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When Beth was singing to Daryl she was playing Be Good. Why? They could choose another one but she chose Be Good, she or whoever. Is there any reason for this?

Beth sang Be Good because the writers wanted to convey a romantic connection in that scene. When the song was released in 2012, NPR described Be Good as a song about not wanting to ruin a friendship because of romantic feelings (X):

It’s a love song like the rest, but with an important tweak: “You don’t wanna be my boyfriend / I don’t wanna be your girl / And that’s a relief.”

In few words, Crutchfield profiles two people who love and trust each other deeply, who share their dreams and secret shames, but who would rather shotgun beers together than make out. Such friendships, like most beautiful things, are delicate. Bound up in the reverie of “Be Good” is an understanding of what could happen if either party upsets the balance: “That gets messy / You will hurt me / Or I’ll disappear.”

Beth and Daryl had become best friends in the time jump between Still and Alone. They were everything to each other, and in Alone, they were both starting to realize their feelings for one another in different ways. Daryl’s realization was more conscious, but I think Beth was also starting to realize her feelings, on a subconscious level. They were sheltering in a fortified house where she could let her guard down. Beth’s flirty gaze after Daryl and her fidgeting with the peanut butter jar make it clear she had feelings too (X):

Beth chose that song because she was likely feeling conflict subconsciously, as Daryl was consciously. They would both be afraid of ruining their friendship. It’s an expected fear for two people in their situation as such a step could make things “messy” like in the song. Scott Gimple and Emily sifted through several songs because Scott wanted that “moment” (X). Be Good captured that tender moment between Bethyl when Beth played the piano, and the song also captured the unspoken romantic conflict.

Originally, TPTB were going to use King of Carrot Flowers, by Neutral Milk Hotel, but couldn’t because of licensing (X). The band has two songs with that title, divided into “parts”. Going by the themes in the different songs, Emily most likely meant King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1. This is one of the verses from the song:

And this is the room
One afternoon I knew I could love you
And from above you how I sank into your soul
Into that secret place where no one dares to go

Sounds just like their time in the funeral home, doesn’t it?

Nick & Judy open up their relationship to the public:

Quick notation: Nick and Judy finally decided to open up their relationship to the public on Instaram (Instagram in Zootopia of course). The following picture is the picture he posts on his account with the username: NickDaHustler. Judy’s username is OfficerHopps and Benjamin’s username is BenLuvsDonuts.

NickDaHustler: Have you ever met someone who believed in you 100% for who you are? Have you ever met someone who motivated you to do better in life? Have you ever met someone who accept you as your own self? And finally, have you ever met someone who always has your back and will stay by your side forever? Well I have and her name is Judy Laverne Hopps. We started off on the bad side until I found out how determined she was about her passion as a cop. Then, we later on became really close to each other during our night howlers case. And now I am her partner because she accepted me for who I am and I honestly never thought for once in my lifetime EVER have I thought that I would be a cop, but surprisingly, I am, all because of her. I didn’t become her partner because I wanted to be a cop, no, not at all, but I became her partner because it just explains how much she has really cared about me, and now, my life just gets so much better throughout time. Now, going to work is my favorite daily routine, because I get to see the bunny who makes my day ten times better. Every time I look at her, my heart just beats faster, and seeing her face everyday tells me how blessed I really am to have someone like her to come up into my life, and that feeling is the best feeling I could ever have, EVER, so as soon as I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to open up her, and I honestly know she wouldn’t say no because I’m the only person she has ever felt the same way towards, and because I know how much she really cares about me, and she told me herself that she cares so much about me to the point where she doesn’t care or worry about anyone else in her life. And now, she is not only my best friend and my partner at work, but she is also the beautiful little bunny I fell in love with. She just might be the love of my life, my soulmate… I’ve never felt this kind of love before, ever. Falling in love with your best friend is the best kind of feeling anyone could ever have, EVER, and I’m so proud of her and myself on having this outcome. Throughout time, my love for her just gets much stronger and I can’t wait for what the future holds. I love you so much Carrots, and I always will! 💚😭💘

OfficerHopps: 💜💓💖💗☺️ oh Nick…😭

BenLuvsDonuts: Photo Creds to me btw✌🏿. They’re so adorable together and I’m so proud of these two! OM GOODNESS!! 😢😭😭

Lol this was my gift for getting 100 followers btw. I decided to use this pic, because it looks a lot like something that would be posted on Instagram tbh. I hope y'all liked it :). BTW the original source for this picture is down below the tags lol


Nick opening doors for Judy. Their thought process: 

“Nick is such a gentleman~”                                                                   - Judy Hopps

“I love carrots and blueberries.”                                                             - Nick Wilde

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IS IMAN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!? JUST when I think she can’t be any more precious, SHE GOES AND DOES THIS!!! SHE CONFIRMED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Muslim Yousef! They got married!!!! BASKETBALL AND CARROT PEELING!!!!! 😩😭😍😭😂 what a day to be alive.


