otp: it's called marriage

Toward the end of the day at Wizard World Philly yesterday, I had asked my husband to try to find a booth where they were selling TARDIS pillows that were shaped like the TARDIS, lit up, and played the brakes. Spoiler alert: he found them. We walked over to buy one, and he mentioned he found something to buy me. I asked what it was, but he refused to say anything. Curious, I handed over the credit card and finished getting the pillow, which is going to look lovely on our sofa with the TARDIS blanket.

I walked back to our booth and showed off the pillow and started to take a photo for Charina and Jenn when Mike walked back with a brown paper bag, looking a bit worried.

“I’m not sure it’s authentic,” he said, “but it looks like the one on your office wall.” Puzzled, I reached in the bag and pulled out the above.

Spoiler alert: Pretty damn sure he bought the real thing (especially since there was documentation to go along with it.) And it looks like the same signature that’s on the picture that Jenn got for me last year.

He got rewarded. I’m quite sure I heard some “awwws,” but I was too busy snogging the daylights out of him to notice.

Best husband EVER.

"It's Called Marriage", Anyone?

Seriously, I’ve just been listening to this song on repeat because it’s so good and pretty and beautiful and sad and heartbreaking and yet not quite that sad because they’re together but the slow-mo of them just killed me and its a good thing this is text because if I was actually speaking this I probably would have passed out from lack of oxygen by now and okay enough for one sentence.


Right. Go look up “It’s Called Marriage” on YouTube, provided you’ve seen Angels take Manhattan.

Srsly Doctor Who the music needs to STAHP. It’s giving me too many feels and I already died from Sherlock feels and finals stress and OMG PRETTY DRESS.

…On a side note I may be loosing my mind.

my fun. experience

Back in November of 2009, I was living with my grandmother during the week so that I’d have easy access to school. I had to move practically all my possessions into her unfamiliar bedroom. I felt so alone and displaced. One day, I was flipping through the pages of Teen Vogue like I usually do in the evenings hoping that I’d find something that’d inspire me for a better life- when suddenly, I saw it. An article about the indie pop band, fun. The article praised the group and highly recommending their music.

The next morning, as I was getting ready to go to school, I started my computer and immediately checked out “Be Calm” on YouTube. I immediately fell in love within the very first measure. I was instantly intrigued by instruments that I heard-the organ, the violin- and as soon as Nate started singing, I knew I was in love. His voice is beautiful, truly. The lyrics were creative, the tune was great and the message was empowering. It actually brought me pain to walk away to go to school. The music was playing in my head all day and I couldn’t wait to listen to more as soon as I got home. I spent the whole afternoon listening to their music and that’s the way it’s been for the past 18 months. I’ve been devotedly and proudly addicted to fun. In the shower, walking down the street, cleaning my room- I happily sing along to their songs and feel like I’m apart of the magic that’s happening. That November, fun. changed my life for the better and made me a generally more gleeful person.

Sitting alone in my grandmothers’ room listening to fun. for the first time, I would have never imagined that in due time, I’d be standing right in front of them taking pictures and rocking out to the voice of Nate Ruess. Last night, I saw my favorite band perform the songs that have been so willingly embedded into my heart and even a new song. I nearly cried. It was all so beautiful and I thank God that I was able to have this experience.

I bought the second season of Haven on Blu-ray a few weeks ago but I haven’t had the time to watch it until today.

…Except when I went to put the disc in the Blu-ray playing software is out of date and is no longer compatible with my most recent additions to my Blu-ray collection. In fact anything published after 2011 is no longer readable which pretty much renders my entire Blu-ray collection moot.

I asked my husband about upgrading our player and he’s waffling.

Dude, just tell me if you want the one that’s $85 or $50. I’ll take care of the rest. Trust me, downloading and installing media software is practically a specialty of mine.