otp: i won't let you be alone

Suddenly, I am alone. They have not shut the sarcophagus yet, nor set the shrine. I walk to the golden Tutankhamun. No metal, not even the flesh of the gods, could hold a drop of the glowing beauty of his skin, the lush fullness of his mouth. Black glass lined in lapis lazuli is nothing to Tutankhamun’s endless black eyes and lovely dark fringe of lashes.

“You were too beautiful for this nasty world,” I murmur, caressing the cold, sculpted gold. I draw a small wreath of flowers from the folds of my voluminous pale mourning gown, kiss it, and smooth it over the uraeus on this golden Tutankhamun’s brow, and then I whisper to him. “I will join you soon, my only love.”

—  The Last Heiress: A Novel of Tutankhamun’s Queen - Stephanie Liaci
let’s not say goodbye this time: its finally happened, the culmination of this entire season of angst & sadness. this mix recounts (in songs) the journey oliver & felicity went through this season up till 3x20. so its got a bit of angst & sadness but ends with lots of happiness and hope.

01-03. oliver regretting, feeling sad & jealous (3.01-3.07)
04-05. oliver’s “death” (3.09-3.12)
06-08. felicity trying to moving on, oliver trying to let go but both failing miserably (3.13-3.18)
09-10. oliver & felicity finally choosing each other (3.20)
11-12. sexy times (3.20)
13-14. the promise (3.20-)

{listen here}

HOLD ON - A STUCKY + FOB MIX FOR buckyssadtrashgaze | “and I just need enough of you to dull the pain” [listen]

the kids aren’t alright ||  g.i.n.a.s.f.s. ||  just one yesterday || jet pack blues || american made || i’ve got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth || w.a.m.s. || 27 || hum hallelujah || golden || miss missing you || what a catch, donnie || (coffee’s for closers) || fourth of july || of all the gin joints in all the world || 7 minutes in heaven (atavan halen) || alone together || novocaine.