otp: it can only be you

sam sarcastically calls bucky “babe” once - “thanks for finishing off the coffee pot, babe, wasn’t like i wanted any more” - but sam’s fond exasperation melts into thin air when he sees that bucky has blushed all the way to his hairline and is trying to hide his flustered smile behind his coffee cup

Lukas looks at Philip like he’s the only person in the whole world that means a single thing, he looks at him with so much wonder and awe, he looks at him with such softness, I’ve never seen someone as Fond in all my years, as Lukas Waldenbeck looking at Philip Shea whilst they cuddled in a barn listening to a playlist Philip made them


There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.


character and relationship (and wardrobe?) growth

Duchess of Freid

Hey Escaflowne friends! Remember this and this? After long hours of battle, I can give you some complete scenes from the Escaflowne Newtype novels. Specifically, two scenes, starting with the cute one (the sad one will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned). They expand a bit on what was already shown in the series. And personally, I love the Marlene x Mahad pairing now more than ever. Enjoy!

As always, time was running, merciless to people. Before Marlene noticed, two months had already passed since she came to Freid.

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Magnus wasn’t any different than the king. He, too, was afraid of the princess. Her spirit was so bright, he’d been blinded by it.
And yet, he’d never wanted to close his eyes to block out that light.
[inspired by @connorose]

Couldn’t resist drawing @wortwood‘s trailer park AU. 

It is the perfect storm of all the trashiest things I love. x