otp: jellylegs


She leaves me with jellylegs. Where did all my good luck get to? Like a lonely kitten, sinking, drowning in the harbour; I walked the plank on your big green boat.

Stretched out like a rubber band from one planet to the next. You were dancing with your grandfather that lonely night. I guess I’ll meet you in the afterlife.


Children Collide - Jellylegs @ Adelaide BIG DAY OUT 2011

Wildflower long course. 70.3 mile triathlon near Paso Robles, CA. I completed it in 2015 but was so disappointed with how the day went. My slowest 70.3 ever. It is a lovely scenic place but that course kicks some serious butt. Some gnarly climbs right out of T1 and then especially late on in the bike course ( nasty grade, heartrate hill) followed by a run course with some decent climbs. I have some serious unfinished business there. Hopefully, I will return a very different athlete this time. I have learned a lot training for the 140.6, my regimen is better, my nutritional knowledge is stronger and I am fitter and faster. Guaranteed the bike course still kills me though :-)