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The Blue Room (missing 02x08 moment)

She weighed next to nothing in his arms. So fragile yet strong at the same time. They were breathing each other so deeply… The heat of the fire in their room had nothing on them. It was about comfort, it was about healing and it turned into so much more so fast. They were the extension of the fire at that moment.

“Let’s go bed.”


Jamie slowly walked the distance between where they stood and the bed, like he was walking on clouds. His hands running from her backside to her thighs and just holding her up as he did, had left a trail of tingling sensation that Claire was still reeling from. She needed his big hands on her again, lighting up her every nerve. There was a time not long ago that she wasn’t sure she’d ever feel it, or wanted to feel it, or that she could. But only those hands, made for her, given to him for her, like he had once said, could heal her.

She was running her smooth delicate fingers on his nape and upper back, drawing patterns and words they could not utter, since breathing was turning into a hardship at this point. Claire needed out of her stays, she felt restrained. All she wanted was his weight on her, his burning hot skin against her. She wanted to feel his muscles and scars, to kiss them, to lick his perfect worked stomach. Tonight she was hungry for him in a way that only love filled with lust could explain. And he is mine.

How is this woman mine? Jamie asked himself that question many times and caging Claire with his toned arms atop the bed just reminded him yet again of the wonder of her love for him. That flushed beauty, her mouth semi-open for his kisses, her teasing eyes… He ran his nose along her neck and caught her lips. She tugged on his hair for dear life and her tongue came out to dance with his, to claim him. Like any person else could compare… If he could, he would be claimed like this every single day of his life.

And the flames went higher…

Jamie held himself up on his elbows, close to the precipice of losing balance altogether, as Claire started running her foot up his calf, lifting the kilt ever so slightly. Biting him gently on the lower lip, she released the auburn curls and sat on the mattress. Like on their wedding night, he helped her untie the restraining stays, and exactly like on their wedding night their gazes didn’t leave one another. Only difference was, the desire was stronger, the air was heavier.

After removing the stays, Claire unbuckled the kilt’s belt and maddeningly teasing, slowly removed the plaid in all his glorious folds aside. He was intensely ready himself. It overwhelmed all her senses like always. If it weren’t Jamie, this lack of control would have left Claire nervous, but it could never happen with Jamie… “Jamie.” She breathed.

“I’m here, Sorcha.”

He lifted her shift over her head, the sudden gush of cool air caused by the movement of it making her nipples stiffen. That and the dark blue gaze that didn’t fail to shake her to her core. She was still in her stockings, one loose and one still fastened with a flimsy pink tie. She made a move to take them off but he didn’t let her, holding her hands, he placed them around his neck again, while he ran his hands up her glorious round arse and held her tight around the waist, closer to him. Not one inch of room left to breathe anything else but the sweet scent of each other, enhanced by the flames that only went higher.

He started kissing and sucking on her neck, tasting her herbal sweetness, moving one hand to comb her curls away. The only sound in Jamie’s ears were Claire’s exquisite soft moans. Those sounds that made him go mad, also made him relinquish all his senses to her incredibly smooth skin. Moving to her lips again, the intense and slow kiss held a promise of contained words. Words that were not enough to describe the chemistry that happened between them in these moments. He wanted to watch her lose herself.

Feeling Jamie peeling his beautiful mouth away from her, Claire whimpered. He replied by putting his forehead against hers and swayed for a bit holding her in place. One hand tucked her hair behind her ear and a cheeky smirk came upon his face as he dragged his hands over her arms and laid down. She knew what he wanted. And she wanted to give it to him.

That bed and its magic blue quilt was their sanctuary, a place that held many whispers and sweet nothings, said in the dark of the night and in the fresh light of the dawn.

Jamie lay down and placed a hand on his wife, his goddess, guiding her to climb on top of him. The sensations was overwhelmingly satisfying, it was a lightning coursing through them, echoes of thunder reverberating through their limbs. Smiling at her, he put both hands on her shoulders as she started to rock. Slowly, he let his arms run along hers and up again. Their breathing was erratic.

She was supporting herself on him, the marble of his torso feeling like an anchor in a sea of blue quilt. “You feel so good, Jamie.”

“Mo nighean donn”, he said in a whisper like sob. “Don’t stop, Claire…” Moaning, their hearts and bodies rode each other. Jamie placed his hand in the center of Claire’s chest, feeling the frantic rhythm of her heart, slowly reaching for her ivory breasts, kneading and teasing her.

