otp: jaddison

Why Jaddison is better than Addisam
  • Jake supports her choice to have a baby
  • He holds her, not shakes her when she cries
  • He would never cheat on her
  • They met over a pineapple
  • Addison was going to go o a foreign country with him without knowing his name
  • He listens to her
  • They have chemistry
  • He would do anything for her
  • He was there for her when she went crazy and broke down from the hormones
  • She is happy when she is with him
  • He was there for her when she was in hospital 

This video of Jaddison is something of Amazing….LOOK IT! *-*



You know why I asked how you felt about me? Because I could fall in love with you, Addison. I could buy a house with you. I could make a baby with you - in a test tube or however - but I could be with you. But when I go in, I go all in. And I can’t do that while you’re pining after another man. You’re not ready for what I have to offer.

Jake: I’m gonna get some coffee.
Addison: Okay.
Jake: And next, I’m going to…Add a little half and half and some sugar.
Addison: Why the running commentary?
Jake: Well, I want to make sure you get all the details straight for when you tell Violet.
Addison: Look, you know…Palm Springs was… was intense, and I… and I needed someone to process it with, and…
Jake: You told her about palm Springs? Wow. Uh…She only mentioned Fiji.
Addison: Crap. Okay, you know what? You are the one who started this. You know, you were all, “Oh, do you think there’s something emotional between us."I wasn’t even thinking about it.
Jake: Really?
Addison: Okay, I was thinking about it, about you, but at least I came clean. Not like you. You haven’t even said why you wanted to know. Why… why did you want to know?
Jake: Tell Violet, if she wants to hear about what you say in your sleep when you’re drunk, I’ll be in my office all afternoon.

Farewell Private Practice

I will miss Addison Adrienne Forbes Montgomery- Reilly so, so much!

She is one of a kind.

I will miss Jaddison.

I will also miss the rest of the cast..even Sam.

Thank you Shonda for creating such an amazing character even though I hate you for a sucky finale.

Thank you Kate for making us fall in love with Addison is such a short amount of time. A lot of people hated her when she first appeared but I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.

She will always be missed.