otp: jesse x jane

It kind of bugs me when people totally write Jane off or call her a “bitch” or a “gold digger” or totally blame her for Jesse trying heroin. I mean, there’s no doubt that their relationship ended up being quite toxic and dysfunctional…but you know what? That isn’t solely Jane’s fault. They were both bad influences on each other. How can you blame Jane for “getting Jesse into heroin” but not extend that same logic and blame Jesse for “getting Jane to relapse”? Ultimately, I think that neither of them can solely be held responsible for the actions of the other, BUT there’s no doubt that they were influences on each other…negative influences because they were both at rather unstable places in their lives. It’s not all Jane’s fault that Jesse tried heroin, and it’s not all Jesse’s fault that Jane relapsed, but surely they influenced each other…and it’s completely unfair to blame Jane but not Jesse, you know? I see that so often and I find it so irritating. 

Tonight I’ve seen a few posts ragging on Jane, calling her a “gold digger” or a “bitch” and it just bugs me. I really don’t think that she was a gold digger. I mean, yeah, she got a bit overzealous regarding Jesse’s money once she learned how much he had (to get from Walt), but that was because she had relapsed and was being fueled by the drugs. I don’t think that she was interested in Jesse’s money or bleeding him dry – she was just interested in the opportunities that the money could present them…partly the drug-related opportunities coming from her addict side, but also partly the more adventure-related opportunities coming from the other sides of her. She had gotten involved with Jesse long before she knew how much money he was making. She was interested in that slightly dorky guy next door, whom she’d assumed to be a drug dealer, but it’s clear that she found him endearing early on. She wasn’t targeting him for his money. Therefore, I don’t see her as a “gold digger.” I think that her enthusiasm for his money was fueled by the drugs. She’d just freshly relapsed and was in a bad place, as was Jesse.

Obviously Jane had some flaws and had some issues, but so did everyone on this show. Why do some characters get a pass but she doesn’t? Why do so many people blame her for certain things but don’t blame Jesse for similar or the same things? Why do people accept Jesse (or Walt or other characters, for that matter) with all of his flaws but they don’t extend the same to characters like Jane (or Skyler or Marie)? Why can’t Jane be complex and still likable? Why did some people cheer about her death, and/or bend over backwards to justify Walt’s inaction as she was dying?

I don’t know, I’ve just always found Jane very interesting, especially for a side character who was around for only one season. She had just as much in her past as Jesse did, but we didn’t get to see as much of her background…which is fine, really, since she wasn’t a main character and there wasn’t a ton of time to delve too deeply into her background, but I still found her very interesting and tragic, much like I find Jesse. It just bugs me to see so many of the same nasty comments about her all the time. It’s certainly not on the same level as the nasty comments I see for Skyler (or even Marie to a lesser degree), but it still just kind of pisses me off. It seems like many people just won’t let female characters be flawed and complex. It seems like many people expect them to be perfect, and then the second they “misbehave,” they’re on people’s shit lists forever. It’s not very fair. I wish people would give some of these characters more of a chance. They’re a lot more interesting than you might credit them for.