otp: i'll marry you

From ONS chapters 18 to 22

There’s Yuu striking a bargain with Guren for Mika.

He’s willing to be used, he’s willing to let Guren experiment on him, as long as he can get Mika back.

I don’t even know what to add, I think these speak for themselves. Yuu’s love and devotion for Mika goes beyond anything I can imagine.

There’s Yuu training again to master his sword, and overcoming Asuramaru thanks to his feelings for Mika…

“Because he was the first to ever need me…” *slowly lies down on the floor*

LOOK AT THAT JUST LOOK AT THAT!! I’m always so happy when some beautiful lines like this one are repeated, especially in such a beautiful and symbolic way. ;______; And then Yuu….

I need Mika to hug him.

Even Kimizuki was able to overcome his own demon thanks to Yuu’s devotion to Mika. Boy, that should tell us something.

There’s just so much material. So many hints, even this

Yuu again looking at the moon while a promise to save him is being made. Vague reference to when they swore to save each other some chapters back.

This ship is real, I feel it in my soul. And if they don’t end up married by the end of the series I am calling bs.


Sabine. This is maybe none of my business, but I noticed how you were looking at the children at the park. And you say you have no one to talk to.

So I have a picture in my head:

Andrew with his back to the wall in bed. Neil facing him most nights with space between them. Its canon that Neil is a still sleeper, so there isn’t drifting between them. But Andrew always wakes up first and watches Neil’s face. So most days Neil wakes up and it’s Andrew’s eyes he sees first thing. Sometimes they reach out and touch, other times they just hang out for a minute and get up for the day. The nights that Neil faces away from him, Andrew presses himself all along his back. He doesn’t hold on to Neil but Neil can feel every part of him against him. Solid. Immovable. Andrew’s nose pressed lightly to his neck. They don’t ever do anything. Because their in a room with 3 other people. 


When they do have nights alone, when they take one of their drives or crash at the house in Columbia for the weekend without the others, it changes a bit. It changes because during those times it’s not straight to bed for sleep, it’s falling. It’s being pushed down. It’s laying for hours kissing and touching and harsh breathing and whispered words. It’s hot. It’s a little sweaty and 80% more nudity. It’s getting lost and being found and drowning and dying of thirst and yes and always and more. It’s the world breaking apart. The world standing still. So when time restarts and they lay there on their backs panting, Neil turns his head to kiss Andrew’s shoulder. He stays there for a bit, eyes closed, leveling his breathing. Andrew will pull him by the neck to lay Neil’s cheek on that shoulder. And maybe his hand wraps around Neil’s back. And everything is quite and it’s just the two of them, so they fall asleep to the feel of each others heartbeats. 

Something in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself

Makes me wanna lose myself in your arms

There’s something in your voice, makes my heart beat fast

Hope this feeling lasts for the rest of my life

If you knew how lonely my life has been, and how long I’ve been so alone

And if you knew I wanted someone to come along, and change my life the way you’ve done

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me

It feels like I’m all the way back where I come from

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me

It feels like I’m all the way back where I belong

“No one fancies me in England but I’m big in Brazil”
With her conservative outfits Penelope Wilton was always going to struggle to set pulses racing in the same way as her younger co-stars. But Penelope, who plays Lady Isobel Crawley, has revealed she has an unexpected new fan base thanks to Downton Abbey – in Brazil.

Penelope, 69, said: “I wish I’d got attention from male fans, but they do seem very interested in me in Brazil. I’ve had some very nice letters from people who love the show in Brazil. In fact I’ve had more letters from Brazil than from others places. Unfortunately there weren’t any marriage proposals – I’m still waiting. But they like the way she way she is a new woman – the emancipation and the women’s education.

Over six series, Penelope formed a winning double act with Maggie Smith, 80, and was on the receiving end of many of the Dowager’s most withering put downs.

“I will miss Maggie, we had a great time together. I don’t have heroines, but as a young actress at drama school I used to get tickets in the gods at the Old Vic and I saw everything Maggie did there. She is THE great theatre actress and a wonderful comedienne.” (x)