otp: into the wild with you


The hand that had been on my waist slid across my abdomen, hooking into the low-slung belt there. I rested my head between his shoulder and neck, staring at the crowd as they stared at me, savoring every place where Rhys and I connected wanting more more more

And for the long hour afterward, my focus half remained on the High Lord whose hands and mouth and body had suddenly made me feel awake—burning. It didn’t make me forget, didn’t make me obliterate hurts or grievances, it just made me…alive. Made me feel as if I’d been asleep for a year, slumbering inside a glass coffin, and he had just shattered through it and shaken me to consciousness. 

The High Lord whose power had not scared me. Whose wrath did not wreck me. 

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Klance with #1, #4 and #8 for the otp thing?

1) Who rocks the Ferris Wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?

Keith rocks the seat, but not because he’s being an asshole he’s just an adrenaline junkie who likes to lean over the edges of tall things and Lance freaks out because he thinks keith is gonna fall out

4) Who likes to walk around the house naked and who tells the other to go put some clothes on?

keith lived alone in the desert for at least a year, he definitely picked up the habit of walking around with no clothes on imo. Lance has siblings so he’s definitely like nope

8) Who likes to wear the others sweatshirts?

Lance because he has a big family and stealing each others clothes is how you show affection

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Ryan's wild night - Part 2 - The Patch @ E3 - June 16th (5hr 31m)
  • Meg: Then Ryan - Did Ryan tell you he met a lady at the party?
  • Ryan: Oh someone befriended me.
  • Meg: Yeah!
  • Ashley: Who did you meet?
  • Ryan: I don't know.
  • Meg: -laughs- He was drinking quite heavily - [everyone talks over eachother and Gus demands the story]
  • Meg: Let me let you part of the story for my perspective. The story is that Burnie and I were playing a baseball pinball game so one person pitches and one person hits- Burnie destroyed me by the way, so we're playing and Ryan is playing terminator pinball next to us. Suddenly Ryan is gone-
  • Ryan: No you left first.
  • Meg: Well first we went- they had hamburgers [everyone agrees how good the hamburger sliders were] So we went to go get those and in the meantime, what had happened to you? [gestures to Ryan]
  • Ryan: Well I went over to play Mortal Kombat and I was playing by myself and err some lady rolled up and just started playing with me.
  • Meg: Some fine young thing came up and was playing - and then you were playing a different game you were playing tetris when we saw you next.
  • Ryan: Yeah then we moved to tetris, yeah I think she was interested for the length of time it took her to notice that I was wearing a wedding ring and then she was like "Oh, okay. Well bye then."
  • Ashley: Did she literally just look at your hand and then turn around and walk away? Or were there at least some pleasantries afterwards?
  • Ryan: Errrrrr no well somewhere in there it was "Oh well nice to meet you." [gestures a handshake]
  • Ashley: Awww Ryan you got like- you got picked up on that's really great!
  • Ryan: I don't know maybe I got spotted or picked up on-
  • Meg: I think you got picked up on and then also I got a photo of him playing like "Oh look Ryan made a friend."
  • Ashley: Wait - so we can figure out if we know this girl?
  • Meg: Oh absolutely-
  • Ryan: Well you got the back of her-
  • Meg: The best part! The girl you were playing with!
  • Ryan: Honestly probably saw more than I did; I was playing mortal kombat at the time.
  • Meg: The best part was Burnie's response to Ryan saying; "I think she walked away because I had a ring on," and Burnie said; "A ring won't stop a girl like that."
  • -everyone laughs-
  • Ryan: Or more that I'm just awful at picking up women which is a well known fact. [Meg interjects that he thrashed her at tetris] I thrashed her at Mortal Kombat AND tertis. Err I even asked her at one point; "I guess I kind of err missed my chivalric duty there by not letting you win." And she was; "Nah it's fine."
  • Meg: Urgh put on your fedora.
  • Ashley: She has the right attitude about it.
  • -Back to actual video game news-
  • -the end-
Ryan's wild night - Part 1 - The Patch @ E3 - June 16th (5hr 29m)
  • Meg: [in response to telltale] It was really really neat so I gave them my second award.
  • Ryan: I remember very little 'cos you got me hammered right before.
  • Meg: I did! I got Ryan to drink bourbon-
  • Ashley: Wait! Ryan had a drink?
  • Meg: Yeah!
  • Ashley: Wait! Is this seperate from the Youtube party?
  • Meg: Yeah! He had a drink beofre the Youtube party-
  • Ryan: She made me pre-drink.
  • Gus: "She made Ryan" [sarcastic tone, Meg asks him to describe what happened] Let me tell you what happened, Meg ordered a drink for Ryan, and handed it to him and said "Here you go!" And Ryan said "What is this?" And she said; "Just drink it it'll be fine." And he said "Okay."
  • Meg: That was it! [at Ryan] Oh it's so hard to be you-
  • Ryan: [over Meg] I'm sorry I trust you Meg Turney!
  • Gus: You took a sip and said "I take it this is not the virgin version." And Meg said "It is not." And then you continued to drink it-
  • Meg: I didn't lie to you! And then the best thing I figured out is Ryan's philosophy on drinking is "eww this is yucky...I'll drink it fast so I don't have to drink it anymore." So then at the Youtube party I was like "yeah drink this yucky punch." [the others react] And it would just be gone immediately!
  • Ryan: I drank the yucky punch first, then you came back-
  • Ashley: It was some pink drink, she ordered two of them, we looked over like 30 seconds later and Meg had taken two sips [measures about 2 inches] Ryan's was gone!
  • Meg: [To Ryan] Yours was gone!
  • Ryan: I-I- that's how I drink - I plow through liquid. Normally it doesn't have alcohol in it-
  • Ashley: We're just very proud of you Ryan!
  • Ryan: Then you got something- that was like a diet coke and something- and that was-
  • Meg: I tried to get you a vodka and diet coke [Ryan interjects how awful it was and he couldn't drink it] because I thought maybe you could take it back home -[they debate what she means by taking it back home] I meant to what you are normally drinking.
satisfied, a framework fic

Pairing: Skyeward with Alice, Alison, & Thomas Ward, Triplett, Fury, Kate, Clint, Nat, Maria, & Melinda
Summary: As Skye settles into her new life in the framework a surprise encounter with her mother leaves her questioning whether she will be able to complete her mission. [Part 2 of my Framework series]
Warnings: There might or might not be sex in a SHIELD conference room. I can neither confirm nor deny these accusations.
Disclaimer: If I owned canon we wouldn’t need no motherfucking fanfic to fix this mess.
Author’s Notes: I hope this leaves you all shook, okay? Also, I don’t care about the mess that is canon so despite brushing up on it I decided it was too much of a mess to put up with so I did my own thing as always. Once again don’t @ me about it.

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