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An Actual Scene From Supernatural:

Dean: Cas! *laughs* Damn, it’s good to see you.
Dean: [brushes a finger across Cas’ cheek] Nice peach fuzz.

Castiel: How did you find me.
Dean: The bloody way. You feeling okay?

Benny: Why’d you bail on Dean?
Dean: [defensively] Dude.
Benny: The way I hear it you two hit monster land and hot wings here took off. I figure he owes you some back story.
Dean: Look, we were surrounded, okay? Some freak jumped Cas, obviously he kicked it’s ass, right?
Cas: [ashamed] No.
Dean: [dumbfounded] What?
Cas: I ran away.
Dean: [disbelieving] You ran away??
Cas: I had to.
Dean: That’s your excuse for leaving me with those gorilla wolves?
Cas: Dean.
Dean: You bailed out and what, went camping? - I prayed to you Cas, every night.
Cas: I know.
Dean: You know and you didn’t… [taken aback] what the hell’s wrong with you?
Cas: I am an angel in a land of abominations. There have been things hunting me from the moment we arrived.
Dean: Join the club!
Cas: These are not just monsters, Dean, they’re leviathan! I have a price on my head, and I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead of them, to… to keep them away from you. That’s why I ran.
Dean: [relaxes] [understands]

Dean: Hold on, hold on. Cas, we’re getting out of here. We’re going home. 
Cas: Dean, I can’t.
Dean: You can.

Dean: Hey, we’ll figure it out. Cas, buddy, I need you.
Cas: [brokenly] Dean…


Dean: Let me bottom-line it for you. I’m not leaving here without you. Understand?
Cas: I understand.


OTP: I realized I already have a family 4/?:  Zero, Mr. Strictly Business

It’s not deep, Jude, because I don’t make it deep. I don’t do relationships. We can keep having fun… or not. Up to you.

What will happen next episode
  • Clarke: No... No! I missed it. I missed the launch. They're gone... he's gone... *her eyes start to water*
  • Bellamy: *makes a dramatic ass entrance from behind* Did you seriously thought I would leave you?
  • Clarke: *turns around quickly still with watering eyes, tries to smile, but instead she just runs and hugs him*
  • ~Meanwhile in the spaceship some seconds later after Bellamy got out~
  • E.cho: *starts to unbotton the seatbelt* Well um... you know I don't really like space that much. I think I should stay...
  • Raven: Oh no sit the fuck down, you're coming with us.
  • E.cho: But I'm only here because of Bellamy! There's no reason for me to go if he's staying!
  • Raven: Um sorry, yes there is. We're saving you. And besides our OTP will become canon, and we're not letting you ruin that. Now, sit down and put the seatbelt on. It's going to be a heavy ride.

seiyoko  asked:

I'm here to expose you and the fact we can never truly leave tkg hell

some context: kiera’s been making fun of me and calling me a fool because my 2 biggest otps are yoonseok

and hidekane

and i haven’t noticed the similarities in their dynamics until hoseok bleached his hair :’)

now that there’s a chance hide might be coming back it’s all getting out of hand and we’re realizing we’re still stuck in tkg hell 

also you suck at calling people out why do i have to do all the work 


this episode killed me, i am dead

also here’s the ao3 link


Dean sinks to his knees, the grass crunching beneath them.

Cas isn’t dead. He isn’t dead.

He grabs Cas’ hand. It’s cold and clammy.


Dean glances down at the ground around him, at the imprint of Cas’ wings burned into the uneven ground, and his throat closes up.

“Cas,” he says, his voice shaky. “Cas, come on.”

Don’t leave me.

“Please, please, Cas, wake up.”

We need you here.

Dean’s hands shake as he grips Cas’ hands, his knuckles turning white.

“Cas, please.”

I need you here.

Dean brings Cas’ hand to his lips, and for a moment, he leaves it there.

“Cas, I need you, buddy.”

Tears burn at his eyes.

“I need you to be here, okay? I need you to be safe, I need you to come home. I need you to be alive.”

The space is silent, save for the wind whistling through the trees.

The next thing Dean says is barely a whisper.

“Cas, buddy, I love you.”

When there is no response, Dean breaks down.

He puts his head down on Cas’ stomach, and his body shakes with quiet sobs.

Dean is still clenching Cas’ hand.

Cold, and lifeless.


   muscle memory    { a dirty edm rovinsky mix; for @platoapproved }

Something black simmered inside Ronan, slow and ugly. His voice was cyanide and kerosene as he said, “What’s going to happen is I’m going to beat that car and then I’m going to get out of this car and then I’m going to beat the shit out of you.”
“Three-hundred-twenty horses say you’re wrong, man.”


Secret Santa!AU

Pairing: MinKey (but really… my OT5 feels were out of control)
Length: 1k~
Rating: PG
Warning: This will make more sense if you’ve watched One Fine Day. Its set in the December following their OFD recordings (which happened in November for MinKey). I guess this is canon? Also… this is probably part one of three? But I don’t know yet lol

Summary: Minho’s gonna get Key the perfect present this year. 

“Nooooooo!” Taemin whined loudly as he unfolded the small slip of paper in his hands. Instantly, the rest of the band knew who he’d gotten for Secret Santa. Jonghyun and Jinki chuckled at Taemin’s misfortune and Key rolled his eyes. At the very least, this was the first time that it happened to Taemin.

They’d started doing a gift exchange during their trainee days because they were all short on money, but they’d kept up the tradition even after they’d received their first paycheck from SM. The five of them were all oddly sentimental about all the struggles they had been through as a group, each tradition they upheld and even the new ones they started were pleasant reminders of where they started and how they hope to grow together.

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“If I read our story backwards, it’s about how I un-broke your heart, and then we were happy until one day, you forgot about me forever.” -Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Happy Birthday, Vivian!!


have some TEW artdump cuz i have nothing new worth its own post and i hate this game


Think about it, Doctor. One last day with your beloved. Which day would you choose?

Christmas. Christmas Day

For The First Time In Forever Reprise: Jason Grace
  • Nico: Jason, I'm not going to talk about this with you.
  • Jason: Nico! Please don't shut the feelings out again,Please don't slam the door. You don't have to keep your distance from Percy anymore.
  • Nico: JASON NO
  • Jason: Cause for the first time in forever, I finally understand, For the first time in forever, you and Jackson can be hand in hand. We can set you two up together. You don't have to be gay in fear. 'Cause for the first time in forever, I will be right here
  • Nico: Jason, Please go away, your life awaits. Ship people on the Argo 2 and make them go on dates.
  • Jason: Yeah, but -
  • Nico: I know, You mean well, but leave me be
  • Yes, I'm alone, so stop this OTP. Just stay away, don't mention the son of the sea God around me!
  • Jason: Actually I can't
  • Nico: What do you mean you can't?
  • Jason: I get the feeling you don't know
  • Nico: What do I not know!?!
  • Jason: I will go down with this ship... Bro