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♪ No one will win this time
I just want you back
I’m running to your side
Flying my white flag ♪ 


Boy Meets World (5x14) // Girl Meets World (3x09)

“It’s one minute to midnight and I’m glad you’re standing here.” I JUST CAN’T LOSE HOPE

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“When you love someone, they’ll drive you crazy because they know they can”

Okay, I hate this, but I just had a thought about what’s going on with Spencer and Caleb. It seems pretty clear that the show wants the audience to believe that something romantic is happening, or is going to happen, between the pair, and I’m sure that it won’t be long before the other characters start getting suspicious as well. But I think it’s all an intentional mislead.

Here’s what I think is happening; Spencer is some kind of substance abuse sponsor to Caleb. Think about it, Spencer had her issues with drugs, and Caleb and Hanna had their story line where they were drinking heavily. What if Caleb’s issues with alcohol continued on - it might have even had something to do with why he and Hanna broke up. Maybe he reached out to Spencer because she had been through something similar. Or maybe they ran into each other at a meeting sometime in the last five years, and Spencer offered to help.

I don’t know. Just the more I think about it, the more likely the idea seems to me. But I hope I’m wrong, because unlike a lot of people I actually like the idea of Spaleb being canon. Whatever.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Please feel free to poke holes in this theory.


“If we’d never met, I think I would have known that my life wasn’t complete. And I would have wandered the world in search of you, even if I didn’t know who I was looking for”

                        (The Longest Ride)

“No matter where you are or what you’re doing, or who you’re with. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change it. I always have and I always will, honestly, truly, completly, love you”

                         (Love, Rosie)

So i’m about to rant because i was expecting the situation to come to play. I knew that with gmny officially airing and casual viewers taking a look at it, there would be some things taken in a bad way.

“I cannot believe Maya went straight to Lucas when her best friend was there sitting alone”……(and many like that)

If i may; you would have to completely ignored the last few episodes and the whole show and the last scene after Maya went to the roof to call Maya a “bad friend”. First of all Corpanga says “Go to the people you trust” (or something along those lines) and Maya goes to rooftop straight to Lucas, just like Lucas went straight to Maya early on at the party. Maya was playing with her friendship ring troughout the whole episode, what Harper said about S&S and the girls obviously made her more nervous and distant towards Lucas, in the episode you don’t see Maya going to Lucas at any point until the end, she was trying to keep a distance, and you could hear it and see it in their “Hi/Hi”.
Also, is it possible that Maya doesn’t really trust Riley at the moment? Of course it is, we should remember Texas, Riley outed Maya right on the spot, having trust issues after that, is a very normal and expected thing. In the rooftop scene Lucaya was real and honest with each other, Lucas did not give her any fake “I guess….for you” after she asked “For who?”, he was real, “I don’t know anymore” and she was real with him as well, she’s torn in pretty much all the episode and not because of her feelings for Lucas that she herself has stated but for everything that comes with it, her friendship with Riley mostly. And if we want to be completely fair, Maya was also sitting alone in the party and her face wasn’t exactly the happiest, yet Riley didn’t go to sit next to her, Lucas did and then two seconds (i still cannot believe btw) Riley goes and sits next to Lucas giving a “Hi” and Lucas giving an uncomfortable smile back (that was pretty telling tho). I’m pretty sure Lucas was gonna say something to Maya before Riley arrived.

Do not take this as me hating on Riley at all please cs i freaking love that sunshine but i was particularly bothered by that scene, she’s not very good at stepping back for Maya but i was mostly bothered by her not going to Maya until Lucas was there but anyway Charlie also arrived right after so there’s that.

“He’s only settling for Maya because he thinks Riley doesn’t like him like that”…..

I have major major problems with this one, because if that were the case (obviously is not at all) then why would you want such an idiot to be with Riley? That’s something i cannot understand, because i ship Lucaya with everything i have but if that were the case, bye sweetie bye Maya deserves so much better than that and so does Riley.

Okay, now let’s go to the real part of it all. Question. Are you’ll blind now or what?. (I’m sorry this sounds so mean but this stresses me out)

This kind of logic is 2+2=9 because, you’re telling me he grabbed her face, highkey almost kissed her, looked/looks at her like she had/has the universe in her eyes, went not on one but two dates with her, got not one but two drinks pour in his head and came back after changing, went straight to Maya at the party, had to catch his breath to say “Hi” to her in Texas 3, initiates all the “Hi/Hi” between them, lowkey looks jelaous/hurt after Maya eats her card, smiles like a idiot when Maya tells him she wants to be with him at midnight and keeps looking at her all the time, doesn’t make a beloved move when Farkle announcement strikes and when he does, he gets closer to her, turns to her to see her reaction, his smile drops from his face after Farkle….well ya know. And does not leave Maya’s side at any moment even after all of their classmates leave the rooftop and even then he doesn’t even move until Maya herself does it.
You’re telling me that he does/initiates/wants to do all of this because Riley is not available?? Sure sweetie if that works for you, you do you.

