otp: jaria

I know that it won’t happen but I wouldn’t mind Aria ending up with Jason. Like it’s weird to say as a die-hard Ezria shipper but after how he’s treated her recently and the whole Nicole thing, TAKE THAT LONG-HAIRED HOTTIE AND RUN. 

I think Keegan Allens post doesn’t refer to Spoby necessarily. I think it will happen but I think the shocking wedding reveal is Aria and Jason. I think Ezra is too torn and I think Aria might decide that its just not right and if they were meant to be together it would be easier. I feel like nothing in season 7 is filler and Aria and Jason dating then the scene where they go looking for the adoption records are too unlikely to be unimportant. 


So I’ve gotten more than a few asks regarding my feelings on certain ships, so instead of answering the same question a few different times, I thought I would just make a longer text post answering them. Before I start there is 2 things I want to make clear to anyone who reads this: 

1. When I started watching PLL, I didn’t really care for the shipping. I was more into the mystery. 

2. I am NOT in any way, shape, or form someone who bashes others for their preferred ships. I think that’s really messed up because at the end of the day, everyone has their own opinions and are 100% completely entitled to those. 

I haven’t really ever been one to ship the main canon couples. I’ll start by telling you my PLL OTPs, which are: Jaria, Vandermarin, Emaya, and Wrencer. (I also love Sparia!!) 

I have nothing against the main ships of the show. I really enjoy Haleb and Spoby. Although, I will admit that Haleb after the Caleb/Spencer/Hanna mess, I’m not sure how I feel about them. 

Ezria, I don’t think I really need to get into this. I dislike Ezra, and I think he’s a creep. That being said, I think Lucy and Ian have wonderful chemistry. 

Emison, I want so badly to love them. I really do, Shay and Sasha have amazing chemistry so I really hate myself for not being able to really get into them. I’m so happy that they will be endgame though, the writers queerbaited the FUCK out of them throughout the ENTIRE series. They truly deserve to be together, happy, and in love. 

Honestly though, I don’t care who ends up with who, as long as the overall story makes sense and the characters I’ve been watching for 7 seasons end up in good places in life. 

So there you have it. If you want to know more, feel free to message me or throw me an ask.