otp: i'm very fond of you

I’m reposting some of my own art since my old blog was deleted.

Fanart I did when the spoilers pictures for 5x04 first came out. Basically just me wanting to draw the cuties being cute. 

The simple style and colouring was me trying to make it reminiscent of a children’s book. Still no idea if I succeeded haha!

Drawn in September 2015.

wow this was seriously super rushed but have my otp kids i guess

i’ve had these designs for like 2 years now

they’re twins. called yui (after ms. yui, yes) and naotaro (after shige’s late grandfather who he was really close with).

yui is super tsundere. hug her and she’ll turn red and pout. grossed out by romance (will literally pretend to be vomiting if she sees/hears something romantic). interested in literature, biology, chemistry. super premature. she’s that kid who dissects frogs for research purposes. likes calling others stupid, thinks everyone is super childish compared to her. has a good heart though.

then there’s naotaro. super kind, friendly, loves animals. timid. easily bullied and gullible but his godfather yoshiki teaches him how to defend himself (which shige isn’t fond of at all).he’s the family’s little actor and loves practicing with his father who’s super super proud of him (and sometimes strict) but he’s very enthusiastic. optimistic, is really fond of stories. likes to escape reality with stuff like that. unlike yui, loves affection.


An interview of Varun and Alia for HSKD:

A: Sid always picks me as his favorite co-star!

Interviewer: No, in his last IV he (jokingly) said he should live in the present and picked Shraddha.

A: Of course he won’t pick Shraddha over me, he was just doing it for promotions! Anyone would do that!

V: So he can’t be friends with Shraddha? He is friends with her.

A: Of course he can, but I’m better friends with him than she is.

V: (to the interviewer) He’s VERY FOND of Pari, also.

A: Even I am!