There’s literally no one pushing him, he easily could of followed Riley after she bro-zoned him but didn’t, he was lowkey confused on what that meant but didn’t fight for Riley, even with the “What if that’s not what i think we are” he uses “IF” and i got a lot of “So i don’t have a saying here huh?” In that scene. Also when Maya explains it a little, to me it seems like he had a realization face and then he completely left it aside to ask Maya how she felt about him repeatedly followed by the almost kiss but that’s none of my business *sips tea*

Lucas feelings may not be spoken yet but we sure (the ones who don’t ignore the actual show) know how he feels. This however, doesn’t take away from him and Riley, there’s love there, just not romantic. And the fact that her date with Charlie went exactly like her “dates” with Lucas should tell you something, it actually screams something, but oh well. This applies to the “Lucas is stuck on Riley” comments as well.

“Why ya interested?” (Love Maya’s voice there tho)

“I’m not” (I believed him. He didn’t make any weird movements after or anything. He moved his hand towards his chest, and kept looking at Maya as if he was hoping or checking she didn’t took that the wrong way)

However, i’m not blind so i cannot take away from the jealously that was part of the back and forth with Charlie and Lucas, after all, their crush was reciprocal and he’s not only letting go officially of that but of the concept he was expected to potray and that he himself committed to. But then again i cannot blame it all on that either cs there was a lot, a lot of ‘friend protection’ there, the whole thing reminded me when Haley and Nathan were starting to be a thing and Lucas made all this expressions cs he hated it all, and just like Charlie, Nathan was trying to pull Lucas from his place on Haley’s life at the beginning. (I’m not making complete comparisons here but it reminded me to his behavior, worth to mention that Lucas and Haley weren’t romantically involved at all and they had literally my favorite friendship on that show. I’m just comparing behaviors not characters or personalities. The other day i saw someone compared Naley to Riley and Lucas and my phone was 2 seconds away from flying across the room but anyway)

Also i saw someone point out Lucas ‘no way to be found’ reaction to the “Is it possible to love two people at the same time” card, his reaction was towards Maya’s and the possible reference to Josh. You’ll just wait for him to come, you will indeed see what a jelaous Lucas looks like, i’m so ready for that. But now to my point, he reacted to the personality card that could also applied to the Mr Perfect concept and his actual personality, that is neither New York Lucas nor Texas Lucas, is just Lucas, plain and simple. I am sure he’s still struggling wih that one.

And this is totally me adding theories to the rant but i have a feeling that when we actually find out what Lucas did in Texas is gonna be him telling Maya because i always found interesting Zay and Maya’s conversation in Secret of Life, i don’t remember the exact words but it was something along the lines of “He’ll tell you what/when he wants to tell you” and i could totally be reaching here but adding that to the fact that Maya is the one that doesn’t get scare by Texas Lucas and the one who assured him that “You’re still such a Huckleberry” i find it very possible.

And of course Riarkle’s grabs were my favorite thing, they lowkey held hands and “I liked it” precious babies, they’re gonna be so slow burn but i’m ready.

This was a little long and just a rant because i was upset by those comments. If you have any comments on this please add (not hateful ones of course). Or anything else that you noticed in the episode or if you just want to rant about Lucaya and Riarkle i got the messages thing or hit the inbox!

ThIs iS tHe grEaTest dAy oF My LiFe


That girl could be

                                  the rest of your life

So, in light of those season 3 spoilers and bay window, what in the world is gonna happen in Legacy…..

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AU: Lucas and Maya as Austin and Sam

                                             A Cinderella Story

“Never let the fear of striking out,

                   keep you from playing the game”

So i don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but isn’t it interesting how Lucas “jealously”/back and forth with Charlie was “big, loud and obvious”, while Lucas jealously/hurt when Maya eats the card, was “real quiet” and subtle but still there.

Just found it interesting and also wasn’t Belief the last episode that aired, in which the “most of what i believe comes to me when it’s quiet” and “if you look trough a microscope you can miss the bigger picture” came to play. (I am aware that it isn’t the order continuity wise but i found it odd anyway)

If you have any thoughts on this, i would love to hear them.