otp: into the wild with you


#Alec went from grabbing Magnus Bane by the lapels to cupping his boyfriend’s face when kissing him passionately #Alec Lightwood is wild as hell

"Why Do I Hang Out With You?" OTP Prompts

• “We’re drunk and lost in the streets after a wild night out and as I give you a piggy back ride, you start singing ‘SO NO ONE TOLD YOU LIFE WAS GONNA BE THIS WAAAYYYY’ and you clap in my face” au

• “Listen, you and I both know you’re just crying so you don’t have to tell the firefighters that it was your fault our kitchen caught on fire” au

• “I don’t care how you got the alpaca but we live in an apartment, you can’t keep it, put it back— right, llama, my bad, I’m sooo sorry, whatever it still can’t stay here” au

• “Jail isn’t so bad, it could be worse” au

• “You sneezed and blew down my house of cards you have three seconds to run” au

• “You’re the one who brought me to this stupid trampoline place, and somehow you’re the dumb fuck who got your leg stuck between the springs” au

• “I’m only letting your little sibling put this god awful makeup on me because if I can impress your whole family then there’s a possibility that I can get in your pants later” au

imagine your ship prompt
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>person A:</b> i'm going to be so wild tonight<p/><b>person B:</b> oh yeah? ;)<p/><b>person A:</b> yeah i'm going to drink pepsi at 1am instead of 12pm<p/><b>person B:</b> i thought you meant in another way and now i don't know how to respond<p/></p><p/></p>

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  • Jefferson: Haha, hey, do you guys dare me to kiss James?
  • Hamilton: No.
  • Jefferson: [shakes head and chuckles] I can't believe you guys are making me do this.
  • Burr: We're not.
  • Jefferson: [making out with Madison on the floor] This is so wild you guys, you're so fucked up for making me do this.