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All my life I’ve never been anywhere without feeling like I should be someplace else. Like I hadn’t found where I belonged. But when I’m with you, steadfast and solid, I know I am in the right place. The only place where I know for sure who I am. Wherever I belong, Barry Allen… It’s with you.


Her faith carried him with her.
He didn’t want to disturb the silence as they rested against each other, hurting and relaxed, listening to the hum of machinery and the distant billowing of fires. He stowed thoughts of old missions and thoughts of the future away; decided to focus on what he could see and hear and smell for the last moments of his life on Scarif.
When Cassian Andor died, he would be ready, and he would be content.


Stranger Things Seven Day Challenge:

Day Five - A Scene That Made You Cry


can’t stop thinking about an au with monster smasher yuu and mika, his monster boyfriend (click for higher res!)


jyn and cassian (from various videos)

Imagine turning on a new episode of raven’s home. Season 3, or maybe even season 4. So much has happened. Crushes and holiday specials. Birthdays, more dances, new music. New friendships, old friendships. Episodes on bullying and standing up for what is right. Teachers, dogs, whacky misunderstandings. The kids going through trials and trials and trials. Puberty, periods, dating. Life lessons and relatable hardships. Guest stars and guest stars and guest stars. Deep, dark, important themes. Real themes. Subtle, of course, but executed nonetheless. Disney has progressed, and progressed so fast and so far. And finally, it has all come to this. Imagine turning on the new episode and seeing raven and chelsea kissing. Live show. Gifs, screenshots, edits, clips, tweets, articles, fanart, fanfic, posts, posts, posts. Trending. Everywhere. It is the most viewd episode in history. Reaches 1 mill views in about a week on youtube. 100K notes on tumblr. Kids/teens/adults/elders react to First same sex kiss on the disney channel ever. Ever. Some concerning parents call/write in asking if it was really necessary. Everyone else celebrates. The ship has sailed. It is canon. They marry by the finale. The world is at peace. Tranquility and serenity is within reach. 70 years is added to our lifespan. The crops are watered, our acne cleared. Nothing is wrong ever again.


[Hyukjae: ✓ | D-day! Donghae ✓

It’s D-day!!! Eunhae reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back babies, 1 year and 9 months waiting is officially over!!! Let’s party with babies first win together! ! ! ! ! ! !