otp: i'm thinking about punching you in the face

um… it’s been what? like 6 years? Really, stop with the spuhura hate and with the “they should brake up” thing please.

I have to admit that at first I also thought that spuhura was wrong because blablabla uhura need no man blabalbal bullshit, but some people of this fandom opened my eyes and now I like this pairing.

If you people want more representation in the next movie, destroying this couple (that includes a WOC) for the simple purpose of making spirk canon is NOT the solution.

And let’s be honest there are other more important problems in the movies but Spock/Uhura is one of the few things that are fine. 

  • Why is Kirk captain? he is not responsible enough, he’s inmature, he’s a womanizer and an asshole (some people tried to convince me that in the second movie we can see his personal evolution but I can’t see it, sorry). Kirk’s mischaracterization is really horrible. That’s why I can’t understand how Spock and him are even friends, for me they have 0 dynamics. 
  • Karl Urban did it really good (oh Surak, he made Nimoy cry because he reminded him of DeForest) yet Bones was reduced to comic relief…. just like Scotty.
  • No ranks in the female uniforms, Chapel appeared just in two lines and they implied that she resigned bc of Kirk *sigh*, women appearing in their underwear because ?????? and sexism all over the place.
  • Let’s not talk about destroying vulcan and killing Amanda (⊙ヮ⊙)
  • Whitewashing Khan.
  • There are more things but I don’t want to think more about it because I’m getting mad.

But yeah, I think I’ve made myself clear. Ship whatever you want, that’s ok, but you don’t have to crush another pairing to reinforce your otp of preference.

Said this, what I really want in the next movie is to have all the problems I said above fixed (oh please, let Chapel to punch Kirk in the face)