otp: it's only him

*laughs* y’all make fun of how much yugo confuses the other girls for rin but like

he the same. poor dense boy sees what he wants.

I’m gonna need that break before the next episode because if Mon-el’s parents coming causes Kara and Mon-el to break up after we just started to see the best parts of their relationship, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it. Mon-el really made a breakthrough this episode. He was believing in Kara and trusting in her and what she felt was right. He also helped her see that she’s really good at discerning what’s right and that she’s an important person regardless of her Supergirl alter ego. It was so great to see that he’d evolved into a person capable of helping people believe in themselves, but now we’ve got the “secret” which may or may not have the potential to ruin that buildup (because we all know tv shows love to put couples together just to break them up right after for “drama”). I really hope that it doesn’t “change everything” because I really enjoy and love the person Kara helps Mon-el to be. We’ve gotten to see him comfort her, trust her, support her, believe in her, and tell her how much she has to offer the world as Kara Danvers. Of course I want the “secret” unveiled and the truth to be made clear, but I don’t want them to break up because of it. I want them to grow stronger because Mon-el deserves to be with someone who is capable of helping him believe in other people so much that he believes in them even when they don’t believe in themselves. Kara also should have someone who’s going to do that for her–who’s going to believe in her–and she deserves someone she can be both Kara and Supergirl with. Mon-el has such character now, and I don’t want him to lose the person who helped build that character up–Kara.


Queen “Rage-Mode” Mera + Arthur “Calming-Charm” Curry

Weekly salad fluff because life is strange and stressful and yay salads.

idk if I mean it when I say weekly but considering my notebooks ayyyy


Grace isn’t gay. Even if she is, she knows I’m not.

So… let me see if I get it:
Ships + what people ‘who think they know better than anyone how to live’ say:
Climon: thats disgusting !!! They are like brother and sister.
Jalec: thats incest ! Even if jace and alec arent brothers. Also its homophobic and racist in some ways that we didnt figure it out yet but we will… also im assuming you only watch the tv show since you dont know alec isnt in love with jace (ok. How in the world is my fault that the tv show wanted to make jalec a thing)
Clalec: thats homophobic, racist and you are probably hitler. You are erasing his sexuallity even if your ship is only based on manips bc they dont get along so they dont have scenes together in the tv show, alec is gay and your manips are making him straight. Ugghh you probably are a straight white girl who lives just to upset us.
Rizzy: thats horrible, we want sizzy bc we arent against cannon couples (check climon description*) and its also unhealthy bc they are both on drugs and i didnt expect that so i dont like it. Also they are making it look like all latinos are on drugs.
Clace: thats incest even if they arent brother and sister just bc i hate straight couples and im different than the rest of the world so i dont like it.
Alec with every male/female character no matter if its brotp or otp since they only ship him with magnus: we dont have excuses but we will find it. You should stop with your homophobia and racism… but what can we expect from a straight white girl? (???? Why)
Saphael: we want sizzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sizzy: uuuuughhh there you are again with your straights couples ugh i cant with these straights white girls (???? Why x2)
Magnus with every character in the world no matter if it fits or not except camille: yesssss bc he is bisexual.
Malec: perfect. They are flawless. If you dont ship it you are homophobic and racist and if you ship it but ur straight you probably think they are hot and theres no love because you are a straight whit-

Then i see posts saying this: “i cant with this show everyone is so shippeable. They all have chemestry and are beautiful. (Read all the descriptions of all the ships. If they are all shippeables why cant i ship them without being judge?)

I dont understand you guys, so I guess I’m gonna do it in my way because all this time I’ve been trying to do everything that you said to make you happy i dont even know why… so, i’m done. Good night.


Queer as Folk 30 Day Challenge

Day 10: Favorite Dance Scene
↪2x04 // “Go find a stud, ask him to dance.”


… just tired of losing people.


I wasn’t doing it for you.


I can’t watch this scene without seeing it like this sorry


every westallen scene ever (47/?)