otp: i'll follow you into hell

fma meme: 3/3 favorite ships
               ↳ Royai (Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye)

OTP alert! The King and The Queen in the chess board of Amestris army. I didn’t expect to ship them as much as I do. I knew royai was a popular ship but I surely didn’t know where I was getting into. Here’s a reminder: canon ships that aren’t confirmedly canon are way too painful, avoid them at all costs. All the obvious signs are there and still there will be people calling you delusional, note: don’t be this person. I could write an essay on their relationship but I’ll just say that platonical or not, their relationship is one of the most beautiful things about FMA.


She looks just like Fitz.

She smells like him too. Although, arguably she can only assume the latter is because her husband spent the greater part of last night with her on his chest while thumbing through a science journal.

Maggie stirs, fingernails scraping at the fabric of her top. The bairn suckled peacefully and Jemma was eternally grateful for these moments of silence shared between mother and daughter.

If there was one thing their child had adapted early, it was her father’s grumpiness. The baby wasn’t happy unless she was being held or spoken to or even if she awoke early. That was not to say that she was a particularly unhappy baby - she just had her moments of overwhelming grumpiness that was almost always attended to by Daddy.

Unless the grumpiness was from hunger. Then it was all Mum.

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