otp: it's called marriage


The Doctor planned to live with his wife since the day they married.But she had to be in prison but still Doctor took her dates every possible time so they could be together as much as they could..Then he found out she is pardoned in Manhattan then he asked her to travel with him..like proper normal married couple he’d ask her that even the Ponds wouldn’t be gone.He even asked her ‘’Travel with us’’ in The Day of the moon..even before they married he wanted to be with her..River refused to go with them to keep timeline safe in The day of the moon,she refused to stay full time in The Angels Take Manhattan because she knew they were gonna make each other remind Amy and Rory so for now rather to come with him when he needs till he will be better I’m sure she was gonna accept if he asked her later…Then in the Last Night episode Doctor was gonna take her Darillium to have a life with her  when they want it the most ! But of course he saw his youngerself and he couldn’t do this after seeing his pain and fear…Then he found her again…He heard how she was upset not seeing him when ahe needs tohim although she refused because she had to and he asked her all the time…time travel is hard and he couldn’t bwe with her when she really needed him so she thought he doesn’t think about her that he doesn’t want to be with her and doubt his love because she was alone….She said these words but he was there ! with her like he wants to be ,like he should be him and River together ! it’s called marriage and love and they belong to each other…And he loves her so to prove her and when he finally found the chance to have this life with her he built this place for spending a perfect marriage life with his River side by side… She made him domestic and I love it ! because no one else could do it…River made him wants it :’)  


This is the most beautiful comliment and loveliest words a husband ever told to his wife…She is indesturctuble,precious,shining and so beautiful like diamond…so referencing her words to Halassi Androvar he said Married a diamond for his marriage with River look how emotinal and in love when he said this ! and then he stood up watched her and smiled and proud of his wife and thanked to his chance <3 I cry everytime I watch this scene he loves her so much… And he decided to make her understand how precious she is to him and how much he loves and admires her..So he gave them a happily ever after which that he can show her this properly… <3<3

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Toward the end of the day at Wizard World Philly yesterday, I had asked my husband to try to find a booth where they were selling TARDIS pillows that were shaped like the TARDIS, lit up, and played the brakes. Spoiler alert: he found them. We walked over to buy one, and he mentioned he found something to buy me. I asked what it was, but he refused to say anything. Curious, I handed over the credit card and finished getting the pillow, which is going to look lovely on our sofa with the TARDIS blanket.

I walked back to our booth and showed off the pillow and started to take a photo for Charina and Jenn when Mike walked back with a brown paper bag, looking a bit worried.

“I’m not sure it’s authentic,” he said, “but it looks like the one on your office wall.” Puzzled, I reached in the bag and pulled out the above.

Spoiler alert: Pretty damn sure he bought the real thing (especially since there was documentation to go along with it.) And it looks like the same signature that’s on the picture that Jenn got for me last year.

He got rewarded. I’m quite sure I heard some “awwws,” but I was too busy snogging the daylights out of him to notice.

Best husband EVER.

"It's Called Marriage", Anyone?

Seriously, I’ve just been listening to this song on repeat because it’s so good and pretty and beautiful and sad and heartbreaking and yet not quite that sad because they’re together but the slow-mo of them just killed me and its a good thing this is text because if I was actually speaking this I probably would have passed out from lack of oxygen by now and okay enough for one sentence.


Right. Go look up “It’s Called Marriage” on YouTube, provided you’ve seen Angels take Manhattan.

Srsly Doctor Who the music needs to STAHP. It’s giving me too many feels and I already died from Sherlock feels and finals stress and OMG PRETTY DRESS.

…On a side note I may be loosing my mind.