otp: jogan

if you think julian “let me jump out of this window” larson won’t make sure he has the biggest “sup fucks i’m alive” entrance in the world, we’re going to need to have a talk. because that drama queen is probably buying the fog machine and unicorn he will ride in on as we speak.

Eight Steps Logan Wright Makes at "Wooing" Julian Larson, and The One Step That Works.

A/N: This was influenced by June. It kind of derailed from what I was originally going for, but I’m happy with how it turned out anyway. This is unbeta’d so any mistakes are mine.

Pairing: Jogan. Slight mentions of past!Larythe.

Word Count: 7,634.

Characters from CP Coulter’s Dalton.

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Of Sweaters and iPods

Wrote this little drabble a while ago, so I guess it’s time to share.

From the Weebly:

5. He knows Julian steals his warm clothes so if he can’t find something in his closet, Julian’s closet is the first place he’ll look before he heads to the laundry.

6. He is also perfectly aware that Julian steals his iPod, so he goes looking for it there too if it goes missing.

 Established Jogan.

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