otp: i'd like to give it a shot

Lips so good I forget my name
Niall Horan/Harry Styles
Christmas Fluff, One shot

“Niall is gonna be mad, mate!” Zayn says to him as he enters the lounge just after Louis.

“Why is that?”

“Christmas. It’s his thing you know. Goes a bit crazy about it every year to be honest. I just saw your classroom and… He’s gonna be mad at you. Or kiss you for actually being just as crazy as him. I can’t say which one is most likely to happen.”

“K-Kiss me?”

“Come on, H. You can’t be that oblivious?”

Or the one where Niall and Harry are both High School teachers and get into a competition to find out who have the wildest Christmas spirit.

For @harrehschristmasbun Happy early Birthday and Merry Christmas and thank you for that idea, I hope you like it. A huge thank you to @zipplekink 💕. as always, for reading it, even though it wasn’t Ziam ;)

X / X / X (If I used your picture without giving credit, i’m sorry, just tell me and I will)