otp: i'm never going to forget you


it’s good to be seen, little witch


NO. 6 by  A t s u k o  A s a n o 

Nezumi’s arm slid around his waist. “Hold onto me. No matter what happens, never let go.

“Nezumi, what—”

W e ’ r e  g o i n g  t o  h e l l  t o g e t h e r .” The arm around his waist grew tighter. “B u t  w e ’ r e  c o m i n g  b a c k  a l i v e . Don’t forget that, Shion”

  • Clara: *dies*
  • The Doctor: *punches wall and ends up forgetting about her*
  • River: I'm going to die...
  • The Doctor: Not one living thing is worth you- so here is a 24+ year happily ever after and I will not save you but give you an eternal heaven because I have learned from my mistake with Clara and I never want to forget about the moments we have spent together...they mean too much to me.
  • Me: *dies but then comes back* Don't forget Moff basically flat out said all you two did was do the deed almost the whole time-spoilers!