He loved watching her - her head dropping backwards as she started to lose herself in the moment - trying to remain “bodily sober” enough to see her face change a thousand beautifully different ways with their lovemaking, but he too was about to lose it as well.

Claire leaned forward gifting her breasts to him and Jamie thought heaven was upon him. Taking one nipple in his mouth, he sucked and softly bit and felt Claire shiver under her hands. She held his head with some force and if Jamie were to die for lack of air, he would have died one happy man.

“You’re so beautiful, Claire. Please don’t stop mo nighean donn, more.”  

“Oh Jamie, my love.”

Claire was starting to lose herself entirely, holding onto Jamie’s neck and shoulders wanting to kiss him, but not wanting him to take his mouth from where it was. Jamie groaned and sat up completely. She kissed him urging for his tongue to meet hers, trying to get into him and he was getting into her. So deep, so passionate, so so so much, but never enough.

Claire caressed his face, marveling at his furrowing brow, smoothing it, kissing it. They were still riding thunder as Jamie brought one hand down to touch the place, hot enough as to make metal melt, as to turn coal into diamond. Then, he buried his face in her neck, she burying her nails in his back, and ecstasy ensued. Together, they became one. Jamie kept his face on her neck, Claire was overdone with one long sob leaving her lips as the aftershocks came through. She couldn’t let go, she couldn’t breathe and neither could he.

After the lingering effects washed over them, Jamie held his well rested wife against him. She propped herself on her elbow, kissed and caressed his pecs and whispered, smiling, “Tha gaol agam ort, mo Seaumais”.

“‘Till our life should be done, my Claire.”

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“I don’t want any more bloodshed. We’re not here to hurt anyone. We’re going to make this world better, stronger than it’s ever been. Where you failed, Hydra will succeed. But you can choose for that to happen with us as enemies, or allies. I can’t determine that for you. So I guess you have a decision to make.”

“No–I don’t think we do.”

Secret Empire FCBD issue

look, I love Tony here; his world has just shattered and there’s not a second of hesitation. my hero. (and then he still hoped he could fix steve, gahhhh.)

Robron: In Character

Can we all just bask in the glory that Robert is going to confess to Aaron because he can’t bear being intimate with him on the incident bed? Robert and Aaron don’t even kiss each other when there’s something important to tell the other person.

I know Robert and Aaron have kissed and had sex since Aaron’s been out of prison. But I truly believe as panicked as Robert is at the thought of losing Aaron; he also believed he shouldn’t tell him the truth then, due to his fragile state of mind.

Danny said that Aaron has his suspicions and already works out the truth as Robert is confessing. My bet is that he’s had his suspicions since Chas and Robert’s prison visit. That is how well they know each other. Aaron knows Robert better than anyone else. He probably overlooked those suspicions out of denial or because he had other things he needed to focus on after his release.

I hate Robert for hurting Aaron this way. But I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the level of unconditional love and understanding the two of them have for one another.

I know it’s hard to forgive Robert because of everything Aaron has been through. Aaron is the last person in the world who deserved this kind of pain. But sometimes couples need to go through really heartbreaking stuff, in order to come back from it that much stronger. I think (read hope) that is what Emmerdale is intending to show us.

Aaron is never going to have it easy. IM confirmed that. He never has had it easy. So being with someone else. Someone who isn’t the absolute love of his life (because like it or not that is who Robert is to Aaron) is not going to cause him less pain or make his life better.

Aaron fighting for his relationship and love, despite this devastation, does not make him weak. It makes him strong, determined and whole. It’s such beautiful growth as a person. It’s the growth we’ve waiting for in him. It doesn’t mean he’s okay with what has happened. He shouldn’t be. I don’t want him to make it easy on Robert and I don’t want a quick fix to this.

So for god’s sake, stop hating on people for supporting Robron, and especially stop hating on Aaron fans who support Robron.

Robron isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we.

raphael openly following simon on twitter just to post cryptic things about betrayal and heart simon’s tweets even tho it’s nothing but boring shit like a picture of a cat he passed in an alley or bits of original lyrics

can y’all leave mlm alone and stop incorporating them into your ‘imagine your otp!!’ prompts thanks

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i''mm cryiung this blOG i s so perfect and MtF translady Snape is everythingn to me

RIGHT. SHE IS PERFECT and like seriously idk how much of what you read from ensnapingthesenses and professormcguire about like the way she works with/off of the canon but go, just troll through their blogs and look for it (troll like the fishing term, not it’s internet equivalent, obvi) and omg yes like she belongs to the Prof and not me at all, I just gush about her existence.