otp: it was worth it

like…listen…everything is messy as hell and Lukas is in a really bad place and it’s all stressful as anything but…that scene with Philip and Lukas and Anne…where Lukas admits out loud to someone other than Philip, that he likes Philip and it’s hard for him…and Anne reassured him it was ok and kissed his cheek…I’d like to thank each and every deity for that scene because it cleansed my skin and watered my crops and added years to my life

  • <p> <b>Thinking to Self:</b> "I wonder what life would be like if I didn't spend every moment obsessing over my otp?"<p/><b>Sassy Brain:</b> "Probably a productive one. Or at least a life where you put on pants! Please put on pants!"<p/></p>

Demon: Was it really worth it in the end?

Me: Yes

Demon: Really? I mean you gave up your whole life

Me: I dont really care, since I didn’t actually have a life before

Demon: Are you sure…?

Me: Yes! Im really happy now! My OTP is finally canon because of this deal.

Demon: *sighs* Why must I always get the shippers, I already had enough of Misha coming over here with his destiel ship.

Demon: *points me to a large group* Go join the others.


“We know that night was 24 years of constant joy.” — Steven Moffat of the Doctor and River’s last night 

 "What a night that was.“  Indeed. The night the Doctor managed to show River Song she was loved and worth it, and pushed away all her demons and insecurities.