otp: john x aeryn


john and aeryn meme: [one/two] quotes:

anywhere in the universe. you pick the planet.

This is a brief public service announcement to tell you that you should be watching Farscape. I don’t care that it ended years ago and I don’t care that half the characters are puppets and I don’t care that sometimes it’s insane. John Crichton and Aeryn Sun are basically the most amazing OTP in the history of OTPs, and YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THIS SHOW. DO IT. 


I rewatched Terra Firma last night, one of my favorite Farscape episodes, and the scene where Aeryn asks (with tears in her eyes! Aeryn never cries!) whether John wants her to leave…it guts me every time. Especially since he still loves her so much he is drugging himself to merely keep being functional around her and not to betray himself and just - these two are so broken yet so indomitable.