otp: i would never betray you


hi hello !! bellow the read more you’re able to find #190+ OTP TAGS / VERSE NAMES based off lyrics by THOMSTON !! legiT i kid you not when i say his way with words is beautiful on a whole new level n tbh he’s v/ underrated ?? as the lyrics switch from angst to fluffiness you’ll most likely will be able to get inspired in some way ! and, of course, please like or reblog if you found this useful, fam !! (pls lmk if there are any spelling errors/things that don’t make sense as i had to rush this)

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“What a queen she would have made”     

                          But she was already someone else’s ruler

I love Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship. He didn’t befriend her because she looked like Kikyo, but actually grew to care about her despite the fact she resembled a woman he thought had betrayed him. And yeah they didn’t like each other at first but sometimes in life you end up falling in love with someone you never thought you would. That in some ways is even more beautiful than love at first sight, overcoming hostilities and growing to love each other.

15th Anniversary

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15 years ago, on 17 August, I met my husband for the first time. Watching anime was one of our favourite things to do. And our favourite anime was BLEACH. We’ve both been following this anime/manga since 2004. This year, BLEACH is also celebrating their 15th anniversary. Thought I’d get a nice anniversary present. But, no. It was just a huge slap in the face from Kubo and SJ who trolled us from the beginning of the series and shattered our expectation of a kickass ending. 

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Regardless, thank you, Kubo for everything before the final arc. The Thousand-Year Blood War was a bitch to read. It was an arc filled with - and I quote from my earlier post - ‘plot holes, loose ends, and a shitload of unnecessary and underdeveloped character manipulation’.

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I know this is the third time I’m talking about this fic but it’s written for you, Kubo and SJ, as a gift for BLEACH’s 15th anniversary. Please read between the lines. Lots of messages there. See you in A thousand years.

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PS: Yup, still pissed. I’ve tried to reconcile myself with and accept 686 for what it is but every time I come across old pages of the manga, I would feel betrayed and heartbroken for our beloved protagonists. As I’ve said before, the ship still sails, leaving the captain and the crew - who tried to sink it - behind on a raft to fend for themselves. 

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“Even though time passes, this bond will never break.”

Go to hell

Might be my favorite line in 8x11, which not only served as a pun to mislead us before realizing the truth, but also indicted how theircommunication is often distracted. (cf. their conversation in the end of 8x09

While she took the line “Go to hell” as his meaning “You deserved it.” (You did such a thing and I would never forgive you; “You don’t deserve a friend like me.”) He actually said “Go to hell” to indicate “You deserved it." (I will do anything for you cause I care for you so much; "I’m exactly what you deserve.”)