otp: it has always been forever for me


I knew you belonged here with me
almost since the first time I laid eyes on you.
That’s one of the reasons I agreed to marry you.
Though not the main one.
                                                                                                   And what was the main one?
Because I wanted ye
more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life.


i ’ l l   b e   r i g h t   h e r e

absence, hear thou my protestation
Against thy strength, Distance and length
Do what thou canst for alteration
For hearts of truest mettle
Absence doth join and Time doth settle.


j e   s u i s   p r e s t.  i  a m   r e a d y.

c: “jesus h. roosevelt christ!”
j: “no, sassenech, just me.”


s h e ’ s  j u s t   a   g i r l   w i t h   s p i r i t ,   is   a l l .

               that’s always a  g o o d  thing.