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sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosimocontessina: “You’re right, I’m 100% in the wrong.The truth is I’m the one that’s not tough enough to be in here. I mean, watching the woman I love unarmed, locked up with all these murderers… it’s just too much for me.”


Plance draws ;///u///;;;
FFXV AU and Goblin AU

some things to consider about the mill;

robert sugden and aaron dingle moving into the mill. they’ll be all Soft and happy, laughing and joking, robert trying to tickle aaron, aaron catching robert by the hip, spinning him around and kissing him against the wall. there’ll be boxes everywhere, the place is a mess, but they’ll tumble into bed at the end of the day and christen their bedroom, in their house, that they’ll be in forever. robert will say i love you, i need you, please stay. aaron will say i promise, i never thought i’d get this with you, i love you.

robert teaching liv to cook. he shows her recipes he found online, digs out some of sarah’s recipes, some of pat’s, and even some annie gave him. he’ll be patient to a degree, and liv tests him because she can’t resist, but they’ll work it out and liv secretly enjoys cooking with him. aaron will watch them sometimes, so in love he thinks his chest might burst with it.

aaron wants a dog; he needles and cajoles and wears roberts down with the help of liv. they go to the rspca centre to adopt at roberts suggestion (because he thinks rescues deserve to be loved and not abandoned :)) and aaron goes soft and kisses him. the three of them pick out a german shepherd cross who’s a little nervous but promises love once she’s acquainted and the three of them fall in love with her instantly. misty settles in, and despite his protestations to the contrary, robert never once regrets adopting her. aaron definitely doesn’t and will tell anyone that will listen he loves her more than robert sometimes

liv loves the stability that comes from having a home that’s lived in, cared for, and promises everything she’s ever craved. robert and aaron aren’t always in synch, their fights are vicious but blessedly short, but liv never regrets living with them. she calls her mum as much as she can, holds the phone tightly to keep herself from crying, and will spend the rest of the evening curled up on the sofa with aaron and robert watching movies she doesn’t really pay attention to, taking comfort from something familiar and wanted

sometimes none of them can figure out how they got so happy, but their little mishmash household with its eclectic decor, huge garden filled with dog barks and cat howls, and love is more than any of them thought they’d get - and they’re not about to let it go

the lance issue of the voltron comic is so klance i’m in pain

keith literally blushes at lance’s bad flirting with allura


KEITH IS SO???????? FOND??????????? REST ! IN ! PIECES !

also pidge is gay and steals the princess from lance so no wonder keith is happy

I feel like haikyuu is a fandom where the deeper you’re in the more pairings you fall for and you love them more and more and you feel so full of love for these volleyball dorks and their love for each other you wonder if it’s possible to love them even more but you always do

Random dialogue prompts!

“I know who you are.”
“I’m talking to a bar of soap.”
“Just close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
“Well, it’s not TECHNICALLY illegal!”
“Are you gonna want this back or can I keep it?”
“Stop focusing on the bad things, it’s the good things that keep us going.”
“Wait, you’re not dead.”
“Yeah? Well one day these tears are gonna punch you in the face!!!”
“What are you in for?”

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Elricest 1A palette 24??

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Haruka: “Even though the sky is so bright…… The rain is really coming down, isn’t it?”

Tokiya: “This would be something they’d call a “sun shower”. I’m sure it’ll cease soon. However, you got wet, didn’t you. You might end up catching a cold if your body temperature drops. Let’s get closer together. I think you’d warm up a little like that. Now, come here……”

By gently embracing my shoulders, he brought my head to his own chest.

Tokiya: “It’s strange, isn’t it….. Even though there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. I wonder why I’m feeling so happy.”

While embracing me, Ichinose-san looked up to the sky and murmured these few words.

- Sweet Serenade (Love), Chapter 2

(This is the text that can be found in the gallery of the website. The whole scene is a bit longer, and really cute).

