’s a compliment! Most people look awful with their face all screwed up like that.”

“Get in, you brat,” Sirius mutters, ignoring James’ comment. “I go to all this trouble to get my best friend a fantastic job-”

“Part-time,” James points out, helpfully. “Also low-ranking and barely-paid.” He pushes open the heavy door and holds it for Sirius, allowing him to continue his monologue as they enter the building.

“Right. Like I was saying, a fantastic job with loads of potential for growth, and you don’t even show up on time! Do you realise how many people would kill to work here?" 

James holds out an arm halfway down the hallway and moves to stand in front of his best friend. He places his hands on Sirius’ shoulders, to make it even more meaningful. "Are you finished?”

Sirius swats his hands away, but he’s smiling. “Yeah. Come on, you’ll love it here.”

James adjusts his glasses and, just to spite him, places his hands firmly on Sirius’ shoulders again, steering him down the carpeted corridor. They continue on in companionable silence (if 5 seconds can be called that), towards the tall, brown-haired boy waiting on the other side of the sliding glass doors.

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