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Nezumi and Shion really get me. I love them. Separately and together. What a team. Nezumi finally loses his shit to someone worth losing it for after years of trusting no one, loving no one…Shion’s his challenge and he could never overcome him. Shion, the boy is loaded with love that needs no “I love you”, he shows it to Nezumi… or tells him something else, that he’s drawn to him. They really care about each other and I’m reading the novel right now to learn about that deeper level of love and characterization behind the surface of the anime.

  • THAT person/friend: *walks in* Oh hey, what's up? What're you doing?
  • Me: Uhh, browsing Klance. What does it look like? *thou should leave, peasant.*
  • THAT friend: Oh ew! So you're an anti?!? Freak!
  • Me: *you.. have my attention now...* W-what?!? No! Why would you think I'm an anti??
  • THAT friend: Well everyone knows that the Klance fandom is filled with antis. Klance is overrated anyway. But you wouldn't understand. You're an idiotic anti!!
  • Me: HEY!! Klance may be overrated, but that doesn't stop me from shipping it. I really love this ship, but that doesn't mean I'll attack others for not thinking the same!! Shipping is for fun and it's not supposed to be used as a means of threatening others.
  • THAT friend: But you don't like Sheith!!! You said so yourself!!
  • Me: Actually, I see Keith and Shiro as having a more brotherly relationship. Broganes. Besides, I HAVE in fact liked or reblogged (or both) cute Sheith stuff before.
  • THAT friend: Well, you're TOTALLY against Sh//aladin right? That's anti.
  • Me: Not EVERY relationship is a romantic one. I just see Shiro as more of a father or even idol figure to the paladins. It's still a close bond, but nothing really romantic... To be honest, I personally ship Shiro more with Allura or Matt. Shatt and Shallura are both good for the soul.
  • THAT friend: Kallura though? What do you have against THAT, HUH?
  • Me: I don't really see the chemistry there..? I mean I get that in all versions of Voltron before, Kallura was practically canon, but, in Legendary Defender I don't really see it. As I said, they're more just 'good friends' to me. That doesn't mean I have anything against the ship, it's just that I personally happen to dislike it. That doesn't mean anything though. Those who ship it can continue shipping it no problem! If it makes them happy, why would I want to take that away from them? Who am I to do that?
  • THAT friend: Well of course you're going to hate on any ship with PIDGE in it right? Because that's "pedophilia?"
  • Me: Well, no. Pidge don't need no man, nor woman. I just see her as that type of character. Her love is more of a family love. Close bonds with friends that fit into the 'you're like a brother to me' category. Lauren said herself that all ships are valid. Jut because someone ships someone else with Pidge with someone doesn't mean I'll hate on them for not having the same view point as me.
  • THAT friend: AND HUNK? Is his ass too PURE for your freaky anti shipping?
  • Me: (I'm not an anti shut upppp!!!) Well no, I more ship Hunk with Shay to be honest. I love Hunk, but he's more of a Mom Friend figure to the Voltron paladins and crew. He's sweet but I still see more of a close friendship.
  • THAT friend: Well what about Klance? Couldn't THAT be considered simply a 'close friendship?'
  • Me: Well.. yeah to be honest, it COULD. I found Klance before I found Voltron, so I guess that's just my own stupid bias. But even if I'd watched Voltron first, I would've shipped Klance, I'm sure of that. No matter what anyone says, it IS true that they even each out nicely. Just because someone else doesn't ship it doesn't mean I'll make an attempt to chop their head off, even though Klance is my OTP. If it even becomes canon, that's just an added bonus. The creators ARE leaning in that general direction right now, but heck, that could change, right? It's just my opinion and it's not gonna change, but I'm not going to hurt someone else for dissing it, even though I don't agree.
  • THAT friend: *scoff* Whatever, freak anti.
  • Me: *sigh* Listen, I don't know where you got this anti thing from, but just because some Klance shippers are anti doesn't mean ALL of them are. All ships and fandoms in general have antis, and though none of us like it, it's just a thing we'll have to deal with. All we can do is be nice and try not to bite each others' heads off, but DON'T make the mistake that everyone in a certain category must be this or that. It's not right and you have to accept that. Believe me, if I had ANY control over this discourse, I'd try to do everything in my power to at least make it better. Unfortunately, I'm just one person over the internet, so I can't do much accept sitting back, watching, and putting in my shitty opinion here and there.
  • THAT friend: ... You had to get deep, didn't you?
  • Me: Huehuehue, fuk u 2.

