otp: i'll see you on the other side

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Hey i've only watched the first 2 seasons, (hope to start 3 soon) , do you think this blog is basically spoiler free at the moment? Thank you :3

nope this isn’t a very spoiler free blog, unless you’ve blacklisted got s4 and still, I plant little (or bigger in the case of 1.01) mentions to spoilery things both from the show and the books (though I definitely try to hide the ones from the books so that only the spoiled can catch them)

Guys I still exist and I still love you, but I am still sick and I can’t miss anymore school and I have an exam Friday so basically I’m going to be studying and freaking out for the next week. Possibly the next month. Or till May. Anyway I’ll be MIA a bunch but I’ll still check my inbox and the like. Just don’t expect many posts or anything.


Arcade Fire - Reflektor (por ArcadeFireVEVO)

THEY’RE BACK!!! can’t wait for their new album!