otp: it's everything after all this time

ok this isnt to poke sleeping bears or any of that shit but.

To any and all Hidekane shippers (or any other bloodthirsty kenxwhoever shippers). 

Please dont attack Ishida for the newer chapters of TG:re

Its his story to do what he wants with his own characters. I get you would be mad about your OTP not being canon or whatever but its really not worth attacking the creator for his own story.

Dont make the poor man dislike his own fandom.


sparrabeth + an au
               a marriage interrupted or fate intervenes?


Headcanon that Regina specifically learned to tie a tie for Henry. Whether it’d be for his first formal outing with her, his first day at work, his first date and/or wedding day, she knew he’d need one eventually, and she’d make sure she was able to ready him for that momentous occasion.

anonymous asked:

can you please explain what clemmings is and where it came from?

clemmings is a ship. an alternative name to the first and original name; muke. cl is clifford, emmings is hemmings. these are the combined last names of two boys who talked shit about each others fringe hated each other. one person is more in love with the other. try and guess.

michael just brushes it off but he he loves it. his luke. only eyes and smiles for him. (◡‿◡✿)

i bet the only reason luke puts up with it is because he knows he loves him. i bet he sees all the times he looks at him. and he just like smiles and looks away. lets him admire him as much as he wants. doesn’t point it out. just lets it happen. lets everything happen.

pretend the mic is his dick its 300 times better

see how luke smiles and is all giddy but michael just silently admiring him. “hes really beautiful” “i like his smile” “his hair looks nice today” “so do his lips” “do you think he’d let me blow him after this”

summary of clemmings

i bet 20 bucks luke gets pay back after the show

the amount of times you catch these two cuddling is unbelievable.