Do you guys ever read a fic and there’s that moment in the middle where your OTP is SO happy and it makes you so happy and then you realize there’s like more than 6 chapters left and you just KNOW another heartbreaking conflict is coming and you try to prepare yourself for the angst then you keep reading and the thing happens and you’re just SCREAMING “I WASNT READY”


And all I ever needed was the one. Like freedom fields where wild horses run. When stars collide like you and I, no shadows block the sun. You’re all I’ve ever needed, baby, you’re the one.

Happy Valentine’s Day, @those70scomics / @thestupidhelmet! Part ½ ~

Look at all that lava, holy fuck. Like… that’s… a lot of lava, holy shit, what the fuck. 

I mean, I love volcanoes but like, that is beyond the point where I’m like YES WE SHOULD TOTALLY STAY HERE. 

But you know Hiccup Haddock, he’s like LET’S JUST FLY RIGHT AT THE FUCKING THING. 

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Baz:</b> There are 21 letters in the alphabet, right?<p/><b>Simon:</b> *smiling because he knows where Baz is going* No, there are 26.<p/><b>Baz:</b> Oh, I must have forgotten about I M A Q T...<p/><b>Simon:</b> <p/><b>Baz:</b> <p/><b>Simon:</b> I'm done with you...<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Scarecrow: Hello?
  • Riddler: Hey, what's up
  • Scarecrow: I need your help, can you come here?
  • Riddler: Uh. I can't, I'm buying clothes.
  • Scarecrow: Alright, well hurry up and come over here.
  • Riddler: I can't find them.
  • Scarecrow: What do you mean you can't find them?
  • Riddler: I can't find them. There's only soup.
  • Scarecrow: What do you mean "There's only soup?"
  • Riddler: I mean there's only soup.
  • Riddler: Alright. You don't have to shout at me. (moves to next aisle)
  • Riddler: There's just more soup!
  • Scarecrow: Go into the next aisle!
  • Riddler: (moves to the next aisle) There's still soup!
  • Scarecrow: Where are you right now?!
  • Riddler: I'm at soup!
  • Scarecrow: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE "AT SOUP"?!
  • Riddler: I MEAN I'M AT SOUP!
  • Scarecrow: WHAT STORE ARE YOU IN?!
  • Riddler: I'M AT THE SOUP STORE!
  • Riddler: FUCK YOU!!


“I can’t quite believe yet that I’m really here again.”

“Me neither… and yet I’m incredibly happy that you are.”


I felt sad yesterday so I decided to draw the nerds to cheer me up :’) I’ve missed them a lot <3

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malec headcannon: its 30 yrs from now. alec still insists on washing dishes by hand. sometimes magnus portals back from his high warlock stuff and alec is in sweatpants, vacuuming the apartment and humming.

yes yes, i can definitely see both of them doing the dishes the non-magical way unless they’re exhausted or it’s one of those ‘we haven’t seen each other for more than 5 minutes at a time in the last week’ kinda evening where dishes are the absolute last thing on their mind. some days it’s a quiet thing, just the two of them getting this little domestic task done while standing shoulder by shoulder, sharing warm looks and familiar smiles. other days it’s fun, it’s laughter, it’s bubbles all over the place, it’s them taking an hour to wash two pans, their plates and their cutlery because they keep joking around instead of actually doing the dishes. 

