otp: i'll see you on the other side


“The three of us…we’re…well…you know…”

Aaron nods as Alexander trails off, but he doesn’t say anything. He does know, has known for some time. The way his heart beats around both Alexander and Bellamy, how could he not know?


anonymous asked:

Hey i've only watched the first 2 seasons, (hope to start 3 soon) , do you think this blog is basically spoiler free at the moment? Thank you :3

nope this isn’t a very spoiler free blog, unless you’ve blacklisted got s4 and still, I plant little (or bigger in the case of 1.01) mentions to spoilery things both from the show and the books (though I definitely try to hide the ones from the books so that only the spoiled can catch them)

Guys I still exist and I still love you, but I am still sick and I can’t miss anymore school and I have an exam Friday so basically I’m going to be studying and freaking out for the next week. Possibly the next month. Or till May. Anyway I’ll be MIA a bunch but I’ll still check my inbox and the like. Just don’t expect many posts or anything.