otp: i'll always be by your side

I'll Always Be By Your Side|Nathan&Max

Nathan spent most of his day up in his room well after he getting lost and almost having an asthma attack as he was trying to go for a run even though he knew that he shouldn’t of gone but the thoughts in his head telling him he need to do it anyway so he could be in shape like all the other lads in the group maybe then he will be noticed not just as the young kid in the group.The thoughts in his head were driving him crazy he knew how he felt and he knew how the other felt but that was it that was where they stood just knowing how the other felt he didn’t know what to do since the last thing they really did together was tell each other how they felt well he told Max how he felt and they kissed. He shook the thoughts out of his head for a moment so he could focus he had to figure out what he should do and he needed his full attention to do so since he has never been in this situation before. As he sat on the chair in the room waiting for the other to show up he wanted him to come by because he just needed someone to be by his side maybe then he would be able to get some sleep or maybe just relax with him close. He sat perfectly still he was just thinking when he looked over to check the time he started to have a coughing fit every time he coughed he let out a low groan in pain. He got up from the chair going over to his bag and searching through it trying to find his inhaler and the medicine he was supposed to take. He kept them in his bag because he didn’t want anyone to see them. As he looked for his stuff he tried calming his breathing so that when the other did walk in he wouldn’t see him like this he didn’t want Max to freak out to much or maybe not at all would be even better.

orchis replied to your post: Merlin, where are you? I’ve been looking for you everywhere! I don’t understand the letter you left me. Okay, I do understand it, I just… I can’t. Don’t die, Merlin. Don’t you dare dying on me, or I’ll follow you myself to the pits of hell to make you regret it.

Hell or heaven, I’ll follow you wherever you go. And you don’t have to die for me, where’s all this saving talk coming from, anyway? C’mon Merlin, I don’t need saving. I need dinner. And by dinner I mean you by my side.