but also i see your alec vacuuming and humming, and i raise you: magnus and alec, vacuuming, mopping the floor, dusting off the chandeliers while dancing around and singing along to their 80s playlist. again, having more fun than actually being productive. i’m talking alec using the floor mop as a mic stand as he shouts the lyrics to it’s raining men. i’m talking magnus jamming out to we build this city as he pretends to play guitar using the duster. i’m talking a grand duet of nothing gonna stop us now as they clean the windows, both of them smiling like fools as they look at each other at the part where the song goes “and if this world runs out of lovers, we’ll still have each other”. i’m talking them finishing up, magnus being pulled to the middle of the living room by alec before he has a chance to sit down just as i wanna dance with somebody starts playing through the speakers, and they end they end up dancing around the loft for the next half hour, sharing laughter and quick breathless kisses, before collapsing on the sofa side by side. it might have taken them all day to clean 1.7 rooms, but as they sit there, both of them exhausted but so so happy, smiling at each other, none of them can even begin to care that they didn’t get around to visit that place where they had planned to eat dinner. because right then and there, they wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else in the world.

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I totally feel like Scott and stiles made out before maybe like when they were younger or drunk just out of pure curiosity and I don't feel like it was ever awkward between them they love each other sm and their so close n idk I miss em 😭

you are absolutely right to feel this way. scott and stiles started kissing when they were very very young. at first it just kinda happened naturally like, i read this headcanon or maybe fic where one of them, let’s say scott, is just so used to getting kisses from people he loves that as a tiny child he just picked it up and passed it onto stiles, kissing him all the time just to show he’s happy. kissing him hello and kissing him when he laughs and when he thanks him for sharing his toys and when leaves the stilinski house after their play dates. when he first does it stiles laughs and asks what he’s doing, only his mom kisses him like that. and scott just shrugs and smiles and says that’s what his whole family does, any time they say hello or goodbye or really just any time they’re happy. but stiles really likes it anyway so he grins right back and smooches scott while they both tumble down giggling.

once they start real school though they realize it isn’t really, well, normal for friends to be kissing all the time like that, so they just sorta stop for awhile. they don’t even talk about it it just kinda happens one day, scott runs up to stiles at his cubby to say good morning and gives him a peck, a little bounce in his step as he reaches up for the kid’s forehead. but he looks down perplexed cuz stiles has this weird look on his face, and his gaze is past scott’s shoulder to the kids behind him, who are staring and starting to whisper. stiles mumbles good morning and ducks his head down, scurrying around scott to get to his seat on the carpet in front of the teacher. after that it only takes a few minutes before they’re squirming side by side on the floor, whispering in each other’s ears and poking each other’s legs and giggling again like always. scott figures it was just first day jitters earlier, everything’s back to normal.

for the next few years their affection transfers from baby kisses to general young boy roughhousing, shoving and slapping and tumbling around to get the energy out. absent touches and caresses just happen all the time- scott knows when stiles needs to feel him close to calm his nerves, a soft rub on the back of his neck or between his thumb and index finger can do wonders. stiles knows when scott’s feeling down and just what he needs to perk up, knows how to get that smile back on his face just by slinging his arm over scott’s shoulder and pulling him close.

when they discover alcohol for the first time it’s like the curtain is finally dropped, like those invisible barriers they thought they’d built for the world were really just that- invisible, incorporeal, not real. all it takes is one shot from the sheriff’s liquor cabinet and they’re rolling around on the floor in front of the tv, laughing up a lung and clinging to each other like the ground is about to drop out from underneath them. scott’s face is in his neck and stiles can hear his heart pounding outside his chest when he feels scott’s breath ghost his skin and the goosebumps rise under the cool air. he almost panics but scott takes that second to tug him closer, wrapping his legs around stiles like a pretzel and clasping his hands together behind him. scott can feel stiles’ heart beating too, and then he feels his friend’s fingers in his hair, fanning out to rub the base of his neck like he usually does for stiles. scott picks up his head slowly to look stiles in the eye, and they lie there like that for a few minutes in silence, syncing their breaths into a gentle rhythm.

‘you know what?’ stiles says
‘what?’ scott breathes.
‘i’m sorry i didn’t kiss you back.’
‘what do you mean?’
‘that day, that first day of school, i.. i…. i panicked.’
‘what? you mean like back in first grade? how do you even remember…’
‘i never forgot.’
‘i never forgot, and i’m sorry.’

scott stares at him and listens to the silence hanging in the air.

