otp: i'm gonna need that kiss


This moment when you’re having a normal conversation with friends, everything is fine and perfectly normal but then you start to lose yourself in your own thoughts and…

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Every. Single. Time.

It’s not just the kiss though…it’s all the little moments just before and after the kiss…

The way Robert nods as Aaron says ‘Well then…Let’s just take it slow…see what happens.’

The way that they both look at each other’s lips after Aaron says that.

The way that before they did kiss Robert had to tell Aaron that he won’t let him down.

The way that Aaron seems to appreciate that but just also seems to want to kiss Robert, so he interrupts Robert and says ‘Yeah..I know’.

The way that Aaron smiles Just after he says that as if to say…I do know…so will you kiss me already.

The way that Aaron grabs on to Robert’s jacket/arms really tightly.

The way Robert grabs Aaron’s cheeks/face really tightly.

Like they’ve both been waiting for this kiss for what seems like a lifetime and now they don’t want to let go.

The way they keep their heads touching for a couple of seconds after the kiss and then when they separate they keep their hands on each other, Robert’s hands on Aaron’s chest and Aaron’s hands on Robert’s arms.

They way they both look like the wind has been knocked out of them (in a good way) after the kiss.

The fact that Robert seems to be looking at Aaron and checking to see if he’s ok.

The smile Aaron gives Robert.

Robert burying his face in Aaron’s shoulders and looking like he might be smiling.

Robert closing his eyes as he hugs Aaron.

The fact that Aaron seems to have a weight lifted from his shoulders.

The look of relief, hope and happiness on Aaron’s face as they hug each other.

Aaron’s smile.