otp: i'll eat your heart

goodbye-is-green  asked:

Can we please talk about what a little shit Hannibal is. (in ref to the last episode)

YES WE CAN because hannibal being a little shit brings me LIFE. i’m undecided about whether hannibal turning himself in was in character or not (because he does so greatly value his freedom). but allowing himself to be caught just to fuck with will does seem like something hannibal might do. 

will saying “i don’t want to know where you are. i don’t want to think about you any more” would be devastating to hannibal’s ego. hannibal lives for the thrill of the chase, and will isn’t playing his game any more; he’s done. so hannibal does whatever he has to to ensure that will remains caught in his web, and he inserts himself back into will’s life by getting incarcerated. by this point hannibal is more interested in fucking up will and maintaining their mutual obsession than he is in preserving his own standard of living.

someone came up with a very apt description (i can’t remember who suggested this first, but i v much agree) - it’s like telling an addict where they can find a stash of drugs. hannibal knows that will won’t be able to move on while he’s thinking about him, so he makes sure that he’s always within will’s reach. it’s vindictive, cruel, sadistic, and petty. I LOVE IT.