‘can i… can i make it up to you?’

scott doesn’t even have a chance to answer. he doesn’t know what these kinds of kisses are supposed to feel like, but if he gets to have this with stiles he’ll take it for as long as he can.

Ash and Gary 10 years later
  • -Professor Oak's Laboratory, morning-
  • Videophone: *ring ring*
  • Gary: Oak's La...
  • Ash: Oh hello Gary!
  • Gary: Hi Ash.
  • Ash: How are you doin'? Sorry for not callin' for a few days...
  • Gary: You mean few weeks.
  • Ash: Oh, damn, sorry. Completely lost my track of time with that new pokemon legaue and stuff...
  • Gary: Uh-huh.
  • Ash: Sooo... Um... Yeah, about that, I got a little problem here... Can you send me water-type pokemon?
  • Gary: *rolls his eyes* I can't believe it! You went to Alola without swimming pokemon?
  • Ash: I've kinda forgot to pick one back at home lol.
  • Gary: I'm suprised that you didn't forget your brains back at home.
  • *awkward silence for a few seconds*
  • *keyboatd typing sounds*
  • Ash: You know... I thnik i did.
  • Gary: Huh?
  • Ash: That time when i saw you in my bedroom wearing only lab coat... Pretty sure that's where my mind have been since.
  • Gary: *snort* You're an ass.
  • Ash: Lol x)
  • Gary: All right, sweet talker, i've sent you a Lapras. This should do the trick... Come back soon ok?
  • Ash: I'll try.) Love you!
  • Gary: Same here, Ashy.


why I ship theon/robb

or: a sadomasochist exercise in sunday morning meta for the anon who left me some asoiaf questions here, sorry if it’s taking me ages to reply.

so, one of those questions was why theon/robb. beware for the wordvomit.

general premises first out of the way: they fit a good number of my tropes of choice (as in, I tend to ship best friends with very close relationships/character a who has a fairly unhealthy life and his only healthy-ish rship is with b a lot of the time, and I apparently like age gaps as well sooo, or at least half of the stuff I ship has an age gap I don’t do that consciously though) so like, it’s also fitting in some of the patterns I notoriously like.

but other than personal preferences (also sorry if I end up linking some meta I previously wrote but if I rehash everything it becomes extra long) there’s the part where this two doomed idiots have the most fucking beautiful and tragic relationship ever and it’s built in such an exquisitely cruel way I can’t even with them and they’re so important to each other even if they should have never been and guys listen I just - okay let’s just do the list.

