otp: i'm the guy for you

Title: The morning 

Fandom: Sanders Sides [Thomas Sanders]

Pairings: Logicality

A/N: Human AU

Warning: Angst and not a happy ending. I’m so sorry guys.


Here’s how it begins.

Logan wakes up to an empty bed. This does not worry him. Yesterday, Patton had said something about dropping at his editor’s house early so they can take care of the final draft of his book. Logan simply nods and let his husband hold him as they sleep.

He indulges in a few more minutes in bed reaching out to hold Patton’s pillow, inhaling Patton’s scent and closes his eyes. He needed this day off.

Here’s how it continues. 

At 10 am Logan finally gets out of bed. Patton would be home in an hour and they’d have the whole day to themselves. Walking into the kitchen, he spots his breakfast on the table, covered in food wrap and topped with a note with Patton’s scribbled “I love you.” 

Here’s how it takes a turn.

2 pm reads at Logan’s phone. This worries him. Patton should have been home four hours ago. There’s an itch in his brain, a sense of dread overcoming him that he couldn’t understand. He hated it when there was something he couldn’t figure out. He was…afraid. But what was he afraid of? And why was his heart beating so fast? With trembling hands he takes out his phone to call Patton. But before he called press on Patton’s contact, Logan gets a call from an unknown number.

Hesitantly, he answers. “This is Logan.”

This is how it all falls apart.

“Hello? Mr. Thoms? This ER from St. Joseph Hospital. We’re so sorry to tell you this but…”

Something that happened at my school today, but also imagine your OTP
  • Teacher: Compare answers with friends around you.
  • Boy: what if you don't have any friends?
  • Teacher: Then compare answers with your nemesis.
  • Boy; *sighs and turns towards the guy next to him WHO IS actually his friend* What did you get?
  • Guy next to him: *pushes the boys paper off the desk without looking up from his phone*
  • Boy: GOD DAMN IT

you’re having a really bad day and look up and kinda say, “please, please, please, someone help me”, and one minute later a guy with little horns pops up from NOWHERE and just goes, “man, you don’t know how fast angels are. like, daaaaaamn. can you believe I am feeling the tiniest bit exhausted? WOW”
apparently the Devil’s son heard your request and had to fight several angels just to arrive first and be your helping “guardian” because “you’re cute”.


the most supportive relationship


Lorelai Gilmore Appreciation Week 2017
Day 2 | Favorite Relationship ➡ Lorelai and Luke

Well, all I can say is, you’re lucky I’m back in your life, because clearly you were lost without me. I mean, it’s a miracle you’re even still alive. Right? You bet.

So @asktheboywholived  @sirussly and TT’s sister Oddoo did this Bellatrix and Fenrir power play post and it’s freaking incredible. Had to draw something based off of it because I have no self control. So here is TT as Fenrir and Oddoo as Bellatrix.

You can find the process video of this here.

  • Magnus: *jokingly* So how's the prettiest person in the world?
  • Alex: I dunno. How are you?
  • Magnus: *chokes*
  • Alex: *oops* jUST rEmeMBeRED!!¡¡ pOTTerY tO Do!!!! gOTtA gO!!!
  • Alex: *walks away*
  • Magnus: Did she really mean that?
  • Alex: Did I really mean that?
Imagine your otp
  • Person C: *talking to Person A* "I'm telling you man they like you. "
  • Person B: "Hey guys what's up? "
  • Person A: *turns and kisses Person B right on the lips, turns back to Person C with a smug look* "See I told you-why are making that face? "
  • Person C: *points to a fainted Person B*
  • Person A: "Oh shit*

- “I will always come find you.”
- “You are the one who I always come back to.”

Send Me an Ask and I’ll Write You an AU

Send me an OTP and a color and I’ll write a short fic for you!

Red - Pirate AU

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Yellow- Dragon/Shapeshifter AU

Green- Flower Shop AU

Blue- Superhero AU

Purple- Royalty AU

Pink- Soulmate AU

White - Guardian Angel AU

Brown - Coffee Shop AU

Black - Spy/Assassin AU


I’ll never get over the fact that everything they say is so accurate.

  • Person A and B sneak into a party/club.
  • Person A: I think that guard spotted us.
  • Person B: I don't think he did, you're probably just paranoid.
  • --10 seconds latter--
  • Person A and B being chased down by the same Guard
  • Person A: I told you!
  • Person B: shut up! I have an idea
  • *jumps up on the stage*
  • Person B: Hey everyone! *Points vaguely to back of room* Don't freak, but there's a guy with a gun!!
  • *crowd freaks out*
  • Person A: You're crazy!
  • Person B: No, I'm a genius! Now let's get out of here while the guards are busy!

Jonsa AU: Poldark

(i don’t watch the show but basically i saw the promo photos for season 3 of poldark and gasped really loudly and then proceeded to make this at 1am in the morning. what are priorities?)