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The (Magical) Bet

A/N: Well, this isn’t really done on purpose but since today’s the day that marks the “19 years later” in the Harry Potter books, I thought it could be a good occasion to share this “re-do” of The Bet… Hogwarts-stylez that I wrote!

Thanks again to my beta reader, @bats-supergirl and to @awaywiththeclouds for having re-read this so that I wouldn’t write any complete nonsense about this magical universe I’m not that much familiar with tbh haha.

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“That’s all right, Miss Santiago. +10 points for Ravenclaw!”

Amy is wearing a huge grin on her face at her professor’s statement when she turns in her chair to look at the person sitting right behind her – her friend from another house, Jake Peralta. She’s got a piece of paper in her hands that she doesn’t wait to show him proudly.

And, as they’re both staring at it, a magical spell the girl casted upon it almost one year ago starts making the Peralta: 69 / Santiago: 67 already written on it suddenly change into a Peralta: 69 / Santiago: 77 without her having to do anything about it more than just look as the changes happen.

“So, Peralta,” she can’t help but tease him, literally glowing. “Who’s winning now, huh?”

“I believe I am,” he answers with a smug smile, rather confident as he raises his hand. She frowns, confused – this is clearly not the kind of reaction she’s been expecting from him.

But, as she turns back to face their Potions Master and Head of Hufflepuff House, the one and only Professor Terrence Jeffords, and sees him with a little vial in his hand, she’s quick to understand with wild horror what’s happening here: she’s been so lost in her victory she didn’t even hear him ask the question he obviously asked – what is this thing he’s holding in front of his classroom?

“Yes, Mister Peralta?” the professor questions his student, to most of Amy’s annoyance.

“This, Mister Jeffords,” Jake begins to recite in his most serious voice, trying not to show too much he’s beaming while he speaks (but quite failing at it), “is, I believe, called veritaserum. It’s a very dangerous potion. Only three drops of it are enough to make you reveal your darkest secrets to everyone. For example, give it to Santiago, and she’ll tell you that during fourth year, she bought our new Headmaster gifts for Christmas before learning he doesn’t accept any present at all and she had to turn them all back…”

Of course he had to add this last comment. Of course he had to turn his explanation into a joke – a joke that concerned her, because it wouldn’t be funny, otherwise. That’s typical of Jake.

She’s used to it by now, after spending almost seven years by his side in this wizardry school.

And though it infuriates her a little, that he would give away her secrets like that, making everyone stare at her, laugh at her, it’s not the worst part of it all. No, the worst part is what follows, when the Head of Hufflepuff House answers to that, seeming amazed by his actual knowledge of the thing, and the immediate impact it has on the scores on her piece of paper.

“I must admit, you impress me those days, Peralta. That’s exactly it. +15 points for Gryffindor!”

Peralta: 84 / Santiago: 77.

She groans looking at it. Finally this bet was maybe a terrible idea, she thinks.

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