otp: it's possible

  • Winston: Miss Oladele, you said you gave Orisa a ‘heart’. Care to elaborate on how you completed this astounding feat?
  • Efi: Of course! I'll show you. It wasn't that complicated at all.
  • *she opens Orisa's source code--it's a .mp3 of "Zero to Hero" from Disney's Hercules converted to binary. it loops.*
  • Winston: what
why isn’t teacher/teacher more popular???????????????? i mean
  • the nice one who everybody loves with the grumpy and strict one that the students hate and the students wonder?????????how what the fuck
  • but later (not in school environment maybe by accident) the students (a group of them) see that the strict one isn’t really that strict and they love their partner
  • or the cool married teachers that talk about each other and everyone loves like one of them comes late to class and is like “sorry i’m late guys mx. [partner] is really sick and i wanted to be sure everything is alright”
  •  and the students spend 5 minutes fussing over the other teacher and asking questions about their wellbeing “ARE THEY DYING” “No Joey they’ve just caught a cold” [and trying to make this one forget about their class”
  • or two teachers that EVERYBODY ships like the students are trying to get them together
  • “Soo, Mx. A, Mx. B will have a concert tomorrow for the school and they need all the help and they asked me to tell you….so you can tell other students” “Mx. B didn’t tell me anything about it” “oh it was like, last moment thing you know. they didn’t have time. and like, they really need help.”
  • And the teacher is like “Thanks Johnson” and trying to be really cool but REALLY BEING NOT COOL OMG WHERE’S THE SQUAD OF DUCKLINGS TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GO AND HELP
  • and like other teachers shipping them too
  • “Mx. A you know about the prom. There’s a rule that the teachers must have some partners too” [dunno if it already is something like this, it is not in my country] “I did not know about this rule.” “Oh it’s very recent. So, you know, teachers are never alone and can be protected in case it’s necessary. I also heard that Mx. B has no partner.”
  • Like, science/maths teachers with art/languages teacher. Or stuff like this.
  • Talking about their subject passionately and the other not understanding shit but loving it anyway because they’re so fucking cute.
  • Like here is your impossible love
  • Teachers of the same subject in different schools fighting in competitions and shit
  • Or teachers of the same subject talking passionately about their course. and praising each other.
  • Teachers talking about their students, the bad ones and the cool ones
  • LGBT teachers standing up for LGBT students and offering them support and helping them feel more at ease in this clusterfuck of school
  • OTP 1 teacher/teacher and OTP 2 student/student
  • OTP 2 being so thankful that OTP 1 exists. OTP 1 giving advice to OTP 2.
  • Grading stuff together. Bringing each other food/beverages. Helping each other through all the stuff.
  • AND
  • SO
  • MUCH
  • MORE


  • “hey darling, how about you teach me some things? I promise to be good.”
  • “i thought you went through high-school once. Weren’t you taught my subject?”
  • seriously tho all that stuff that is at teacher/student can be sort of roleplay for teacher/teacher (and be less creepy)

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For the ask about alpha Dave's money, remember the rules of alchemy. The game is designed so that the only stuff you can make pre-entry is really basic stuff like cubes and what's already in your Phernalia Registry. Most stuff requires non-build grist, like shale, and that requires imps, and that requires entering. Rose theorized this was to prevent someone from starting the game and alchemizing infinite stuff without ever opening your Extruder and potentially causally invoking a meteor (1/2)

(2/2) If you could alchemize stuff without needing non-build grist, you’d be set forever. Fortunately, SBaHJ stuff alchemizes at a negative cost of artifact grist (this and zillium are the only grists seen like this), so you could do it without entering the game. Alpha Earth is seen covered in artifacty Lady Liberties bc Dave made so many to reap the massive grist spoils of their negative costs, and sold the grist off for money to finance his movies.            


The soulmate AU where people have the first name of their soulmate tattooed on their wrist, and people are supposed to keep them secret for whatever reason. Person A has had a crush on Person B forever, but unfortunately the name doesn’t match. Years later, Person B comes out as trans, and announces they will be legally changing their name… To the name on Person A’s wrist.

never underestimate manuel neuer.

remember when everyone said that he couldn’t play for the wc 2014 because of his shoulder injury? well, he recovered about a week before the tournament started and in the end he was one of two german players who was on the pitch every damn second in every single match.

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Blue I had a dream that Harry started un-larrying his tattoos, like he got a dagger for his rose and rope for his anchor and we were all so sad when they finally got revealed to us, lol.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I swear I didn’t know you had another dream ask down below when I sent mine about the tattoos. Omg weird shit😅

Ah but that won’t be necessary since the other half of his tattoos already exist hehe

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:So I’m in my 20s now and even was on swim team and my mother put the fear of GOD in me about going anywhere near the neighbors swimming pool without direct supervision (ready to rescue me). I sill remember he installed a special cover that could bear over 500lbs on it and I horrified watching him retrieve a toy we’d lost on it. I knew it was safe but even now I’m like NOPE! Get the fuck out with whatever infinity pool Freddie is toddling around. Get. The. Fuck. Out.

shajkhsakj your mom knows how to get her point going 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:So it has been 3 days and we have is articles from The Sun, the DM and one written by a stalker… if their goal was to use the kid for normal promo again, one would assume it would spread… but they dropped the pics on a friday night which is when you want to bury news, and so far it hasnt spread. & if this was for the fandom, they could have done something on sm… idk, I find this all weird tbh. Maybe it was just for the media to have some recent pics they can use for when they drop the bomb

It is… unusual. The time, the little effort (but that could just be that people truly don’t care anymore)

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:you know i remember harry saying he has a phobia of wasps cause one stung him once so that tattoo is definitely a bee

Oh there’s zero doubt that that’s a bee