  • instance one: these two idiots were best friends and they should have never been. by all logic theon should have hated robb just on account of being related to the person who is holding him hostage and the reason he’s been pretty much eradicated from his homeland. and robb should have disliked theon just on account of his heritage never mind that robb was probably discouraged from befriending him throughout his life and people didn’t understand why he actually hung out with theon. also in canon they have an age gap that might have been an issue, because I mean, four years are nothing when you’re both in your twenties but in between kids/teenagers they’re not a small gap, especially teenagers. instead they weren’t just friends, they were close enough that robb was more of a brother to theon than his real ones let’s just have that sink in for a moment. that’s also because robb was a westeros saint for the standards and didn’t look at surnames when judging people (and there goes my other theory, as in, he liked theon that much because theon was genuine just with him and theon at his genuine is the person who ends up saving jeyne poole when he has to take that decision, but I’m gonna shut up before I word-vomit for the next two years while I drown in my tears).
  • instance two: their storylines are a complete masterpiece of literary crafting, because not only they’re intertwined in the best and worst ways and everything is connected in the most tragic way, but they’re actually very well-placed foils. as, in if you look at it it’s just - we have theon who goes back home genuinely wanting his plan to succeed so that both robb and his family get what they want and they’re peers. at the same time he’s still riled up over robb being angry at him when he saved bran’s life, but that is one of the reasons robb brought up to cat to justify his decision - as in, theon can be trusted because he saved bran LIKE. then theon, in order to get the love/respect of his family (and no one except  his sister deserves his efforts tbh because his dad had already written him off the moment he was taken hostage) ends up betraying the only person who ever gave that to him without him needing to prove anything. but at the same time when he conquered winterfell he was like ‘well robb can be king in the trident who am I to take that from him’ (SERIOUSLY THEON DO YOU THINK YOU’D HAVE EXCHANGED FRUIT BASKETS) while robb didn’t go back home at once because even with the betrayal he thought theon could never harm his brothers. and theon faked it, technically, but that was what pushed robb to sleep with jeyne and therefore served tywin & co a pretext for the red wedding on a silver platter. this when no one else would have risked a war for the likes of a jeyne westerling… same as no one would have risked their life for the likes of a jeyne poole *cough*. meanwhile that entire stint ends up with theon getting tortured and robb dying and what does theon realize before doing the Right Thing and saving jeyne poole? yeah, that he should have been with robb. who died because of a jeyne no one cared about, while theon is currently living also because he saved a jeyne no one cared about. I honestly can’t handle that okay I mean it’s just so well put together and thought-out I can’t even. I just love it on both technical and feels-inducing plane.
  • instance three: even after all the betrayal they still cared about each other in frankly ridiculously tear-inducing ways - as in, there’s a part in asos where roose bolton gives robb news of what happened at winterfell (long before the piece of prince thing) and robb is completely distressed when asking what happened to theon (and roose noted that he looked upset, but not in the angry way), and later when roose gives him the piece of skin from theon’s finger robb is basically wanting to vomit in his face and tells him he doesn’t want theon tortured. meanwhile if you take care to notice, in the reek povs in adwd as I think @capitaineblackbird once noted, robb’s name shows up more than theon’s actual name and even when he’s supposed to be reek he thinks about robb more often than he thinks about his life pre-ramsay. 
  • instance four: the way acok theon pre-meeting his dad is just so fucking gone re robb makes me cry because I mean, first he goes like ‘well yeah I have a certain affection for him but I shouldn’t mention it’ and then proceeds to mention how much they’re friends and how awesome robb is to just about anyone. including his uncle and father. like he honestly can’t keep himself from doing it and if you compare it with the way robb defends his decision to send him to cat I just cry again and curse balon for being an unreasonable idiot who could have just made everyone happy by going with theon’s plan. yeaah.
  • instance five: guys robb is about the longest lasting healthy relationship that theon ever had with anyone because they knew each other ten year straight and it was the longest theon ever stayed in one place, and not counting his mom and partially his sister he didn’t have a healthy relationship with any of his relatives I honestly can’t with the knowledge that he had to throw it away for people who couldn’t give a damn, mostly.
  • every other instance: theon was on robb’s war council when most probably no one else in it thought it was a good idea (and they laughed about roose bolton together christ guys), theon was the one robb was with after knowing ned had died (GUYS MY FEELS), grey wind pretty much wanted to at least attempt to rip the throat out of everyone who was later involved in the red wedding but he never had that reaction to theon guess why, theon not only wishes he was with robb, he wishes he had… died with robb, and let’s just remember that robb died in the worst possible way anyone could. I mean, he doesn’t just want to talk things out, he wishes he had died in that massacre. robb spent pretty much two thirds of his life since he was five being friends with him because he liked him that much when everyone else didn’t understand what he saw in the guy and wouldn’t go back to take his castle even after the first betrayal because that was how much he was sure it was supposed to be a misundestanding.
  • then I have to live with the knowledge that robb never actually knew that theon never technically harmed his brothers or destroyed his home. grrm is fucking cruel guys. and theon has to live with the knowledge that they can never straighten things out, which isn’t that much better at this point.

the above reasons are enough to send me into throbb hell but honestly I’m complete trash for this kind of relationship and I’m complete trash for how much they cared for each other whichever way you want to look at it and again, robb was probably the one person who really knew theon beyond his coping methods/the image he fronted to everyone else and guys, I just really love this ship okay.

also it’s about the one thing about both characters they got right in the show, except for the entire part where they didn’t understand their storylines were foils and so they completely missed that train, but that’s another story altogether I guess. DDD: