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jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


So I’ve always been obsessed with @modmad ‘s art style and her comics, and to sorta congratulate her on her awesome kickstarter for TPOH, I wanted to draw her a little MagicStone! (Also I just wanted an excuse to draw Gladstone’s hair but woah woops it turned into this, great)


kdrama women’s week, day 8: age of youth lovefest
↳ favourite couple: yoon jin myung x kang yi na


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || Come on Down to My Boat, Baby (14x06)

I don’t want to hide anymore. I’m ready to fight my own battles. I’m gonna file for divorce from Paul.

You sure?…I love you.

You smell like fish guts.

Saphael Fanfic Rec 2.0

A Saphael Fest.

More writing goodies from amazing writers.

As always, if you know any of the authors and tag them, that would be very much appreciated

A Daisy instead of a glass shoe by @soft-saphael

Tumblr prompt: runaway prince!simon and commoner!rapahel

Two weeks from his coronation and three from his wedding to Princess Isabelle of Idris, the Prince of New York found himself on a park bench in Brooklyn. His face buried in the palms of his hand as his phone continued to ring.
Deep breaths. Deep breathes. Deep- the phone is laying in pieces on the concrete walkway in shattered fragments.

“You’re a little far from the palace” A slightly accented voice said, from out of the corner of his eyes Simon saw black leather.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh I’m sorry your highness, I apologize for not bowing” The boy snorted.

“Please, just leave me alone” Simon huffed tiredly.

A First Date (Kind of. Almost.) by SnogboxesAndChips

Simon is always looking for excuses to be near Raphael. When he finally finds a suitable excuse, he walks in on Raphael doing something that Simon would have never thought Raphael would do. He was cooking.

And every road you take (will always lead you home) by @woodenhallslikecaskets

For Raphael’s 55th birthday Magnus gifts him a portal that leads to 1956.

Brooklyn, NY 1956: he meets a beautiful boy by the name of Simon Lewis. They’ve never met before but Raphael feels like he could love him. They could fall in love.

Break of the light by @makehomesofhumans

Simon’s eyes sparked to life as he was being dangled over the edge of a building. He sighed, because that was just his luck.

But who would love a monster, anyway? By @spendeonswithyou

As he learns later, loving Simon hurts. It’s making his dead heart want to beat again, destroying the remaining bits and pieces of his soul.

Or the Soulmate AU in which you can feel your soulmate’s pain.

Customer Satisfaction by kuro1neko2kun

‘You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

Darling, you’re all I need by @anjawritingsx

Simon and Raphael are happy together, that is until Simon forgets their 8th year anniversary.
Raphael is left heartbroken and Magnus and Alec try to pick up the pieces.

Does that mean you’ve a really bad crush on me too? By milleniumlint

Simon wants Raphael to understand he has feelings for him but he’s not so obvious like he thinks he is.

Dreaming of You (endlessly) by Nubian_Reese

Corazón—His heart. He loves Simon so much it hurts. His beauty, his optimism, it’s a sea of good and Raphael does nothing but dive right in. And he is not ashamed, because Simon is a gift. God’s gift, and sometimes Raphael can’t believe what they have together is real, but when Simon leans down and kisses him, hands running through each other’s hair skimming down backs, and gripping hips, Raphael lives in every sense and knows that this is real.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

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Imagine Jake and Amy going shopping in a toys store for Gina’s daughter’s birth…

  • Amy is so happy to be here with Jake, and she can’t hide her smile as they go inside the store hand-in-hand because last time she was there, it was for Gina’s baby shower and she had to pick the gift ALONE and she didn’t know if SHE was going to have a future with the love of her life because you know, he was in jail and maybe wouldn’t come back for YEARS.
  • But now he’s here with her, and they’re ENGAGED as the ring on her finger reminds her of (as if she needed a reminder of it anyways…), and she knows someday it’ll be their turn – they’ll have children of their own.
  • She can’t help but complain about how the toys are gendered because if Gina’s daughter wants to be a pirate SHE CAN BE A PIRATE WHY SHOULD IT BE FOR BOYS ONLY and of course Jake gets outraged with her.
  • At some point they arrive in the dolls section and Jake takes one and talks to Amy through it, calling her ‘mommy’ and other stupid ramblings 1x01-stylez but she doesn’t get annoyed and leave this time, only smile at how cute her fiancé is.
  • They really just fool around the store for a long time, joking and laughing and playing with everything you can play with there ‘Amy look at this it’s so cool!’ ‘God where did that sound come from, why is this dog talking and asking me to rub is back now?!’ and there’s this feeling never leaving their hearts as they don’t have to word it to know they think about the same: they can’t wait for the day they’ll go toys shopping for their own childrend.

anonymous asked:

Wheres 👏 my 👏 hs au👏 andreil

right here, right now, sam is gonna give u that good hs au andreil content we all need and love while sj is Slep

i implore you, for a half a second, to imagine a vacation to england with the monsters involved. neil likes to call it the motherland. two out of three californians are not prepared for the cold of england in the dead of winter.

they suffer.

these are their stories.

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iris - the goo goo dolls // better together - jack johnson // the scientist - coldplay // silhouette - aquilo // you are in love - travis atreo // say something - a great big world (ft. christina aguilera) // kiss me - ed sheeran // sleeping in my t-shirt - zak waters // thinking about you - edwin raphael // tennyson - adam barnes // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // love at first sight - the brobecks // she is love - parachute

Random dialogue prompts!

“I know who you are.”
“I’m talking to a bar of soap.”
“Just close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
“Well, it’s not TECHNICALLY illegal!”
“Are you gonna want this back or can I keep it?”
“Stop focusing on the bad things, it’s the good things that keep us going.”
“Wait, you’re not dead.”
“Yeah? Well one day these tears are gonna punch you in the face!!!”
“What are you in for?”

If next season of the 100 shows that Bellamy and Raven had a baby together over the time jump then I’ll take back every bad word I ever said about this show just tbh


you with me? always. - a three part bellamy/raven mix

part 1: bellamy’s pov [listen]

new heights - a fine frenzy // pioneer of your heart - jmr // evening ceremony - active child // samson - regina spektor // closer - fka twigs // from eden - hozier // life support - sam smith // forever love (digame) - anna nalick // i’m like a lawyer with the way i’m always trying to get you off (me & you) - fall out boy // fire - ingrid michaelson // kaleidoscope - the script // don’t swallow the cap - the national // technicolour beat - oh wonder // the end of all things - panic! at the disco // i feel it coming (ft. daft punk) - the weeknd // passenger seat - death cab for cutie

part 2: raven’s pov [listen]

400 lux - lorde // soldier - ingrid michaelson // guns out - young the giant // superstar - broods // i’m yours - alessia cara // trust fall (down we go remix by jensen sportag) - madi diaz // state of grace - taylor swift // who’d have known - lily allen // everything we touch - say lou lou // hours - fka twigs // livewire - oh wonder // morningside - sara bareilles // last dance - dua lipa // young god - halsey // collar full - panic! at the disco // words - naaz

part 3: the two of them, together [listen]

TALK ME DOWN - troye sivan // american money - børns // animal love i - charlene kaye // back to earth (feat. fall out boy) - steve aoki // garden grays - wildcat! wildcat! // for the first time - the script // alarms in the heart - dry the river // love you more - alexi murdoch // cutty love - milo greene // neighborhood #1 (tunnels) - arcade fire // sway - anna of the north // non believer - crash kings // keep me - lucy schwartz // conrad - ben howard

lyrics under the cut:

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