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Something that happened at my school today, but also imagine your OTP
  • Teacher: Compare answers with friends around you.
  • Boy: what if you don't have any friends?
  • Teacher: Then compare answers with your nemesis.
  • Boy; *sighs and turns towards the guy next to him WHO IS actually his friend* What did you get?
  • Guy next to him: *pushes the boys paper off the desk without looking up from his phone*
  • Boy: GOD DAMN IT


you’re having a really bad day and look up and kinda say, “please, please, please, someone help me”, and one minute later a guy with little horns pops up from NOWHERE and just goes, “man, you don’t know how fast angels are. like, daaaaaamn. can you believe I am feeling the tiniest bit exhausted? WOW”
apparently the Devil’s son heard your request and had to fight several angels just to arrive first and be your helping “guardian” because “you’re cute”.


Lorelai Gilmore Appreciation Week 2017
Day 2 | Favorite Relationship ➡ Lorelai and Luke

Well, all I can say is, you’re lucky I’m back in your life, because clearly you were lost without me. I mean, it’s a miracle you’re even still alive. Right? You bet.


the most supportive relationship

So @asktheboywholived  @sirussly and TT’s sister Oddoo did this Bellatrix and Fenrir power play post and it’s freaking incredible. Had to draw something based off of it because I have no self control. So here is TT as Fenrir and Oddoo as Bellatrix.

You can find the process video of this here.

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Amy giving some tips about eyeliner for Sonic ;v;

… I’m never gonna live this eyeliner thing down, am I? XD Well no putting an end to it now! Might as well feed the flame.

I imagine that when giving tips, she ends up giving tips for other kinds of make up in case Sonic might be interested in trying other things but he’s only really interested in eyeliner. However, he doesn’t stop her because he knows she’s just trying to help and he appreciates it. <3

I was also thinking about the first time he wanted to try eyeliner and he turns to Amy for help because who the heck else is he gonna ask?

ALTERNATIVELY, consider this: Maybe Sonic is self taught and he’s the one who gave AMY tips on eyeliner/helped her figure it out. ;0


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #32. Sam Puckett & Freddie Benson 

“I hate you.” “I hate you too.”