THIS is the feeling I got after the Inshallah clip dropped, and then I haven’t known peace since the end of ep3 cause that cloud always hung over yousana even in all the cute moments afterwards….but now? I feel like that song “WALKING ON SUNSHINE” 

Isn’t it wonderful to have a canon otp that both actors ship and have such good things to say about I just LOVE WINNING <3

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#34. “That’s okay, I bought two.” CyRae.

Disclaimer: Don’t own Teen Titans. Not making a profit.

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ #34: “That’s okay, I brought two.”
OTP: CyRae

“You remembered to defrost the bird first?”


“Followed the directions for the brine?”


“Soaked it overnight in the fridge?”

“I know you saw it in there last night.”

“Just checking.” Cyborg muttered, folding his arms across his chest.

Raven smirked, carefully chopping carrots. “Why can’t you accept that I have this under control?”


“That was-”

“Pan,” The metal man enunciated. “cakes from the depths of hell.”

She scowled playfully. “Give me a break. I was trying to be nice, the world was ending, and I’d never cooked before in my life.”

“You trying to be nice almost caused me to chip a tooth.” He teased playfully. “I’m just trying to make sure you don’t give us salmonella.”

“That would be a reflection of your teaching.”

“You’re making it.”

“If you are going to be responsible for my successes, take ownership of my failures as well.” She smirked continuing with her carrots.

“I will.” Cyborg challenged. “You patted the bird dry before the spice rub?”

“I did.”

“Placed butter on the skin so it gets crispy.”


“Did you remove the neck and jiblets?”



She set the knife down. “What jiblets?

“You should have found a little plastic bag inside the turkey.”

The empath stared at the oven, mouth agape. Oh no.

“That’s okay,” Cyborg chuckled as he placed a kiss to her hairline. “I brought two turkeys.”

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Your top 10 favorite OTP's of all time + why you love them?

OMG TEN OK I can do this. This is in no particular order, just what I thought of first.

1) Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe. Anne of Green Gables was such a huge part of my childhood and when I went to Toronto I was super sad that Prince Edward Island was so freaking far away (why is Canada so big). I just love that it went from “CARROTS?!” and smashing a slate over his head to True Love

2) Rowaelin. I love Rowan and Aelin. That’s all. I just. It means a lot to me, not in a personal I Relate way but like. I’d love to have someone who supported me, yet was ok with me doing my own thing.

3) Rhy and Alucard from VE Schwab’s Shades of Magic series. I honestly loved them more than Kell and Lila. They are from such different walks of life, but they really deserve to be together. And I can’t believe Russia fucking deleted their entire relationship when they translated the series because of the GAY.

4) Olivia and Peter from Fringe. No one ever talks about this show anymore. But I was like PLEASE BE TOGETHER. WALTER STOP BEING AWKWARD. Anyway, Fringe was a good show, more people should watch it.

5) BUFFY AND ANGEL. ANGEL AND BUFFY. Screw Spike, honestly. Like he’s cool on his own, but Buffy and Angel were meant to be from minute one and so I just cannot accept anything else. Angel and Cordelia? *gags* Buffy and Riley? *gags* Spike attempting to sexually assault Buffy? *GAGS*

6) All the couples from Sense8? Does that count? Is that ok? I love Riley and Will, I LOVE LITO AND HERNANDO SO MUCH, and also I love Nomi and Amanita, and I haven’t even finished the two seasons that are out because I don’t want it to be over, but I also love Wolfgang and Kala, I just *cries*

7) Kestrel and Arin from the Winner’s trilogy. I think… I might need to reread this series soon. It was so wonderfully written and I loved how they had to work through a lot of their own personal issues before they could be together.

8) Vin and Elend from Mistborn. *don’t touch me I’m very fragile right now over a year after I read the series*

9) Growing up, a book I read about a bajillion times was The Wind Blows Backwards by Mary Downing Hahn and so I toooootally shipped Lauren and Spencer. If I reread it I’ll probably realize it’s #problematic because he was very depressed and suicidal and she “saves” him, but at the time I was all about it.

10) WINIFRED BURKLE AND WESLEY WYNDAM-PRYCE. From the tv show Angel. Seriously, they got to be together for like one episode before all hell broke lose, I SOB every time I rewatch a certain episode, which isn’t often. Because when it aired I flat-out REFUSED for weeks that one of them had died. Like, what the actual fuckity fuck. I met her (Amy Acker) IRL and was like, oh, ok, you’re fine, you two are actually living together and happy and no one has died :)))))))

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Once you get this it would be cool if you posted ten facts about yourself and then passed this along to your ten favorite followers

awwwww thank you kristin!!!

  1. im obsessed with b99 atm
  2. carrots are my favorite vegetable
  3. as for fruit i love peaches
  4. green and pink are my favorite colors definitely
  5. WHY IS THIS SO HARD apparently i dont know myself
  6. captain swan is my ultimate otp
  7. im a really shy personnnnnn
  8. i look like a 12 year old 
  9. i hope to dye my hair ginger one day its been my dream since i was a kid
  10. i have a really wild imagination!