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i swear I'm not trying to ruin your life but TOP 5 OTP MOMENTS

AHHHHH don’t worry my life was already ruined the moment I shipped JJP…anyways TOP OTP MOMENTSSSSSSS

1. This moment had me crying so much because Jaebum is always trying to show a cool, chic, and strong leader image. But even though he was embarrassed about crying, he just naturally melted into jinyoung’s arms and I just??? It just shows that he trusts Jinyoung so much that he would show his weak side.



look how ready he is damn jae calm yourself he’s all yours


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So Hinny is my OTP (& they always will be) and I'm glad to have found your blog because you draw them to perfection ❤ BUT I was going through your answers and people are asking about other non-canon ships so I decided to ask you about your thoughts on my side ship (more like a guilty pleasure really) Drinny. I feel that Draco & Ginny's personalities would have been different enough to compliment each other and that they have the potential to be a 'romeo-juliet' type of a couple. (Family rivalry)

Thanks! ^^ humm, I really don’t ship Draco and Ginny. Sorry sorry. I’m just too much of a Hinny and Drastoria shipper haha

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I am a huge Adrinette fan. I always have been. It's always been my favorite side of the Love Square and it's always just been safely far above the rest. BUT YOU. This whole month you've made me question my decision and now Marichat is dangerous closer. Your beautiful art and HCs have made me question my otp. But like I'm the best way possible. So thanks. My world has been broaden and my heart a little more full.

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so my plan is working then


being serious, im happy you are enjoying my little headcanons! it’s good to see people liking them even if what i like it’s not their first option. im not doing them to force people to like marichat but for them to see how much fun im having and if they somehow end up having fun like i do then that’s the goal :D

thanks again for your words!


Yesterday, you told me you made a list of all the ways that loving me has ruined your life, and I get it. I haven’t made it easy on you… But I made a list, too, of all the ways that loving you has changed mine. You were by my side when I needed a friend. You made me laugh, you made me dance. You told me that I would find love again… And I understand if you need time to heal and to live your life without me…

Omg, guys. Imagine if Yuuki also sent her familiar during the times Zero and yuuki couldn’t be together because of how busy they’d get, and having her familiar stay by Zero was Yuuki’s way of letting him know that even if their apart for long periods of time, she’ll always be right there beside him, always with him, as she let’s him feel her presences. And anytime he does, he smiles.

i’m just thinking about how tall jack is and how he probably curls right up (as much as he can) to make himself smaller (like he used to do as a child, both against his mother’s side and on his own) when he’s in bed and about to fall asleep, and bitty definitely softly chirps him because that doesn’t look like the most comfortable position in the world, mr. zimmermann, won’t you get cramps?, but they always end up spooning anyway, and the point of this post is actually just to express that because he feels safe and content enough, jack is a happy little spoon and bitty is an enthusiastic big spoon

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So I saw your post on writing garbage and as nice as it sounds to write something just for fun I always write for other people. I care so much what people think of my writing that it paralyzes me from writing anything. For example I have an OTP in this fandom that no one else does and I'd love to write them but I see no point if I'm the only one reading it. How do I get past this?

Oooh I gotcha. 

I think that doing anything for other people is a double-edged sword.
On one side of the scale: Recognition and praise (and just being able to make other people happy) is addictive in a way that is engraved on the insides of our skulls as social animals that want to be valued by the group.
Tipping the other side of the scale: Sometimes you will be alone, and if your sole motivation is other people, you won’t be able to move. 

Before we begin, a quick word on cultivating a supportive creative group: Support other people. If you read something else that somebody wrote, and you liked it? Write them a note. Draw them a picture. Let them know that you like what they’re doing. In my experience, giving genuine, enthusiastic praise tends to turn into big gentle loops of people who take turns making and encouraging each other and sharing their tips and tricks and even giving cutting but helpful criticism. It makes a positive, self-contained system where everyone is working hard, not to compete with each other but to grow together. Even if you don’t make some rad friends, it is worth it to take the time to say something nice, because you know firsthand how much it can mean to somebody. 

Ok, my advice: 

Firstly, I want to talk about practice. People dance and sing and declaim and doodle without an audience so that they can do it for an audience later. When you’re practicing alone, you can do drills that look boring but help you nail that roundhouse kick, or goof off with something silly because you need to blow off steam, or be self-indulgent and practice something that’s your favorite to make yourself smile and remind yourself why you’re working so hard. Honing your skills without an audience is a completely valid way to spend your time. 

Secondly, for just a moment, let’s talk about audience opinion. In customer service, they tell you that the customer is always right. This is horseshit, as anyone who has worked customer service or retail or food service can tell you. They don’t know what they’re talking about at least half the time. What they are right about is what they want– and sometimes that’s impossible to deliver, and nearly always a group of more than three cannot agree on what they want. Also, a lot of popular stuff objectively sucks. Oh, it’s popular for a reason for sure, I have nothing against popular things and the purposes they serve– it’s just that the Venn diagram of ‘Good’ and ‘Popular’ is anything but a circle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to know your audience, and pay attention to them– but they aren’t you, the writer, who’s driving the car of your story. 

Try writing for just one person. The person can be real, a friend or a sibling or just that one reader that you don’t really know but who always writes you a note about how much they loved your story. The person can be imaginary, a kind of ideal reader that you think of as you try to write something that they’d like. The person can be you. 

I think the answer is already there in your question: “I’d love to write them”. 

I don’t think it’s pointless to write just for yourself. (Honestly, I’m not sure there’s an actual point to anything, so we might as well just do what makes us happy if we can). I think that your happiness and enjoyment is worth pursuing. It would be nice if other people liked it too (if the internet has taught me anything, it’s that someone, somewhere, shares your point of view or weird habit or obscure favorite book or militant hatred of peas). You can still write things for other people. But write the thing that you’ll have fun doing, even if nobody else cares about it. Is it a waste of time to do something that will harm literally nobody that you will enjoy? Hell no. The point is that you want to. 

Doing something for yourself is not a waste. You are important. You deserve to feel happy. Act like it.