otp: it was worth it

People always say find reasons to keep living when you’re depressed. And you should, but they don’t have to be deep or profound reasons.

Keep living because a book you want to read doesn’t come out until next month.

Keep living because your mom said she’d make your favorite food for dinner.

Keep living because the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow and you can go swimming, or biking, or just sit on the lawn.

Your reason doesn’t have to be “because I’ll find my purpose” or something equally grandiose. Stay alive because you want to visit the neighbor’s dog. Because of that movie you want to see. Because you want to read one more book, draw one more picture, cook one more meal, take one more walk.

Find those small reasons to keep going and then keep finding them. Sometimes those anchors can keep you afloat and that’s all you need. To keep staying afloat until it does get easier.

You can do this. Keep on living.


Attack on Titan Cake

For my little brothers 13th birthday and also for the hype of season 2, I made an Attack On Titan themed cake.
Everything in the pictures are completely edible. (except for the candles duh lol)
The top part with the legion logos are sugar cookies. Following under that is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. And finally under that is a strawberry cheesecake pie. 
Eren and the colossal titan are made out of sugar and are edible as well. For the chains i used fondant.

Hope you guys like it! <3

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favorite scenes: andreil {1/?}

“Don’t say you are, because you and I both know you take shit care of yourself.“
     "You have a hearing problem,” Andrew deduced. “Too many balls to the helmet, perhaps. Can you read lips?” Andrew pointed at his mouth as he spoke. “The next time someone comes for you, stand down and let me deal with it. Do you understand? 

     “If it means losing you, then no,” Neil said.