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Superheroes sighing over their headstrong ladies


Disclaimer: I don’t own the character or the song in this video nor use it to make any kind of money.
Warning: In Video’s name i made it clear this fanvid is about pairing: Moriarty/Mycroft/Sherlock, so if it not your cup of tea then do not watch. Sherlock BBC season 2 SPOILER
Summary: Mycroft’s saying about James Moriarty in Sherlock S2ep01 :“ Seems desperate for my attention, which i’m sure can be arranged” and Sherley get Jelly when know about their message. 
Song: one way or another - blondie

Note: First fanvid, a welcome gift to the new Holmescest blog. Intention is what counts right, so even if this is crap hope you like it <3