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hey, i've seen in one of your tags that you ship lunami and i'm so happy! your art is awesome, is there a chance that i can get some lunami of you? like someday idk, i would be so fucking happy in see my other otp by your hands!!!! btw, thank you for your hard work

Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoy my work! XD 

Sorry for my late reply, btw. Here is Lunami I drawn, hope you like it! :)


“No plans for me”

“Yeah, me neither”


disability au’s: tourette syndrome! 

  • you have a tic where you click your tongue a few times in a row during class and it’s really loud so I can tell you get embarrassed by the looks u get. just becaus I’m an idiot though and like seeing you smile I end up drumming on the table to start a jam session with ur clicks as the baseline and we sound awesome man ayyy
  • I like to bet the odds of how many tics I’ll have in a spell every once in a while just because I like money&gambling but ur stupit ass always guesses right and it pisses me the hell off because im the one with the tic so how do u even know this what thenfuck 
  • your tic involves shaking your head back and forth and sometimes u hit me with your hair but I don’t rly mind cause its hella pretty and ur hairflip motion is A1
    • also i can see you get embarrassed by it and apologize but i like shamelessly flirting with you and joke that if I had hair like that I’d ‘flip it around all day too’ cause it makes u snort and smile
  • I have those really frustrating tics where I feel the need to curse unstoppably & of course it’s in the middle of a test when the room is deadass silent so I’m jus sittin here whispering “fuck” to myself over and over and I can see you noticing me but apparently not really noticing bc you just circled an answer on your paper saying “same" 
  • I didn’t know you had tourettes even though we kinda share looks all the time in art class, so when I held up my piece to show you it you grimaced/rolled your eyes and immediately mouthed a big apology and all I can do is laugh cause hey, your pretty cute when you’re embarrassed  
  • you never eat much around people because you hum when you do and it’s embarrassing, but I didn’t know that so when I forced you to try some of my cooking I had to admit, I just thought you liked it a whole lot man I was super happy 
  • the tics I get spasm my shoulder muscles and they’re really fucking annoying sometimes so I get frustrated and you always think it’s funniest thing to hear me cursing the hell out of everything when I go into a spell when it’s NOT– I hate it and I hate yuo and stop making me laugh so hard while this happening YOU’RE NOT HELPING

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Omfg yooo I'm so happy that you ship kirishima/kaminari that's my BNHA otp plz tell me that you'll write a fic or some hcs or something for them sometime? :D

i would love to write a fic for them omg but for now heres some hc’s

- kirishima is a complete tickle monster okay. he’s super playful as a bf and loves surprise tickles the best. he’ll come up behind kaminari and wrap his arms around his waist and tickle up his sides and kaminari shrieks and falls back into his arms and immediately starts squirming omg

- since kaminari is such a squirmer, kirishima uses most of his effort to hold him still, which usually means kaminari is pretty damn helpless. (he’s so into it tho lol. kaminari loves his strong bf ok)

-kirishima is such a romantic he lOVEs kissing the laughter out of kaminari’s mouth, so his fav thing if when they’re making out all slow and sweet, lying in bed with kaminari underneath him, and kirishima will lightly walk his fingers up kaminari’s sides and kaminari will giggle into the kiss and arch up and it’s kirishimas FAVORITE. THING.

- kirishima is actually pretty ticklish too, and tho he’s mostly the ler in ths relationship, someimtes kaminari is lucky and gets him back. usually at night, before bed, because kirishima is useless when he’s tired lmao

- kirishima doesn’t MEAN to be so teasy, but he just talks a lot when he’s tickling kaminari, and it’s so schmoopy okay. kirishima loves kaminari’s squeaky little laugh and he’ll happily tell him how cute he is while he’s tickling him half to death and kaminari just laughs harder and little sparks shoot out from his body but not dangerous enough to do damage ahhhhhhhhh

- kaminari’s fool proof way to be the ler for the night is climbing into kirishima’s lap while they kiss, and then going straight for his neck. kirishima will yelp and try to writhe around but he doesn’t want kaminari to fall off of his lap so he just sits there and takes it 8)