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Which said they’d seen a post saying: If you love Captain Yawn, you might love John and Aeryn, of Farscape. I don’t want Captain Yawn fans anywhere near my babies, John Crichton and Aeryn Sun! John and Aeryn have true equality, a deep respect, trust, and an epic love. C$ dren has none of that.

They went from this: 

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To this: 

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Long live my very greatest ship in the armada, John Crichton and Aeryn Sun. That other ship will be a rustbucket when this one is still sailing through the universe.

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john and aeryn meme: [one/two] quotes:

anywhere in the universe. you pick the planet.

@ibiohexacrypt​ replied to “trying to think about my preference rank…”: the only characters I don’t recognize are John/Aeryn

john crichton and aeryn sun from farscape, a little sci-fi show out of australia with four seasons and a movie! everyone always disclaims that season 1 starts out rocky as the show was trying to decide whether to be serial or not but when it takes off, it takes off. and john and aeryn are a big part of that.

(picking a gif for them is nigh near impossible so here you go)

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Yeah J/A >>> CS any day. I was just thinking of how awesome it was that Aeryn got married in her leather, staying fully true to herself. Now contrast that with the Emma wedding mess!

Right?* Aeryn changed, but didn’t do a 180! She learned what compassion was, and learned that “three is not such a scary number”. She became more open to love without changing everything else about herself.  

The Emma of S1 wanted to help others, and wouldn’t ignore someone in pain just because they had the word “villain” stamped on them. Not this Emma. 

*Though technically, the only wedding that Aeryn and John completed was the one in the pool, while she was giving birth … although I guess she was still wearing some leather. :-D