otp: it was always on

hc where bullies snatch will’s sketchbook from his backpack “what do we have here? zombie boy has a crush on frog face. awe, how romantic” and destroy all his drawings “you should consider yourselves lucky because no one else would ever want to be with freaks like you” so mike rides his bike to will’s house later that day “mike? what are you-” “hey, thought you could use some company” he smiles sympathetically at will “and a model


Magnus recognizing Alec’s potential for leadership from the very start, even when Alec didn’t believe in himself.

How to break your own heart 101:

Step 1. Fall deeply, deeply in love with a pairing.

Step 2. Spend all your time scrolling through their tag on tumblr.

Step 3. Have every song remind you of them.

Step 4. Watch all the fan vids on Youtube.

Step 5. Get super excited for the couple’s future scenes & development.

Step 6. Realize the show featuring the pair has been cancelled/has ended & you will never have any new content.

Step 7. Cry and click on tumblr. Repeat the cycle all over again.

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