otp: i've got a friend you

  • Friend #1: Hey have you seen *Person A*??
  • Friend #2: Oh shit I think we lost them in the crowd!
  • Person B: I've got this.
  • Person B: *clears throat*
  • person A: *from a distance* SO LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO-
  • Person B: found them.
⊱ First Meetings AU ideas for all your First Meetings AU needs ⊰

✪ My favorite song came up on the radio and here I am dancing like the world is going to end today…not noticing I left the curtains open until I hear you laugh from the apartment in front of mine
✪ I’m the night shift cashier and just when I thought no one was going to show up tonight, you enter and buy the weirdest item in the shop, looking like you just ran a thousand miles
✪ I’ve wanted to adopt a puppy ever since I was 6. Now I can finally got one, guess who is the adorable volunteer at the dog shelter?
✪ You got lost in another country and I happen to be the only person that speaks your language nearby
✪ My headache has been killing me so I decide to go to the hospital for a checkup, but it’s 3 AM and the only free nurse is you, a really hot trainee
✪ I’m the odd one in my group of stupid friends and I got paired up with you on this incredibly dangerous rollercoaster
✪ I’m an art student that works as a makeup artist for kids parties to get some money on weekends. It’s your little brother/sister’s birthday.


if you have never been on a road trip with Jehan and Bahorel then you are missing a lot

memories you bury or live by - mapped - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Captain Flint/John Silver
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“I’ve never ridden a horse before,” Silver confesses. “And can you imagine, I’m not particularly keen to start now that I’ve only got one leg.”

Silver has never ridden a horse before. Flint asks Silver to ride with him. One thing leads to another.

anonymous asked:

I thought she picked Asami for the sole reason of no sexual tension or confusing emotions? Like just a good, trustworthy friend to talk to and relate to. And to simply chill with. It'd be hard to chill with any of the other characters as easily as Asami. Y'know what I mean? I've got nothing wrong with Korrasami, it actually right there behind opal and bolin as my favorite otp (even tho they got ignored!! Dx)... I just think that the fan base is looking too deep into it (as always).

I see.

And you thought a Korrasami blog would care about what you think because…??

ok can we just talk about tindy for a second and how much of a perfect human being tommy calligan is. so when lindy tells tommy that she loves jake and for tommy to go, even though she’s obviously saying this to save her best friend, she has complete faith that he will come back and save her no matter what. and that he will of course, never stop looking for her.

also, when george calls tommy to come and get jake (whether lindy told him to or not we don’t know) he also knows that he will no doubt protect her. in 1x03, he swears to lindy after she gets drugged at her birthday party that he will never let anything happen to her again on his watch, which he wholeheartedly kept up until this point, and continues to keep in the finale even though she’s technically not on his watch at this point. of course that’s because he’s head over heels in love with her, but still.

and that’s not even the best part about all of this. the best part is that even though we all know he wanted to run after her after beating the fuck out jake’s ass, he didn’t because he didn’t want to force anything on her. he knew that she was still mad at him, and he knew that he still hadn’t made up for it. he respected her need to leave, and that she needed to search for her sister alone when they were chatting. even though we all know he was dying to help her with that. all that jake was trying to do was control her and who she hung out with (literally by killing anyone of her friends who got in the way), and tommy does the complete opposite. and you know why? because he has just as much trust in her as she does for him that she’ll come back to him.