otp: it's mutual

Favorite OTP #1: Mutsumi x Kae

Despite this being my newest ship, it really won the number one spot in my heart with how adorably pure they are with each other~ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

AU idea where the walls between your neighbor’s and your apartments are thick enough excePT FOR THE WALL THAT IS BETWEEN YOUR BATHROOMS AND honestly this is your fault bc you started it when you were blasting broadway showtunes during your evening shower and singing along pretty loudly but now theyre taking their revenge by blasting their shitty rap music at too-fucking-early-o'clock before they go off to work and this is just one of those AU ideas (like coffeshops) that sound cute and hilarious in fic BUT IRL YOU JUST WANT TO MURDER YOUR NEIGHBORS

One of the things I love the most about Rin/Shiemi is that unlike most shounen manga where the girl crushes and falls in love with the guy, there’s a role reversal and we watch Rin crush and fall in love with Shiemi instead.

everyone is always writing about lance getting reactions out of keith - which is totally great and understandable! the guy doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, so it’s natural to want one half of the otp to tug out rare and “special” reactions, things he doesn’t show that often, or things he would never show voluntarily. it’s always great to see one half being the one who brings out a whole different side to the other half, who gives them enough courage to show that side.

but as someone who’s more like keith and keeps their cards close to their chest i want to see more of keith being the one to pull out all the emotions we’ve already seen and more. let’s see lance smile at keith the way he smiles at hunk and pidge because they finally get to that level 36 best friendship. let him pull that smile out of lance again and again and again just because he loves it so much. let him revel in all the different ways lance gets excited and lights up like a freaking flare. let him soak himself in all the ways lance expresses his saturated-to-the-point-it’s-overflowing unhappiness. let him learn how lance explodes when he’s angry. then let him learn it again. and again and again and again. let him notice how much more effort lance puts into his humour when he’s feeling Bad or small or really really homesick. let him discover just how passionate lance gets when he hears a really good song, how he can’t hold all his excitement in his body so he has to dance. let him know how extroverted lance can be and also how introspective he can be. let keith see the same faces, hear the same jokes, feel the same outbursts of emotions and never, not once, tire of these things because they all make up lance and it’s all a part of the beautiful boy keith adores.

i want keith to endeavour to incite all these reactions in lance. because yeah, lance is emotive and he’s excited and he really shows it to anyone who makes him feel anything, but it’s really something when keith finds he can be someone to make that happen too. he can make someone as smart as lance amazed. he can make someone as funny as lance laugh.

i want keith to cherish every time he makes lance feel something because yeah, even though lance has an abundance of emotion, it never decreases in value or sincerity. it’s precisely that genuineness every single time that makes him try harder to pull reactions out of him and document them all. lance is a bottomless well of heart and it is really the best thing that’s ever happened to the world. he bleeds it all over, and keith can never get enough of it.

let keith fall in love with lance’s many open doors and his closed ones too. let him fall in love with the feeling of it all. let him fall in love with the way that lance stitched his heart to both sleeves and really lives despite it all.

gutswife replied to your post: I blacklisted ulquihime n my skin immediately…

probably b/c its super stockholm syndrome ish and not cute at all

yes thank u let my daughter live

that time i hakuouki

because it was apparently obvious to everyone but me who my vampire samurai anime husband would be. disgusting.

i haven’t even seen anything other than the anime—haven’t played the games yet—so there’s just his brief scenes to go by, so this might not even be super in character. probably put way too much effort into this, but whatever. it’s done.

You couldn’t be around a Rasetsu whenever they started to give in to their bloodlust. Usually, the mere presence of hot, rushing blood only a short distance away was enough to make them lose control, and that would mean your death.

So when Souji Okita bit back a groan and gripped his head, Mel kicked off the futon covers keeping her legs warm, shot to her feet, and sprinted for the door.

She never had a chance.

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mi casa es su casa 

Fandom: Voltron (Legendary Defender) 

Pairing: Klance 

Summary: "Do you wanna do something fun?“

The room’s dark save for the faint glow of the panels that line Keith’s walls, and with its help he spots Lance kneeling beside his bed, eyes shimmering like the millions of stars that wink at them as they travel to universes they never knew existed.

Keith massages his temple, trying to will away the Lance induced headache. “Please, please tell me you didn’t just wake me up at ass o'clock in the morning to go on a play date with you.”

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Imagine your OTP haven’t met yet. One day, a mutual friend, Person C, decides to get all their single friends together on Valentine’s Day to play some games (video games, board games, D&D, etc.). Person A and Person B meet at this event, and Person C keeps saying that they’d be a cute couple.


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sherlock so desperately wants for moriarty to be involved in the case he stops making any sense. (it's almost like he's a fanboy)

right? i need to rewatch the episode to properly notice all the moments he’s aching for it. poor thing is just desperate for a case on Jim’s level