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❤️These two and their beautiful grand romantic gestures.❤️

He Goes, I Go.  That’s right, I’ll give up my job, my reputation, my family up until this point, and I would probably cut off a limb, for Mike Ross.

Just a reminder that:

Harvey chose Mike out of a room full of actual Harvard grads.
Harvey walked into an apartment and confronted a man with a gun to save Trevor for Mike (and made Mike wait outside.)
Harvey covered for Mike when he screwed up a case.
Harvey threatened Louis to protect Mike.
Harvey stood up to Jessica for Mike and told her to give Mike the benefit of the doubt.
Harvey lied to Jessica to protect Mike.
Harvey clearly loves Jessica, but still chose Mike over her.
Harvey chose Mike over his career a million times (”He goes, I go.”)
Harvey threatened Hardman to protect Mike.
Harvey refused to fire Mike when Jessica told him to. 
Harvey told Mike he was proud of him.
Harvey took Mike to Atlantic City.
Harvey couldn’t name a single associate besides Mike when Donna asked him to (”the blonde one”, “Mike Ross.”)
Harvey checked on Mike after his grandmother died, got high with him, talked about his own family to make Mike feel better.
Harvey was thinking about Mike and even Jessica could tell because “who else would it be?”
Harvey chose Mike over Donna during the memo debacle.
Harvey took Mike’s side when Rachel cheated with Logan.
Harvey threatened to beat up Tess’s husband for hitting Mike.
Harvey literally blackmailed a dozen people to protect Mike’s secret.
Harvey lets Mike stroll into his apartment, sleep on his couch, eat his food, drink his whiskey, and doesn’t care when Mike leaves dirty dishes in his sink.
Harvey chose Mike over Scottie.
Harvey wanted Mike to knows that he trusts him.
Harvey didn’t want Mike to quit and work for Sidwell.
Harvey begged Jessica to let Mike come back to the firm.
Harvey came to work early and pushed right past Jessica to see Mike when he came back.
Harvey squeezed Mike’s shoulder to comfort him.
Harvey tried to warn Mike about Forstman.
Harvey took Mike out to dinner to get him to stop worrying when Rachel was in the hospital.
Harvey yelled at Mike to let him take the fall for the fraud the first time Mike was questioned. (”This is on me!”)
Harvey bribed people to protect Mike.
Harvey begged Mike to come back to him when Mike left to work for Louis (”You’re going back where you belong.”)
Harvey was annoyed that Mike got engaged to Rachel because jealousy.
Harvey said Mike deserved his promotion, that an army couldn’t have kept him from voting for him, and had a nameplate made for him.
Harvey told Mike he was family and hugged him and teared up when Mike walked away.
Harvey got Mike out of jail.
Harvey went up against Anita Gibbs for Mike and tried to trade himself for Mike’s freedom.
Harvey was willing to perjure himself for Mike.
Harvey let Mike represent himself because he never says ‘no’ to him.
Harvey called Mike “my guy” three times.
Harvey RAN to stop Mike from taking the plea deal.
Harvey didn’t tell Mike he was found not guilty because “it would’ve broken you.”
Harvey said “Mike’s throwing his whole life away and there’s nothing I can do about it,” and “I’M TRYING TO PROTECT MIKE!”
Harvey was scared Mike couldn’t defend himself in prison and let Mike punch him.
Harvey still tried to go to prison for Mike.
Harvey drove Mike to prison to say goodbye, and hugged him (even tho the writers cut that scene because they’re all satan.) 

Harvey is just generally fucking gone for him. 

Look at this domestic bliss. 

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1x01 // 6x16 


Did we throw it all away? Did we throw it all away? We walk through the fire. Is there a way out? Is there a way out? 


|| 3x15 // 6x13 


4x01 // 6x15 -  “A true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets, no lies.”


|| Just a Bro™ threatening to frame someone to protect his other Bro™


Nailed it! 

Inspired by Mike’s first thought being Harvey, always Harvey.

anonymous asked:

So now youve seen it what did you think of the last scene? I know in ur post you said you were disappointed but they cut out a hug befor ehe went in and now they dont hug when he comes out? How does that make sense?


ummm. okay, i’m gonna be honest with this instead of being a sarcastic asshole lol. 

the last scene left a really sour taste in my mouth, and before everyone jumps on my back and says “BUT RACHEL N MIKE ARE CANON!!! SO IT MAKES SENSE!!1!111!” - yes, I know that Rachel and Mike’s relationship is canon. Mike and Rachel love each other, they’re (for the most part) happy together, and under no circumstance do I think Mike and Harvey will happen in the show, realistically speaking. I am not deluded, nor am I an idiot.

But as a viewer, I am invested in a relationship between Mike Ross, the fraudulent lawyer, and Harvey “I don’t care about anyone–wait, who is this little shit that’s sneaked under the wire? God damn it” Specter.

They are family. And whilst I understand that, of course, Mike’s fiancee should’ve been there, I also think that as a man who has done nothing but work to get Mike out of prison, as a man who has done nothing but stress, and panic, and fret, and fear for his best friend’s safety (his family’s safety) and as a man who must’ve been so relieved to see Mike Goddamn Ross walk out of those prison gates, never to look back, I was surprised that Harvey didn’t hug him.

And I was surprised that, instead, they exchanged a formal handshake. Like a deal had been made, when the dialogue was more than touching. We did it. They’re a team. It wasn’t you did it, or I did it, it was we. They are no longer individuals, they are we

However, having said that, I’m happy enough that the first person Mike sees, the first face Mike Ross sees the second he leaves that hellhole, is Harvey. That he sees the one person who didn’t stop thinking about him for a second, who didn’t give up on him, who gave everything he had to fight, who came through on every goddamn promise made to that kid while he was inside, who gave him the fire of hope in pit of his stomach. Because that’s what Harvey Specter is.

He’s the man who threatened to kill another for Mike’s safety, and he’s the man who would lay down his life for Mike, and I thought it was very important to have that man be the first one Mike sees. Because to me, in that final scene, yes Mike saw Rachel, hugged Rachel, kissed Rachel, it made sense that he’d do that with his fiancee. But he saw her second.

But the first person he saw, the first person he spoke to as a free man, the first smile he shared once he’d left prison, was with Harvey. And that, my friend, is tactfully (and subtly) putting Harvey above Rachel. Otherwise, it would’ve been Rachel greeting Mike at the gates, but Mike was happy enough to see Harvey. Rachel was just the cherry on top.

(wow i answered a question seriously lmaooo)