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You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.

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god, i'll never ever stop thinking about all the late nights Hannibal and Will had during S2, they literally HAUNT me, like can you imagine? after all of their fancy dinners for 2 they sat down in Hannibal's study and sipped wine and talked for hours, and all that time Will had an actual hurricane happening inside of him because he LONGED so bloody hard for something MORE but he couldn't get it because 1) this wasn't supposed to be real, he was a lure, 2) he thought Hannibal didn't feel the same

oh god nonny

Late season 2 angst has always been my lifeblood, but adding in PINING WILL has literally slain me. Will WANTING and HOPING and ACHING. And clearly Will knew Hannibal felt SOMETHING, but how could that SOMETHING be other than twisted, co-dependent obsession? How could someone capable of doing the things that Hannibal does also be capable of falling IN LOVE?

And just to make things worse, what if Will didn’t actually think Hannibal incapable of falling in the big L-O-V-E, but desperately fought against the idea just as he fought against his own burgeoning darkness? Like he just couldn’t ALLOW himself to even go there. Because to go there would be tantamount to giving in, and telling himself it was just IMPOSSIBLE was somehow easier at the same time it was AGONIZING IN EVERY WAY.

I am suffering nonny. I am suffering.


I’ve been in this fandom for two and a half years now and only now do I finish my android Adventure and Fact core designs. Adventure is basically diet-Indiana Jones and Fact is… a know-it-all nerd, I guess. The motivation to finish these totally didn’t come from something I’m posting on Monday, nope that’s just silly…

Anyway, Procrastination is one helluva drug.

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Marinette stop being over dramatic and go talk to your lover.

(A beach trope that turns into a reveal that turns into Marinette’s death. B)

Adrien trying really hard to make up an excuse on the fly. lmao)

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It's kinda funny because in Day Trip everyone was high, and I bet all of them were hallucinating with absurd and funny stuff, except Clarke and Bellamy who were hallucinating with her dead father (talking about the burden on her shoulders) and the guilt (asking for being killed). I wish my otp wasn't suicidal and depressed sdafsgkjlg

See every now and again I’ll be having a good day only to open tungle.hell to an anon reminding me that these two idiots literally bond over murder and guilt for mass genocide shdhdhjafjakka why are they like this why can’t they adopt a dog and make pancakes or something cute instead

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Natsu protecting Gray with his fire. Gray shielding Natsu with his ice. That is all.

Gray fell backwards, struggling to catch his breath as a plethora of arrows ripped through the air, sailing towards him.

Before he could make a move, he heard his dragon’s rage cut through the air, “Fire dragon ROAR!” Brilliant flames shot out, burning every arrow into mere ash before they could get close to the ice mage on the ground.

Gray fought the blush that wanted to accompany the flutter in his chest. “Idiot! You don’t need to be doing that!” He glared at his boyfriend, who was now on his hands and knees panting for air.

You’re welcome,” Natsu growled sarcastically.

Gray leapt back to his feet, stalking over to where the pink haired slayer rested. “You just finished your own fight! Let me fight mine,” he hissed, “you can’t have much magic energy left in you. Save it for the journey out of here. I don’t want to be carrying you home!”

Natsu snorted despite the smile that curled the edges of his mouth. Gray shouldn’t worry about him so much, but it was adorable when he did.

Gray heard a gun cock in the distance, followed by angry mumbles about ‘that pink haired bastard’ and ‘ruining my chance to take out the ice fucker.’

He looked up in time to see the dark mage taking aim at Natsu. Anger flared through every fibre of his being. There was no way in hell!

He jumped in front of the dragon slayer as the sound of gun shots pierced the air around them. “Ice make shield!” A light blue, frozen barrier materialized just in time. Nothing could shatter that shield, not with his steel-will of protecting the man he loved enforcing it’s structure.

No one was going to take Natsu away from him. And Gray was going to give this son of a bitch hell for trying.

Harvey/Mike & accidentally proposing - for anon

Mike officially knows more about the meanings of different flowers and the politics behind seating charts than he ever imagined knowing.

He’s lying on his bed, surrounded by magazines and binders, and his head is swimming with it all. But he keeps reading, because Jenny left this with him as homework, and if he knew accepting Jenny’s request to be her best man (“it’s better than man of honour, and besides, apart from my soon-to-be husband you are my best man”) came with homework he might’ve said no.

Okay, he still would’ve said yes, but it would’ve been nice to have a heads up before he started drowning in colour charts and invitation designs.

He reads through all the bridal magazines and checklists Jenny left him with (“this is just phase one, Mike, wait until it comes time to actually start choosing things”), and when Harvey walks into their bedroom an hour later Mike’s reading an article on the differences between mermaid and fit and flare - because apparently there is one - and thanking his lucky stars that all he has to worry about is his tux.

“Something you want to tell me?” Harvey asks, an amused glint in his eyes as he takes in the scene before him.

“Adam finally proposed, so Jenny wants me to help her plan the wedding.”

“Of course she does,” Harvey says, shedding his jacket and shoes before joining Mike on the bed and leaning over to kiss him hello. “Looks like she bought every bridal magazine there is.”

“Pretty sure she bought more than that. I think I saw several back issues in here. Either that or she’s been secretly buying bridal magazines for the past year hoping Adam would be propose.”

“Sounds like good planning to me,” Harvey says, reaching for the nearest magazine and opening it to the first marked page.

Mike finishes his article and moves on to the next one Jenny highlighted: unique wedding and reception venues in New York.

Mike doesn’t know what makes him say it. But before he even realises it his mouth has opened and he’s saying, “If I ever got married I think I’d want a destination wedding. Small, intimate. Be able to start the honeymoon straight away, you know?”

“What do you mean if?”

Mike puts the magazine down and turns to Harvey, surprised. This must be showing on his face because Harvey raises his eyebrows in silent question. “I mean, it’s not as if you’d ever marry me. Which is fine,” he hastily adds, “because we’re together and happy and that’s all that matters, right? It’s not like you need a marriage certificate to validate a relationship.”

“Of course I’d marry you, Mike.”

Mike’s heart is suddenly beating very fast. “You would?”

“Why are you so surprised by that?”

“I don’t know, coz we’ve never really talked about it I guess. And with you never committing to anyone before me, and what happened with your parents I just figured…”

Harvey sits up properly, turns to give Mike his full attention. Mike feels the weight of Harvey’s stare like a physical presence. “Mike, I didn’t commit to anyone before you because I couldn’t find anyone worth committing to. I was waiting for you. And as for the rest of it, you are I are not my parents. We are nothing like them.”

“So you would marry me?”

“Of course I would,” Harvey says, voice impossibly fond.

Mike smiles slowly, reaching over and clasping Harvey’s hand. “Hey Harvey, will you marry me?”

Harvey’s returning grin is a thing of beauty. He leans down and kisses Mike. “Yes.”


“if you’re capable.” the nonsense you speak.

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Have any fake relationship prompts?

mhmm !!

  • “you asked me on a date out of no where and i found out it was a dare, but i can’t be pissed because i’ve always liked you and the date went perfectly.” or “and i’m really pissed but you looked like you enjoyed yourself so.. wanna go out again?”
  • “there’s this really creepy person that tries to date me every chance they get because i’m single so can you do me a solid and pretend to be my lover?”
  • “every one is staring at us after an argument so i’m just going to pretend it was a lovers quarrel and kiss you.”
  • “it’s time for prom and there’s no one i’m romantically interested in, but you’re my close friend, so can you be my prom date?”
  • “every one thinks we should date so let’s pretend and give everyone what they want.”
  • “there’s this awesome opportunity to get into the best amusement park for free, but i need to be a relationship for it to work…. want to be my partner for a day?”
  • “we’re only pretending to be a couple for my family on Christmas but someone just put a mistletoe over us what do i do-”
  • “we went to a baseball game together and the kiss cam came on but please don’t- oh okay and you kissed me what does this mean what are w e.”
  • “i just had a really ugly break up and need some support, so you’re trying to be my lover to cheer me up.”
The Mark

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She asked for Nine/Rose and Soulmates…and here’s what I came up with :)

~950 words, Rated G, Nine/Rose

Hope you have a wonderful day, love!

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The Doctor doesn’t understand why Rose loves seeking out fortune tellers in the little markets and festivals they visit. He’s teased her mercilessly about it, ribbing her about superstitious apes, but she doesn’t care. She laughs at what he says, and laughs at the fortunes she’s given - of all of the mediums and soothsayers she’s visited, none have ever been remotely accurate about her or her future - but it’s fascinating to her, the fact that some things don’t change; from culture to culture, people always want to know what their futures will bring.

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Remember when MTV released “The Road to Senior Year: Stiles and Lydia” video that literally started with Lydia asking “what the hell is a Stiles” and then proceeded to explain exactly ‘what’ a Stiles is and how much he came to mean to Lydia? You know, the video that had a song playing in the background with the lyrics “this is how you bring me back to life/this is what it’s like when we collide” legitimately playing as Lydia kisses Stiles? You know, the video that effed me up so emotionally that I’m still unstable to this day? Yeah, that one.


“To my Sleepyheads, I bid you adieu!” - Orlando Jones

I refuse to except your goodbye, Sir. I don’t care if I have to perform some kind seance or Voodoo ritual. Get your ass back here!


“she’s more than that. i haven’t been myself since we’ve returned, i should have realized the reason why. it’s because i don’t have her .”

“her? you talk about the vessel as though she’s a woman .”