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Elizabeth & Jack (When Calls The Heart)

In honor of Valentine’s Day here are my top 10 OTPs in no particular order

1. Olicity (Oliver and Felicity) / Arrow

2. Snowbarry (Barry and Caitlin) / The Flash

3. MSR (Mulder and Scully) / The X - Files

4. Willabeth (Will and Elizabeth) / Pirates of the Caribbean

5. Jate ( Jack and Kate) / Lost

6. Jam (Jim and Pam) / The Office

7. Han and Leia / Star Wars

8. Caskett (Castle and Beckett) / Castle

9. Captain Canary (Sara and Leonard) / Legends of Tomorrow

10. TIED! Karolsen (Kara and James) / Supergirl  


Jack and Rebecca / This Is Us

Bethyl & Sparrabeth Ending Comparisons

If this show is supposed to embrace realism, tell me how what Beth did was in any way realistic. Letting herself get captured so Noah could escape was realistic. Accepting her environment until she figured out a back up plan, realistic. Almost being raped so she could carry out the escape plan, realistic. Everyone said this episode was boring but it was brilliant, and human. And then we have Beth barely reacting to her reunion with Daryl (and vice versa) and then running back to the enemies to be shot in the head and killed, unrealistic.

Something external was a factor.

Here’s an example, my first OTP and the only one I’ve ever had until Bethyl, because I was so indelibly heartbroken and disappointed with Sparrabeth. (Jack and Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean.) I don’t know if you’re familiar with the movies enough to understand the pairing but it was hinted in so so many ways in the first and especially the second film that Elizabeth was in love with Jack and all the freedom he represented. I suggest you rewatch to see the comparisons. We were all led to believe for months between interviews and what we saw on screen that they would be together at the end of the third film. I was part of an active fan forum for this pairing back then as well.

Third film comes around and not only do they ignore all the foreshadowing and contradict all the dialogue from the second film, they threw together a sloppy, cheesy script in a small amount of time just to make a short deadline. Elizabeth was a pirate queen and she ends up choosing to wait for Will on an island only to see him once every ten years because of a curse. And jack who finally proved himself to be a good man, mostly because Elizabeth is persistent that deep down he is indeed a good man, ends up alone. Sound familiar? Yeah sounds like a waste of character development to me. I can understand this though. That franchise was owned by Disney. I can see the message it could potentially send to younger viewers but it was rated pg-13 for a reason. Violence, sexual innuendo and scary creatures.

However, TWD is AMC and rated M, and there were no short deadlines to be met. This script was written last year. There is no excuse for this fuckery of writing they gave us. Gimple was brought along for a reason. His symbolism is genius. I’m scratching my head over here and I’m heartbroken all over again like I was 8 years ago when I was 16. It hurts just as bad. They better come out with damn good reasoning for this during the hiatus. The only reason I was able to move on from Sparrabeth is because a year after the third film came out, the writers admitted they were going elsewhere with the story and were crunched for time. So we accepted and continued to discuss alternate endings.

But our Beth is dead and I want a fucking legitimate reason for it. Like I said. External factors. And we will find them.

Thanks for reading. I did this on my mobile without really plotting or proofreading so I’m sorry if it makes no sense. I love you all and I will still be posting in this tag and searching for interviews and reasoning behind this injustice.


When people make edits for playlist cover, I made an entire comic strip hahah.

Look at me picking a ship almost a year after the series end.

But I’ve been wanting to draw/write something about Jack meeting Elizabeth in a dream though. Whether Liz is a ghost who can’t crossover and wander endlessly through the sea of doors or Jack just connects to her spiritually at her worse psyche via dream, I’m not entirely sure. Either way, it’s something like that.

// Aprés un Rêve - Gabriel Fauré // Once Upon A Dream - Lana Del Rey // Kiseki no Hito - Ryoka Yuzuki, Nana Mizuki // Radical Dreamers~Lé Tressor Interdit - Noriko Mitose // EXEC_SPHILIA/. - Noriko Mitose // I Hear You Everywhere - Rie Tanaka // No Frontiers - The Corrs // Beyond the Sea - Celtic Woman // La Vie En Rose - Melody Gardot //

If this is also your otp, I love you.


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