otp: i'm with you til the end of the line

but like, steve and nat hanging up some artwork to brighten the place up and steve is balancing on a chair on his tippy toes trying to get the frame to hang just right and nat’s standing there with arms folded, getting frustrated because its just “not right, steve” and “a little more to the left” and finally saying “it’s not straight” and steve turns, glares at her and replies “neither am i.” and somewhere off in the distance they hear bucky choking on a muffin because of course that’s how steve would come out

i know everyone considers captain america: the winter soldier to be iconic in terms of its fight scenes and tone, and it’s one of the reasons why many people rank it in their top three mcu films, but it’s also amazingly upsetting on a character spectrum.

because this is steve’s film, right, this is steve’s story. and it’s a story of adjustment, kinda, but—and here’s the kicker—it’s fundamentally concerned with the past, and on the character spectrum, it’s devastating.

because steve gets back the two most important people in the world but in the worst possible ways. because first there’s peggy, right, and she’s still alive and that’s amazing because he gets peggy back, but at the same time, he doesn’t, because this is peggy, yeah, but this is peggy nearly seventy years later (you’re late and is there any question why this is their recurring theme as perhaps the world’s leading authority on waiting too long ahAHAHAHA i hate everything) and she’s lived a life and she is old and forgetting and dying and she is a living reminder of everything he lost and how he can never go back, and then he gets bucky, right, the other most important person in the world, and he was a goddamned miracle to get back because steve probably never expected peggy to be alive and seeing her like that was heart-breaking but unexpected but bucky—he thought he lost bucky back in the war, and bucky is young and bucky is exactly how he was when steve last saw him, give or take some hydra garb and a bionic arm, and bucky is so important and steve finally gets him back and if getting peggy back was a reminder of all he lost, maybe bucky can be proof that he didn’t lose it all—but then bucky can’t remember him.

like????? this is literally so heartbreaking bc steve thinks he died saving the world and the people and then he didn’t die, and he has to live with the repercussions of this and bear it because he’s captain fucking america and then he gets peggy back but she’s dying and forgetting and he’s nearly seventy years too late and he gets bucky back too but bucky doesn’t even know him and it’s just like the train again, and he’s too late to save bucky, and the tragedy of steve rogers is that he is always too late, and isn’t that just the worst thing?

weight of living || a playlist dedicated to those innocent boys who came home men. the men who could never be the same. and to the ones who fell from the sky in the name of freedom.

19 you + me (feat. colton haynes) - new heights | come home - one republic | oh johnny, oh johnny, oh! - the andrews sisters | the night’s watch - ramin djawadi | fourth of july - fall out boy | to youth - flogging molly | triumphant return - alan silvestri | charlie boy - the lumineers | not with haste - mumford and sons | weight of living, pt. 1 - bastille | candle in the wind - ed sheeran | there you’ll be - faith hill | my name is max - tom holkenborg | you die or i do - hans zimmer | the call - regina spektor | the scientist - coldplay | the smithsonian - henry jackman | the last goodbye - billy boyd


steve & bucky | faded

Ok but when Lucas was flaunting the fact that he’d just slept with Jude. And then bashed Jude to Zero’s face, saying it’s totally fine to hit it and quit it with Jude because that’s all he’s good for. The anger on Zero’s face was beautiful. No one hurts his boy.