otp: it's not about the books anymore

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#richard castle's character arc is my favourite character arc - I would not have guessed this had you not said it. Why is this the case I now ask?

well it’s not my favourite character arc of all time, but it’s definitely my favourite on currently airing television. i mean, beckett may be my #1 character on the show, but i do have to say that castle’s character arc is what gets me the most, just because of the extent of his growth? watching how he grew from this philandering, arrogant playboy to who he is now is WONDERFUL TO ME. and i love how even though he’s changed so much he still retains his default playful/childish joy for life - i have such huge problems with shows changing characters so much just for the sake of the show that they aren’t even THEMSELVES in the end, but castle has honestly got this brilliant balance which i adore. plus i love how he didn’t only change because of [and for] beckett but also because of his own sense of justice that he learned over the past four years. it’s just all so WELL DONE??