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i'm really sorry to bother you if you don't like these kinds of asks, but i was wondering if you had any quick tips for drawing two characters interacting? you draw otp and ship art so beautifully, all the poses you come up with look so fluid and believable and give off such a comforting vibe. in years and years of practice, it's not something i've ever managed well, it always looks... clunky, i guess. disjointed, like they dont fit. either way, your art is gorgeous! ty for sharing it with us <3

It’s no problem! Honestly though, the best advice I can give is to use reference. I base most of my interaction poses either loosely or pretty closely on existing poses I’ve found in photographs. I’d shoot some reference myself but I’m sadly 1000% single lmao. 

I did this step-by-step a while ago on utilizing reference if that’s of any help. It basically emphasizes the importance of using action lines that flow together and compliment each other. I want my interaction drawings (especially ones with couples and close friends) to feel like the two characters are a single entity on the page instead of two separate pieces. If you plan out the poses in relation to each other in the early sketch stage so you can get a feel for how they fit and overlap with one another. 

so uhhh lemme try and illustrate that with some of my Blupjeans drawings.

The red lines are action lines (see how Lup’s line curls over and almost into Barry’s?), the blue ones are points of interest (where the pose directly overlaps to form the key component of the interaction - in this case, Lup kissing Barry and holding his hand)

And another, same principle. Here I’ve included the legs overlapping because that’s a main component of making it look like they’re snuggling real close.

Action lines (at least for me) is the king of believable character interaction. Stiff, ill-fitting action lines will lead to stiff interactions. It’s for that reason I tend to choose somewhat candid reference photos too - stock photos can look and feel awfully staged most of the time and it’s hard to work with something that looks fake to begin with. 

I hope this is of any help at all! I’m never sure how much of this is useful to others and how much is just me stroking my own ego… ;u; 

Percy’s quests were short, right? No longer than a few weeks, he still had months left at CHB before summer ended. I’ll always believe that during those weeks at camp, before they became a couple, he and Annabeth always somehow ended up on a canoe at the lake (for official camp related stuff) and the other campers blasted “Kiss the girl”. Every. Single. Time.

Before she turns around and walks towards the sun yellow bug of a car that will lead her and their son away from home, she kisses Regina.

She kisses Regina and does not hear the gasps of her family. Or maybe she does and just doesn’t let them distract her from the last moments where she’s still the Emma that’s Emma. She kisses Regina and wipes away a single shining tear with the tip of her thumb from the face of a queen, because the queen is human and human hearts break. She kisses Regina and does not say goodbye. She kisses Regina… and then she forgets.

Not all curses break from a kiss. But some kisses unravel the edges of spells.

Emma forgets. And yet Emma is a single mother who always thinks to herself ‘our son’.

Emma forgets. And yet when she catches their son watching Disney’s Snow White she flees the room and staggers against her bedroom door, and can barely breathe, and her heart hurts.

Emma forgets, but though she’s always loved them, will not eat apples.

Emma forgets. But when Henry screams in the middle of the night for his mom, and Emma rushes to his side to wake him from his nightmare, and he looks at her with a silent 'not you’, she is not surprised.

Emma forgets. But every morning she wakes up with numb skin around her eyes and dried saltiness on her cheeks. She knows she’s cried and yet does not know why.

Emma forgets and forgets and forgets and knows that she has. And a mind cannot take knowing, so she pretends that she notices nothing.

Emma forgets, but when the doorbell rings and she opens the doors, and a woman she’s never ever seen before, stands there with wide terrified eyes, she almost smiles.

And when that woman tells her impossible things, though it’s not in her nature to do so… Emma believes every word.

Not all kisses break every curse. But if there’s just enough love to make a dent, there’s just enough love for a happily ever after.

it’s come to the point that i genuinely dont understand how people didn’t see sasusaku coming